Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Good afternoon everyone! I cant believe that it's again time for weekly updates! This has been a really awesome week!!

So on the exciting side of news....TRANSFERS!!!!! Wow....that also came super fast!
But the verdict: Trotter is transferring to Sunnyside (smellyside), and I'm receiving Elder Ribiero. I have to say that I am super excited!!! Trotter is awesome, but he's been here a long time, and there are people that need his skills over in Sunnyside. Elder Ribiero is Brazilian and really really cool!! He was also Elder Trotter's comp while he was in Pasco. I am super excited! The work is really moving forward, and I can see so many amazing things happening to the Wahluke area.
FUN FACT: something that I just remembered.... Wahluke and Mattawa are one and the same city. The funny part is "Mattawa" is actually "Where is it" in the native Indian language here, so it must have been Wahluke at first, but the tribe across the river must have made that the popular nick-name.
BUT, back to transfers. There was another big thing that I had to guess, One of the APs is heading home today, so they had to fill the gap, and my guess was my trainer, Elder Abbott.
The moment that we got our calls, I heard, "This is Elder Hornburger, Elder Barham, and ELDER ABBOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO CALLED IT! I just about died! I am so happy for him! He will be super cool! SO CALLED IT!!
So I'm really excited for the upcoming transfer, there are a lot of things that I am and will be very excited for! So I'll have to keep all of you updated on all the fun things! But I'm pretty happy to be with the new Elder. One thing that I'll try to do is get my soccer skills and knowledge better!

I was really surprised for how much service that we were able to do this week. And yet, we had a large number of really good lessons! One of my favorite things has been the ability that we got to paint one of the members houses. It was a blast!!! And I have to say that house is the best looking house in all of Mattawa...although that's not too hard...XD No, but it looks really really good. Stands out...in a good way. But we spent the morning to the afternoon painting the whole thing, then enjoying a really fun lunch with some of the members...photo included later. Super fun!

We got to go to the food bank again, after I got a much needed haircut! Good thing too, that happened to be one of the hotter days of the season so far. We actually had one woman go into heat stroke...not really fun to get involved with, but everything turned out alright.

All the people that we talked to and discussed the Gospel with were really amazing. We got to talk to many of the friends we talk to each week, and we also were able to meet many more! There are so many people that are being prepared! Each day is such a blessing to be able to meet and share this sacred message with everyone we come in contact with.
But everything is going really well. I'm just super happy and super excited for everything! It's really weird to think that I can be this happy every day in being able to search, learn, apply, and share everything that this Gospel has to give. It truly is an amazing blessing that I dont think I can ever take for granted.

Thank you all for the support that I feel each day here in the WKM. It's just amazing...hard to explain! Haha, but I hope that all of you can have just as equal as amazing weeks!
Love you all, pray for you all, will see you all later!
The Vineyard Worker,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

May 26th

Buenas Dias todos mis amigos!!!

Holy Cow! This week has just flown, and it had to be packed with some really amazing things! 

One of the really amazing things in the week has been the miracles of success that we have seen each day. We are in the middle of a very busy time in the season, and yet, we have had more lessons each day than many weeks combined!!!!!!!!!!! (a little less, but still super close!!). 

I was especially happy to the events of Monday. I thought that it would be much slower, especially with the Dairy Tour in there (which was fantastic!!), but we actually got in contact with Leonel, who we havent been able to see this while transfer (about a 6 week period...super long for missionary work). He's doing really well, and still reading in the Book of Mormon! Which is really hard with his work schedule, but it's amazing to see the miracles through that! 

Might as well go through the week then. Well, the Dairy tour was a blast! President Alread has an amazing set up at his dairy! We walked around and saw lots of things, as well as went in and milked a few. It's kind of funny how happy they are to be there and be milked and everything. They are milked two times each day, with an average of 17 gallons per day per cow! CRAZY!! But there's your fun fact of dairys for the week!

More within the week, we have had some amazing lessons, one of which is one of the most exciting...and happened to be the day that I was on exchanges. 

Isidro is the husband of an amazing part-member family that has gone through many hard things. The wife and daughter are recent converts, and love everything about the Gospel. Isidro and the son have been very good at avoiding it. But as the time had drawn further, things have fallen into place. They went from living in their car, to having a very nice house. And that is just one of the small things that has happened to really help them out. But Isidro was still very good about keeping away...until this last Tuesday. We went with the Bishop, someone that has really been an amazing help for Isidro. And everything just flipped. The Spirit had just been gnawing at him with very specific promptings, of which were the exact commitments that the Bishop invited him to do. From that discussion, we will be going back and teaching all the discussions and helping him for a date for baptism. It is such an amazing thing to see how this is not our work at all. The Lord had been preparing him for this, and it's an amazing time for the change in the life of this family. I see so much in the whole family!! They truly can be together forever in joy, even with those who passed on as well! I'm just so excited for him!!! 

Vicente Lopes has really gone through many changes that are really starting to bless his life. We came back within the week and followed up on a number of commitments that we gave him, one of the largest ones has been Word of Wisdom and drinking. That problem alone caused so many other things to come up. He drank every minute of the day, he was fired from every job for it, he spent all his money, he was going to get kicked out onto the streets, etc...just nothing good. But over 18 days ago, we really talked about what he could do if he gave it all up. We cane back, and he had not touched a drink for that time, just bone dry and cold turkey! He found a better apartment, he has a great job, he has money to spare (at which he got his first cell phone!!), it's just amazing!!! He comes every week to church and loves it! Such a pure and strong desire to learn and strive to better himself! I am overjoyed each time to talk to him! Everything about him is just amazing! MAN I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!

One of the last ones I want to share with you (so many more though). Gabriel has been an investigator for a very very long time. This has been due to the fact of his dad drawing a wall over the subject of Baptism and membership in the church for his son. He wont even mention or talk on anything related to it. But Gabriel said the opening prayer and it really hit us on his desire to be able to talk to his dad. So we really go talking about it. From there, we took a minute and thought of all the lessons that we have had with him. Most, if not all have been things that our Father in Heaven promises us blessing if we faithfully follow it's precepts. The Gospel has so much power to bless and guide, and all the pieces has been laid out and ready to be used. And not only that, but his first missionary (who has been home for a while) got in contact with him, becoming a strong influence and blessing, knowing that he was still in the minds and prayers of all his missionaries.  Our commitment for him was to put it all into action, and put forward the faith to accomplish something almost impossible. 

The week was just packed full of lessons like this! It was really amazing at how amazing the joy that I have felt being able to be a part of a miracle. IT's a very special feeling, and it's something that we all need to strive and pray to do. To be instruments in the hands of the Lord, I can promise that there is really nothing much greater than that! 

The later part of the week, we were able to help out our Ward Mission Leader with some vines that started attacking the garden during their mission to New Zealand. Boy that was some hard work! But I feel really good about how hard I worked!! I'm not going to brag, but I ripped one of them right from the base...and they were pretty big! But with that came the realization that using my super strength took a lot of energy with it for the last few days of the week! PAIN, pain is weakness leaving the body!! WHOOO!!!!!! haha....

Ya, this week has been great! It's really hard to think that Transfer Calls come out this Saturday. My False Prophecies: ....hmmmmm..... My first guess is that we both are doubling out. My second guess is that Elder Trotter will stay, and I will be leaving...maybe to train. If not this transfer, probably next...they are receiving about 20 or so new Spanish speaking missionaries not this, but next transfer.

But this evening, I will be setting up and doing a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) with the Branch. A movie night, watching, "The Prophet of the Restoration." Really good, and "must see" for my list!! 

I love you all and wish the best for you! Shout-out to my family and friends...which is all of you!!! Chao!  

May 2014

Good morning everyone!! It's time for another update on your favorite missionary!!!!! ....he's not here yet, so I guess I'll just go ahead and write mine as well.

But this week has been a really fun and rather crazy one...and most of the things that happened, happened yesterday...talk about a miracle!! And I'll get back to that day in a second! 

The week started out really good! We had the opportunity to go to Pasco and take part in our Zone Conference, which happens every other transfer (then the opposite is interviews and the Temple P-Day). This was just an amazing experience and the Spirit was found in abundance. I was fully edified as many of my questions, doubts, and concerns were addressed directly through every possible way! It was a really amazing experience. 
The focus in each part of the conference varied a little, but a lot of it was on my training that I gave for the Zone Meeting. A lot of further light came through many of the training of the AP's and President Ware. But I was thinking through the whole thing "Let me make you all that you can be." That quotation is just something that really hit me hard when I found and thought about it. 

We also did some real plays of the subject of inspired questions to further help our Brothers and Sisters help understand, what we call the 4 Principles: Jesus Christ is our Savior, The 1 Vision was true, The Priesthood was Restored, and that the Book of Mormon is a true witness of our Lord and Savior. 
I was in a group with AP Eldre Bahram. And I took the role as the missionary, and the Elder who took the role of the investigator was trying to throw many things and doubts at us. I was surprised how the lesson turned out, as we allowed the Spirit to help us know the right question to allow Him to teach the investigator. It was the second lesson after we committed him to read out of the Restoration Booklet, and by the end, we invited him to be baptized. 
The biggest thing that really stood out is why would we not let a member of the Godhead teach? It just blows my mind as I think about that....why wouldn't we want Him to help us?! 

That brings me to want to talk about Yesterday (Sunday). That was by far one of the coolest days that I've been here in Mattawa! We doubled and tripled many of our numbers and meetings with people in that small amount of time after church, than in the whole week! 
But one lesson really stuck out to me. 
We had this potential (one who said that we could come back) that wasnt in our views, that solid. But we knocked on the door, and they let us in as they said if we came back Sunday. I have to say that we were a little rusty from the very beginning. I dont think that we were really expecting to get in, or that we really havent taught in that fast of a way in a while. But as we started talking with them and sharing things in the message of the Restoration, I said a little prayer in my head, something like, "Father, I am so sorry that we aren't doing our best right now. But if you could help us and really bring the Holy Spirit to help us out...that would be great." 
We go through to the end of the history of Joseph Smith and his experience. And we asked them what they thought of it. The mother thought that it was very beautiful and somthing that she would want to know if it was true. When we asked the daughter, she clearly said nothing more than, "It's true." 
The Spirit just hit both of us. It was really amazing to see what the Spirit is able to when we show that we need Him. 
This is not my/our work. I know that with every ounce of my Soul. If God wanted this done, He could easily do it Himself. But Hi knows that as we act in faith as instruments in His hands, our faith will grow, and our desires will change. "Increase our vision, change our attitude, act in faith." 

I am grateful for the blessing that I has been each day to be here. I can never...and will never stop saying that! Missions are the best, and it has truly made me who I really want to be for the rest of my life! 

I love you all and hope for the best!

-The vineyard Laborer
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Post mothers day 2014

Good afternoon everyone!! It's a beautiful day to be a WKM Missionary!! Any specifics on the reason are to arrive promptly, it's just amazing to be here!! It's always hard to exactly describe how grateful I am to be here...so I figured if I said it in my Emails every week...someone might get a picture of it!

The week has been a good one to say the least! The work is an amazing thing to take part in each day. No matter with the hastening of the work around here for most of the inhabitants of Mattawa, there are many miracles and many people to talk to and share a message.
It's kind of funny looking back on my planner (where we keep track of who we taught), we have kept pretty well daily contact with one of our investigators, Vicente Lopez. Vicente is really an amazing Brother! He has such a strong desire to learn and apply the Gospel into his life, he really sees the blessings through it. Although he has many problems that are really holding him back, he has a strong deep desire to change and make it on the right path.
Commitments are things that we invite others to do that we have prayed and received an answer that it is something (if done) that will be a blessing to them. And we have a rather large blessing of action for the upcoming day and finding a job...returning the next day, he slept on through all day. Instead of questioning him on it, we opened the Book of Mormon.
The action of opening and reading out of the Book of Mormon made all the difference in the world. I go back to the quote from President Joseph Smith, "It is the most correct book on Earth, and one can get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts." ...Sometimes this is where my Elder Holland comes out....HELLO!! SEE THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS BOOK?! haha...but seriously. The Bible is such an amazing thing, it's true, and it contains the words of Christ through His Prophets. And along with that, the Book of Mormon is another testament, that Jesus is the Christ, Son of the Living God. We are meant to read it side-by-side to receive the fullness of the Gospel.
I have just learned so much from the study of the Bible and Book of Mormon when put together. The Gospel is such an amazing things to study, and I am really grateful for the opportunity to study each morning and ponder and apply what I have learned each day. How great is our calling?!!

Moving on, Saturday was a really awesome day!! We started things off in Othello for a Zone Meeting, where all the missionaries in the zone get together and learn, share, and be edified. It was a blessing for me to be able to give a training on the Christ-Lioike attribute of Diligence.
The first thing that really came to mind with this is the word "Will." Not necessarily "I will do," but our own Will and that to our Father's Will. Our will is the ability to choose what we would desire, our desires, thoughts, dreams, etc.
The Army has a saying that I really like: "Be all that you can be." That's really amazing, I love that...but I believe that there is SO much more!
Thinking on it, our whole lives are a battle between our own will and the will of our Father in Heaven. Christ gave the perfect example in that..."I came to do the will of the Father." "I came to do My Father's Will."
The purpose of God is to Bring to pass the Salvation and Eternal Life of Man. This life is to experience Joy...that is a really amazing blessing and desire of our Father. He has prepared a way for us to fulfill that purpose, and we are in the middle of that plan. But the biggest question is how is it that we can find that "True Joy" that our Father in Heaven desires for us?
It's amazing to think on where we can find that...scriptures!! WHOOO!!
But it brings that thought to me. Just as Christ gave the example, to truly have joy, we need to give our will to the Father. When we give up our will, our Will will be replaced with the will of the Father...so in order to Win, you have to loose....
Trust in Him, Him that knows all things. Him that for you suffered for all things, who knows you personally. He will create a masterpiece, when you will only make a smuge. You will make a good man, He will make a God.
I want to change that quote from the Army a little bit, "LET ME MAKE YOU all that you can be."
And for missionaries especially. Our will (desires, wishes, wants) can be put into boxes and left on our shelves at home with our boxed clothes. When we return, we will open all the boxes. We may find clothes that dont fit or are out of our taste, and we will give them away and replace them. We may also find that some of the other things that we left behind (Desires, wishes, and wants) dont fit us as well. Because we have let the Creater shape us to the best that we can be. 
Let yourself get lost in the work, it is the greatest thing, it is where Real Life is. And dont come back the same, that is exactly opposite of your purpose as a missionary.  
"You are guaranteed at least one convert, and it better be you!!" -Elder Holland

Later that day, we were able to go back and help out more with the Food Bank. At least there weren't any onions, so we were going through and giving out apples and oranges. It was a blast to help out and meet new amazing people!

Then we come to Sunday!! I loved this Sunday, a little crazy, but it was all worth it!!
Church was a blast. We had a wonderful time in both the Spanish and English wards/branches. At the end of the Spanish Branch, we had a lunch of Carne Asada that was the Bomb! We served and helped out, then got to eat a little bit before heading over to our Ward Mission Leader's house to Skype our families.
It was the best to see and talk to family! You are all amazing!!! I love every one of you! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!! I'll talk to you in 6-months! wow...Christmas is coming up fast already...XD

Thank you all for everything that you do to help me out here. I love you all and pray for your health and safety! If there is anything that one needs from a missionary in Mattawa, dont hesitate to ask!!
-The vineyard laborer,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

May 5th

Hello everyone! It happens to be another weekly update from the WKM!! Holy cow! This week has just flown by. To think that this is the second week into the transfers! That and Mothers' Day is coming up this week! WHOO!!!!

This week has really just been moving forward. I know that I day this every message, but I  am just so excited each day to get out and start!! The work is just an amazing thing to be a part of.

With the growing season of planting, pruning, and picking, the work is supposed to really slow down, but it hasent, and we are constantly busy seeing many people. It's just super exciting!! LOVE IT!

So a few week back, I told about a really cool guy that we ran into names Andreas. He has happened to be one of the hardest persons to get in contact with. We were walking down the road, then I randomly thought of him...and the need that we have to try each day to see him. Halfway through saying that, I looked over to my right and he was standing RIGHT THERE!!! So we had a really good conversation. Then he said that he will try really hard to come to church...and he did! So now we have full communication with him, even with the crazy scheduled that he has. So it was really cool!

We also got with Guadalupe...after a number of tries...and we were able to further talk about the Book of Mormon and its role. We also introduced it to the rest of the family, who are all really awesome!

On one exciting note during church at the Spanish Branch. We were at the end of a meeting, when one of the brothers said that the teacher for the Old Testament class wasn't going to be there, so he gave us the book and sent us on our way.... Really excited to do something like that, but it was5 minutes before the lesson...in Spanish, and an Old Testament story. It was the story of Balaam, so that was a really fun one. It was just a little harder with a smaller vocabulary than most people around here...XD
But the lesson went really well. (Read it in Numbers 22-30 {or so}) It's a great example of bring our will closer to that of the Lord's. And it's pretty fun, you cant go wrong with talking donkeys!
When I first read it I was thinking that it was going to say something like: "And the Lord opened the mouth of the ass, and she said unto Balaam, What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times? And Balaam FREAKED OUT."
But no, he replies back rather naturally. Anyway, it's a really good section of scripture. It teaches a good lesson!

Everything is going very well. I'm always grateful and glad to be here in Washington. I have such an amazing opportunity to learn and apply what I'm able to learn each day. That's the amazing thing about this life, we are here all together to learn and grow. The Gospel, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Atonement is the center of this life. We are here to gain joy and knowledge. And what a joy it is to be able to learn through the scriptures and Prophets in the Past and in our present day. Feast upon the words of Christ!! There is really nothing that can beat that!!

I love you all and hope the best for this week to come.
The laborer in the Vineyard,
Elder Glen Wright

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

April 28th first week of new transfer

I keep on saying this, but this week has just FLOWN by. It's just all mushed together and thrown about. Cant remember what happened on the fly....thank goodness for my daily journal!!!

This week has been really amazing! Things just never cease to be amazing!
Weather wise, it's a little weird. Larger rain storms come and go in between constant wind. But the sun is really an inviting sight to see!! Everything is really starting to grow and green. Most of the trees are now done blossoming, but the grape vines are just starting to leaf! It's really smelling good, and I'm told that it gets better when the grapes start growing.

Now that I'm on the topic of really good smelling things...we got to help out at the Food Bank, something that we have been trying to do for ever now.
This was a really cool experience. It was a funny coincidence that they were severely under-staffed that day, so we were a sight for sore eyes.
For the first hour of the 4 hours we were there, we helped out everyone who couldnt carry out the boxes to their cars...which was everyone. This things were big and heavy!! I guess that it makes up for the lack of working out the past day...just kidding there, of coarse I work out every day!!! So I just rocked at the heavy lifting!!
But the production line was really slowing down, so they asked me to work on filling the bottom of the boxes with onions. And to make it really fun...they werent just fresh...they were all molded and rotten. WHOO!! So that really cleaned out and killed any smelling senses that I have! But I really enjoyed being able to help out!! We were able to meet a lot of people that aren't of our faith, but have so many desires to serve and to build their Christ-like attributes. We talked the whole time to an older man who as been doing the bank since it started up in Mattawa...only about 3 years ago, but it's still really cool and awesome!!
They will defiantly see us in two weeks the next time it comes around!!

The language is going really well. I have spent a lot of time reading in El Libro De Mormon, and it really has been helping me understand, read, and speak better. I'm really happy to see that I'm able to read loudmouth in Spanish, and it's actually fast. I really never like the thought of sounding like a complete gringo...so one step at a time I'm trying to get better!! I just love the language a lot!!! It's really amazing to see the Hand of the Lord in the process of doing so. I would be nowhere without that Heavenly help!! I am very excited though for one of the new people that we were able to meet, Guadalupe Garcia. We were riding around and thought that we needed to go down this street, we did and found him. He was very nice, but found no interest in too much. The only reason he let us into his house was to show us his virgin Mary. 
We got talking, about the Bible and his conversion story. Then we got onto the topic of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, one in purpose and truth. And how we are blessed to have the fullness of the Gospel revealed through using both the Bible and the Book of Mormon hand in hand.
Guadalupe has a lot of time read...due to his left arm broken just above the wrist. (He happened to be (is) a second string soccer player for the Chivas, so he has all sorts of bumps and bruises). CHIVAS!! That's super cool though!!
But he has been able to read out of the Book of Mormon, and I feel just an amazing feeling as he talks about it. I'm really excited to meet with him again! We left him a commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

This week has been really amazing to continue my studies in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Jesus the Christ. I just really feel the Spirit strong, something that helps me each moment through the day. I just love being able to learn more of the role that the Savior has in my personal life, It's just amazing.
One of the biggest things that has hit me is through the Atonement and our personal need to forgive. Christ's Atonement is unparalleled to anything in the history of the universe. Through Him, we are able to be cleansed from our sins, and be comforted through our afflictions, feelings, and problems. We are able to be completely forgiven. But what I have really seen in a new view is the role of Him to others. When we offend, He can forgive us, when we go to others to fix what we have done, they need to forgive us as well. But what if we were offended?
Through the Atonement, they are forgiven of the offense to us. He takes upon Himself that sin, and turns to us, asking for our forgiveness. He completely steps in the middle of the offense, and asks that of us.
This is something that has really been going though my head as I have further studied the amazing life of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It's really something isn't it?

This week has really been amazing, I love the blessing i have been given to be a part of this amazing work that is spreading to all nations. The greatest of this blessing the the knowledge that it isn't limited to the missions and missionaries, "All Members missionarys." 
Keep moving forward! I love you all and pray for your safety and joy! Dios le quida mucho!!
your fellow vineyard laborer,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

April 14th 2014

Buenas Dias todos! Estoy muy agradacido para tener esta oportunidad para escribir una correo a ustedes!! It's really hard to believe that it has been a full week since the last time that I was sitting here for Preparation Day! ...I keep sayiing that I know...but things have just been moving really quickly. There is so much to do, and the time to do it all just slips out from under you!
On that note.......transfer calls come out this weekend...WHAT!?!?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!!!!??????? ...ok, now that's over with....

This week has been really good! The work is still moving forward at amazing speeds!
The season as well has been just flying by!! Our 14 mile drive into town has transformed from a dull brown, to beautiful fields and vineyards full of green and colors! And when we aren't driving past the dairy and feed lots, it smells just as good!
It's starting to become really beautiful...not as I expected Washington to be, but in its own amazing way.
But to add to the rapid growth of the orchards, has been the need of laborers in them, to pick the flowers so the fruit is bigger and more spread across the trees. Although that is now a large obstacles with finding and teaching our investigators, we have found miracles each day as we still move forward and find, teach, and see progression!
It's a definite humbling experience to get to know many of the workers, what they sacrifice, and their overall attitude to it.
One of our investigators, Vicente Lopez, has been an amazing example for it. He has been living in one of the boarding trailers on the floor of the living room. With no job, he started having a really hard time finding a way to pay rent. I have seen just an amazing change in him as we have been teaching him. He is now a few days in another job, and as he was tending to sores on his hands from picking, he gave an amazing prayer! There was an amazing and humble Spirit that we felt as he gave great gratitude and excitement for his new job, us as new and close friends, and the ability to come closer to Him, our Father in Heaven. Orchards are one of the coolest things to pass by! Not only is it drop dead beautiful row after row, but you can hear excited talk, laughter, and singing from every one of the workers! Here and there you get the "Elders!!" and a wave of waves. It's just a really fun and cool experience! Riding the bikes make it that much better! With the lower miles, we do that more and more, in the country areas, and in the city. That, and recently with the necessity to bike more, I've strapped my portable speaker to my bag, so now we can listen to MOTAB just about everywhere; "conversation starter 101"!!!

But I'm learning a lot more that I thought I would with farming and such. I might even get to learn how to tend grapes, prune, and graft...need to ask around!
I never thought much of the details of tending orchards. One thing that has fascinated me has been pollinating through pallets full of boxes of bees.... More or less because while riding my bike down the hills, you hit an average of 20 or so bees...thank goodness for sunglasses!

One of the highlights for the week was the Specialized Training and interviews with President Ware, which happen once every 12 weeks. i always love being able to talk to President Ware! He is really amazing and has a very special love for this work and its missionaries. Along with the interviews, we participated in a really good training and discussion with the AP's, focused on the Book of Mormon and its role in the conversion process of ourselves, and those we share it with.
I just LOVE how Joseph Smith puts it: "The Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on the earth." That just makes me think...of all the books that we could have on the earth...had, have, or will have...the Book of Mormon is the most correct of them all. Of all the things that God would want us to know; that He knows would help us the most in this life to fulfill his purpose (to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man); He chose to bring about the Book of Mormon along with the Gospel library. WHA! It's really cool to think about.
We took an evening and visited a recent convert. We have seen an amazing Spirit that has been with her since, and the effects that it has started to have in her family (being the wife and only member of a family who's son died). She has such a strong testimony and has the faith and desire to share it with the whole family. We read out of the Book of Mormon, in the spot that she was:the book of Jarom. The smallest book in the Book of Mormon, and it had an amazing impact with her. One of the biggest impacts has been the personal messages that has fitted just for her and her situation. Sometimes, like Joseph Smith, one needs to read through a large portion to find what they may be looking for, such as he did to find James 1:5. 

I am grateful for the experiences that my mission has given me so far! It's getting warmer, so I'm excited to get out my short-sleeve shirts and get out there!! I'll be here, white shirt 'n tie, sharing the Gospel like nobodies business! "Man I love my mission!"
I love you all! Pray for you all! I'm grateful for everything and the support that I feel here in the WKM! Have a great week, dont forget to smile, and pray for opportunities to share this Gospel!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission