Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What a Week Working in Washington

Hey everybody!
Everything is fantastic here!! I have survived the next week here in the beautiful Washington Kennewick area!
This week has been CRAZY!! A lot has been happening!! I actually realize that I havent officially had a "Normal missionary day." Just an insane week. So much I will write, and others I'll hold for another time.
We have had the opportunity to do a lot of service through out the week. One everyday, fit somewhere here and there. I absolutely love service, and the people here love to offer their desire for it. We painted rooms, landscaped, sorted houses, and much more. My personal favorite was painting. Really enjoy that, and it was pretty fun. But we painted a whole Tagged room bright Yellow...then I heard that they painted two of the walls purple as well, to help hide the Tags. ...Purple and Yellow...some Hispanics have a pretty fun color scheme.
The work is really progressing here. The Hispanics are really prepared to hear the message. It's pretty amazing just how things fall into place.
We have been working a lot with members to help them grow and share the message by going to their home and teaching them how to use the different pamphlets. Then to invite them to go on splits with us. Almost every time, the member is able to connect with the investigator so well. Something the I have learned: No concordances!!
A small trial that we have had to go through has been the anti-churches. Many would set up situations with the members and missionaries to bash with them, but we have avoided anything like that so far. But one of the churches got a Ward Directory and sent out anti-material. One of our relatively new converts was one that was targeted. The stuff that that pamphlet made her go through and feel was horrendous. But we met with her and blew all of it out of the water. It's just so hard to see a church do that to other people's faith. But with that member, her testimony and knowledge was strengthened to amazing heights.
My companion is still super awesome! We have gotten along famously so far, and he is helping me a lot to be the missionary that I need to be.
With all the amazing Mexican food that we eat, we really have to take advantage of the hour of exercise that we have in the morning. My companion was on the BYU track team before he came here, and is determined to get right back into it when he returns, so he's pushing out 700 push-ups or so every other morning. Then all different types of other stuff every other day.
I figured that while I have two years, why not improve in a bunch of areas! So we are both working for the companion 8-pack! SO ready for that!! XD

I am so grateful for this gospel, I do know it is true with all my heart! I am having the time of my life! and wouldn't trade it for the world!! I am grateful for all the support that I feel and read from back home! Love you all!!

Sorry for no pictures yet.... My camera isn't working at the moment. And the funny thing is that the exact same camera I have is the same as another hermana that had the same exact problem with it in the CCM....:P

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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