Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of April

Holy Cow! Yet another week comes rolling to a close! ...Elder Budica and I have been talking, and both agree that this has been one of the fastest transfers so far! Things are moving so fast around here.

It's been such a great week. Feeling kinda like an AP with all the exchanges we had though. :P That's all they did "back in the day" (funny I can start using that). We had a couple exchanges back to back. With the first one, I traveled all the way up north to Bruster. The the second day I was in our area with the zone leaders.
Bruster was a BLAST!! Learned a lot and had a lot of fun. There's a pretty well known hispanic there, Pedro, who basically owns the town, so we got to meet up with him and do some service. Then he took us out the best Mexican-food joint, also getting me to do the initiation for new missionaries of eating a type of pepper. Just super fun stuff like that!!
Getting thrown back into the area after a day added a really fun twist to the exchanges back with the zone leaders. We had so many amazing conversations throughout the day. Which really helped me get on tract to my "next step" as a missionary. SO GOOD!!

Apart from all of that, we've been fighting to find the vision the Lord has for the area of Chelan. Lots of stuff is happening, and we need to make sure that we're keeping up and prepared to reach out and find and teach those who have been prepared and are elect. Elder Busica and I have spent some good time talking about what it is, and the things that can help us change. I love transfers like this, where everything about you can change! The one of the best parts of the Gospel! We have such a great potential, and our Father is just waiting for us to take the first steps. I love this Gospel with all my heart and know it to be true!

That's pretty well been our week in a nutshell...or sombrero hat for us Hispanic Elders. We got to fish this morning! Fishing is pretty hot around here right about now. I got myself a good!!! Gave it to one of the members we were with, we'll see if he can cook that thing up for us!! WOOO!!

I love you all so much!! I miss you, but know without a doubt that this is where the Lord wants me. I love this work and have a strong testimony of it! Keep moving forward with a steadfastness in Christ! "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER! FULL SPEED AHEAD! "

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

April 20th

Hello everyone!! I wish I could just do this all in Spanish!! I've been on that thought process for the past week! Jaja...working here in English has been a blast, but I really miss speaking nothing but Spanish every day. It's kinda funny that I'd be thinking like this, but it really is something that grows on you! I feel more Spanish than anything else...still have a lot to learn, but what I know sticks like glue!!
This week has been pretty amazing!
It's been a roller coaster with some of the brothers and sisters that we're teaching, but we're ready for this upcoming week of many miracles!!
My mind and studies have been all focused on General Conference. Today is the first day we can go onto the computers, and that they're on there! ...feeling bad for the librarian, because I'm about to go to town on getting a bunch of these printed!!
On a similar note to all of that, and the highlight to the week came with specialized training and interviews with President Ware. I went in there with a main focus on receiving guidance, and boy did I get some!!!
I got a lot of new light on the subject of Gospel application. It's great and all to have all the knowledge in the world...but what real use has it to us? There's a great difference I have felt with "Knowledge" and "Understanding." In a nutshell, I am SOOOOO excited to get really going on my studies and discovering and jumping into the application. So much to the subject that I really cant give it any justice!

Everything in the mission field is going really well. It's been a lot of amazing experiences here in Chelan. The Spanish is (hopefully) staying the same or improving...not too much practice while here. We're really trying to find some Spanish speakers to start teaching! 
I want to share a talk that really impacted me! My mind's been over this topic again and again, and my testimony of the amazing Grace and gift of God has always come to mind.
I share my testimony with President Uchtdorf and my desire as well to sing praises to the Most High God, our loving Father in Heaven.
I'm going to blame the fact of the lack of information on me wanting to do this all in Spanish!! Thank you all for putting up in my messages, no matter how repetitive it gets sometimes. I love you all! I really hope for the best as you stay close to the Lord as He builds and blesses you! 
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

April 13th

Hey everyone!
Hoping that everything is going super bien wherever each of you are at!!
This week has been a blast, as always! Lots of work here in the WKM and especially in Chelan, so we've been keeping really busy!

These past few weeks have been filled to the brim with many finding opportunities. We've had so many amazing miracles as we've acted in faith to find those who have been prepared to hear the gospel. We've run into many awesome people, now the thing to do is to be able to run into them a second time!! Who knew that making scheduled work on both sides was a super skill...missionaries do!! jaja, but it's been a blast to meet all these amazing people!
This past Sunday defiantly was a highlight! Juan got confirmed!! He was baptized three weeks ago, so we've been trying to help him get the confirmation part of it for a while.
My testimony of the blessings of Baptism and confirmation have grown a ton just through that experience. One cannot have the full blessings of the covenant of baptism without both parts, the baptism by water and the baptism by fire (as we see described in the scriptures many times). He was kinda in limbo trying to make it back to church. The adversary was working really hard, but he kept super strong and made it!! The ordinance was really amazing! And I know that he felt that change and difference so strongly!
The Gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the greatest blessings and gifts that our Father in Heaven has given us, as we've acted in faith and been baptized by that proper authority. We need that comfort and guidance from the Lord, daily. And I know that I've been blessed so much as I've striven to stay close to my Father's counsel and direction.
Love you all and hope for the best! Looking forward to all the amazing miracles that can happen this upcoming week! Lovin' the work!! ABRASOS!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

April 6th

This week has been no less than fantastic!! We've been keeping really busy and have been trying to get the work moving forward. AND not to forget how amazing General Conference was!!!
This week was a lot of trying to find more people to teach. Which means lots of walking around and tracting!!! It's been really good for me to get out there and work with Elder Budica. He's super good at talking to people, so I'm hoping a lot of that rubs off onto me.
I LOVED general conference!! The only problem I had with it was it passed way too quickly! There were so many amazing talks, and I know that, just like one of the speakers stated, that they in deed are assigned, from God. I know that as we follow its councils, we will not go astray.
I know that the ability to communicate with God through Prophets has been restored today. I know that Thomas S Monson is His prophet on the Earth, and that the 12 are Apostles. There are living Prophets and Apostles on the Earth, and they are found in His restored Gospel.
If you want to know for yourself, ask God. They are His servants, so He knows who they are, and He will tell you who they are if you but ask with real intent, meaning that you are willing to follow the answer you were given. And I know for myself, having asked, that they are His servants. The world's voice may change, but the truths of God will NEVER change, and we will never be wrong if we follow their counsel.

So touching on the note of the forced dieting.... About three days ago, we ran out of the soft-serve Ice-cream mix, so we got in touch with the family we live with. The ran out of their stash, but his son made an "emergency run" to Wenachee to get some more, so we had that thing running again that night (Cool family, I know!!!!)! BUT when we woke up the next morning and fired that thing actually did smell like a fire to the belt...just burning rubber. Come to find out that it froze over the night and the band broke as it turned on throughout the that's another fix to make that wont be in until friday. We've been getting the feeling that we need to be starting up some dieting for the next week or so...but once that thing get's fired up again...muhaha!! ...first-world mission problems...sheesh!

I love you all and pray that everything is going well for each and every one of you! Work hard this week and love everything that you do. I'll be here doing the same!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Lake Chelan

Hello everyone!!
This week has been a really good one. Even though we had a LOT of stuff to get ready for transfers, everything whent really fast!!
The first part of the week before transfers was all preparation. We got eveything ready to recieve the new elders into the new area. Sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it's been really awesome to see just how everything has been falling into place for many miracles in that area!! We're really excited!
Transfer day just never ended, it was a FULL and LONG day of driving and sitting. Our commute: Pasco to Kennewick; Kennewick to Yakima (OLD AREA!!); Yakima to Quincy; Quincy to Wenachee; then Wenachee to Chelan. At every transfer site, the group got smaller and smaller, until it was just a handfull of us, and me driving them all up for the next site, my stop, at Chelan.
My companion, Elder Budica is an italian...dont think I have to say too much more!! He's a blast! Been out a good amount of time, so it's more of going out and giving it all we've got!
The area is really fun! It's going to be a lot of fun!! It's a little harder of an area, both Spanish and English...lots of tourism, but there really are miracles happening. I walked into the area with one investigator, and two or three we've got a lot of work to do!! It's going to be a really fun area and a blast of a transfer!!
THIS PLACE IT BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I really dont know what else would best describe it!! Look for some pictures of it...then multiply that view and intensity by a million!
The members that we live with gave us a soft-serve ivecream machiene too......................................... Not too much I'll say about that as well.
One of the coolest people as well lives here, his name's Andy. He's had a very hard past, but is seeing crazy changes just over the few days that we've been able to meet with him. The next step for him will be giving up his drinking, which starts today, but we know that he is on fire with the spirit!!

Things here are going really well, and I'm very excited for this transfer to really get into motion. I'm very excited to be with my companion, it seems that my prayers have been clearly answered, to be with someone who can really help me make the next steps of progression and growth. It's going to be awesome!!

Not to meantion how exciting it's getting to wait for General Conference. I know that we will be able to hear a living Prophet's voice in just a few days. Prepare and tune in so that all of you may recieve the amazing guidence that the Lord has for each of us!
I know that this is His Gospel. And what a priceless blessing it has been to be able to share that with so many amazing people! I love you all as well, and hope for the best! Work hard, love everything you do, and watch conference!!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

March 23rd


Funny how five-day weeks just FLY by!! Through it all, we've been staying really busy here in Pasco Washington. 

So this week also marked us getting our next transfer calls. And not to break the mold, we've been called to be doubled out of Pasco, and I'll be heading up north to Shalan. I've heard pretty amazing things from up there, both from the work as well as the amazing landscape! So I'm pretty excited. But now the focus is getting the area ready and working really hard the next few days we have here in Pasco. 

Yesterday was a little harder of a day in the fact that we had our last Sunday service in Pasco, as well as had our last lesson with Jesus and Catolina. While we've been here, we've really grown close to them, such a great family!! 
We brought over "The Living Christ" and had an amazing discussion for a few minutes on Christ. It's really amazing to see that when you lay everything down flat, everything that we share, and that we know, those branches always take it through Christ and what He did for each of us, and what He's doing today! Pretty amazing!! 
Sad to say goodbye to them, but we know we'll see them soon!! We said the first place we'll look will be the church on a Sunday!! 

I have to say how excited I am for General Conferences coming up in the next couple weeks!! What a great blessing that each of us have to hear our Father's voice through His instruments, the Prophet and Apostles. Let us all make the time to attend and tune in! I know that this is the word of the Lord, which is received in and needed for our day.  
I know that God shows His love for each of us by calling prophets. I know as well that they are giving the power and authority to act in God's name for the salvation of His children. And all of us as His children, have the gift of agency, which includes the freedom to accept or reject the gospel as taught by the prophets and apostles. Those who choose to obey are blessed, but those who ignore, reject, or distort the gospel do not receive God's promised blessings. 
If we follow God's counsel, we will NEVER be wrong. Let us all be ready for the amazing guidance we will receive in these next weeks, and search out what we need to do to better apply the Gospel into our lives. 

I love you all and pray for each of you!! Have a fantastic week!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

March 23rd

Sorry for the late message everyone, but HOW ARE ALL OF YOU??!!
I'm doing pretty fantastic here!! It's a great day to be a missionary!! 
...if you cant tell, still have the fresh energy and excitement that comes from going to the temple!! It's been a really good day. We got to start off things over at the Columbia River Temple, ate lunch at Costa Vida, then got some stuff at Far West bookstore. And now I'm here!! What can get better?! 

This week has been filled with so many amazing miracles, it's been really crazy. ...and now is the moment where I ACTUALLY cant think of where to start! 

Our week started off with a zone conference (that's the one with the Mission President). We had some awesome trainings, and left with the energy we needed to keep fighting strong! so many miracles have followed!! 

We had a crazy cool lesson of the side of the road with a brother that called us out while we were walking. As we were walking a little ways away, he stopped for a second and yelled "Give me a sermon!!" At first we thought that he was kinda poking fun at us, but as we met, we found that he was dead serious. We then had a really good discussion about the message we share, the restoration of the Gospel of Christ. He has A LOT of faith in Christ, and we feel that he can be very prepared , so we're really excited to meet him at his house tomorrow and get to know him a little better!!

Lots of other awesome lesson and street miracles happened throughout the week!! The work really is moving forward, and it's a blast to be a part of it!! 

Finishing last week, and starting this week with the blessing of going to the temple is one of the best things on earth!! That, and everything last week that led up to it has gotten me thinking of just how much the Gospel blesses families. I know that the restored gospel brings blessings, available now and in eternity, to families as they strive to develop stronger relationships and spiritual strength with each other. With the help of Christ and His teachings, the trials that we face each day can be lifted, and I'm able to see that every day! 
My thoughts on our Father in Heaven last week has led me as well to think on the ability that we have, in a smaller sense, to grow families of our own. No wonder they are the most important social unit in time and eternity, because they're ordained of God. A place to learn and apply the principles of the Gospel, a place of refuge and safety, a location where the Spirit of the Lord can dwell and feelings of peach, joy, and happiness can abide. 
My joy is full to think as well on the amazing blessings that come to those families after they enter into the waters of baptism. Through the Priesthood authority that God has once again brought to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith, families can be sealed for all time and eternity, or in other words, they will be without and end. We can live with our families for all eternity, and that one of the greatest blessings I have come to grow my testimony on! I love my family and hope nothing lower than that, to be with them and feel that joy for all of eternity! 

I have a testimony that this is the work of the Lord. I know He lives, and I know that His blessings are real!  
I love you all and hope for the best as each of you go out through this upcoming week! iDios les bendiga!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

March 9th

Hello everyone!! Como estan?!?!?!

Things here in the WKM are doing really great!! We're keeping really busy in the work of the Lord.

This Sunday was a really cool experience for all the missionaries, especially myself! For the month of March, the wards will be focusing the theme of the Sacrament meetings on "Missionary Work," and who better to testify about missionary work?? THAN US!!! 
So for the next month, we'll be having a different missionary giving a talk and another giving a testimony, and for the first week, the lot fell upon myself and my companion. 
...My first thought was how I still had a really good excuse to be nervous, on account of now knowing the language because I just started.........oh wait.....cant really use the "still a greenie" card now-a-days.... But I really love the opportunity to go up and share what I have learned about missionary work. This month is going to be SUPER cool in terms of member missionary work! We hope to get everyone as excited as we are to share what they have and hold so dear!! 

The work has been moving forward. We've received a good number of training throughout the week that has helped us in, well, the theme we've been focusing on as missionaries for a good while now, complete change. We're getting closer and closer, and there are SO many miracles happening each day. There really are so many amazing people who have been prepared. And we are more and more prepared to be able to take this message to them. The work is moving forward, and it's growing at amazing speeds. 

So, we're working hard and having a BLAST every second of every day!! Missionary work is where it's at!! 

I love how one of the first things that we are able to testify of as missionaries is about our loving Heavenly Father!! It's amazing to come together as children of Him, not taking note of religion or beliefs, and discussing what we know about Him, and growing as we build our knowledge and apply them each day. How fast are so many people to rise in temper when doctrines are shared, is the moment when each of us forget that at the top, we have one of the greatest things in common, our Father in Heaven. 
My faith and testimony of my loving Father in Heaven has grown so much, and I love how it can grow so much more! But I wish to share just a portion about what I love about my Father in Heaven,
I know that He is our Father, and we are His children. He LOVES us. And He wants to communicate with us, and we can through sincere prayer. 
He has given us this amazing experience on this earth so we can learn and grow. He has provided a way for us to be successful in this life and to return to live in His presence, and that comes through the priceless gift of the Atonement, which is central to the Plan of Salvation, which is the plan He has created and given us. Through this Atonement, we can be freed from the burden of our sins and develop faith and strength to face our trials. 

"My song of testimony" is a song that I sang just before I left, and has stayed with me for the longest time!! For part of my mission, it was written down and placed always in my front pocket. 
"I know God Lives,
I know He loves me,
I know He hears me and He answers when I pray.
I know His Son,
is my redeemer,
And that He died for me
That I might live eternally one day. 
I know God lives,
I know He loves me,
This is my guiding light
my strength to all my fears.
This is my song of faith,
my song of testimony,
my song of praise."

My next thought draws me to one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon. I appoligize, this is a long one, so bear with me and keep scrolling!!

1 Nefi 2:15
"And my father dwelt in a tent."

Ok...not the largest...and I promise that it's also not the smallest! 
A strange scripture to say the least, but with the limited space to write in the plates, why was this included? Why was this something that Nefi, or Mormon wanted us to know about Lehi? 
For those not too familiar with the background of the scripture, this is where Lehi has just led his family into the wilderness after fleeing Jerusalem. They had just stopped to set up camp, and Nefi takes this brief second, these 7 words, to describe the situation that his family, and specifically Lehi is in. 
We know from 1 Nephi 1 that Nephi was "born of goodly parents" with all manner of gold, and silver, and precious things, to the point that Laban did lust after it (when they attempted to exchange it for the brass plates). 
But Lehi had heard the word of the Lord, and the commandment to flee into the wilderness. "And it came to pass that he departed in the wilderness. And he lift his house, and the land of his inheritance, and his gold, and his silver, and his precious things, and took nothing with him, save it were his family, and provisions, and tents, and departed into the wilderness." (1 Nephi 2:4)

We arent asked by the Lord to leave everything and live in tents, but how can we apply this to our day. We have our own calls to flee into the wilderness, for Jerusalem will be destroyed. First, how will we reply to the call? What will we feel? And what will we take with us? 
The sacrifices may be larger than what we may be comfortable with, but the results and consequences are worth every effort. With an eternal perspective, we know that blessings, and we know their worth, and so did Lehi. He forsook Jerusalem to follow his God, our living Father in Heaven, who was leading them to a Promise Land. We all have our promise land, and can be led by our Father in Heaven. I can only imagine what Nephi felt when he wrote that verse, "And my father dwelt in a tent." And can only dream to improve myself to the amazing example that Lehi was to his family. 

I love you all and hope the best for each of you this upcoming week. Work hard and love everything that you do!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

March 2nd

Hola all you amazing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and of coarse I just copy and paste this part)...This week has just FLOWN by!!
Bla...I need to be finding some better ways to start things off!! ...but the moment I think of doing just dosent make sense to say anything less than that we're having the best two years of our lives, the best week ever, and the time goes by too fast!

We had a really cool week this week. There is SOOOO much happening with the work around here. It's really amazing how the Lord has been answering our prayers to be able to find more people who have been prepared. ...although...we probably could have been a little more specific in our prayers, because we sent many of the people we met as referrals to the English Elders...jaja!! SO many amazing people here! It's absolutely amazing to see how the Lord has been carrying out His work in preparing them, and preparing us to be able to teach them the message of this Restored Gospel.

To not make this email the longest thing in the world, I'll just share one of my favorite things this week!!
I think I talked a little bit about a couple, Jesus and Catolina, who we first met in a family home evening a few weeks ago. Last week was the next lesson after that FHE, where we had a really good discussion on the Restoration, and we set an appointment for a week from that day, which for us missionaries, is an eternity!! But we found that as the week went on, both Catolina and Jesus got more and more excited for the upcoming lesson. The then tried to invite a couple of their friends to be there as well.
It ended up just being us and the Ramirez family, but we had an amazing discussion!! We started by watching part of "Families are forever," then got on the topic of the Plan of Salvation. We spent a couple hours discussing each part with them, answering questions, and teaching doctrine. After the closing prayer, they served us pan dulce and some AMAZING chocolate drink! THEN we spent another couple hours talking, getting back on the topic of the Restoration.
They have come very far, soaking in every word that we say and every feeling the Spirit shares. It really is amazing though to see the perspective that the Lord has for them, and what He is willing to do to help them progress on the path towards Him.
I have spent some time in the scriptures striving to understand the Plan of Salvation, and it's one of my favorite subjects. I know that the full plan that God has for each of us has in deed been restored through the Restoration of the Gospel. There arent any blank spots or unknown areas where we just guess, but we can know exactly what was before this life, our purpose for us being here on the earth, and where we are going after this life. What an amazing blessing to know!!! And what an amazing blessing to be able to share with all these amazing brothers and sisters!

I love you all! Thank you SO much for everything that you do to make the difference and help and support me. I have a testimony of this work, and I want to do everything I can do to make sure everyone can receive this joy as well! I invite all of you to do the same!!
 Hasta la proxima Lunes!!
Elder Glen Wright

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Making Tamales

February 23rd--Tamales

Hello everyone!!
I'll have to admit that it's really weird to be back here at the computer again...this week has really flown by! Time has just been slipping around here as we've bee working. Lots to be done, and there's never enough time to get it all! 

This week has been really good! ...realizing, I dont think that I've ever said anything less then amazing or good!! So much is happening. The best part of it all is the fact that we still have so many things to be working on and get better, and we know that there are so many blessings directly coupled with that. 
A really good way to place the week was getting our feet better planted and working with everything we need to personally be doing. Like I stated last week, we've been working to make sure that WE are the ones who are being prepared to teach all these amazing people. 

The memorable spiritual moment this week: Tamales! 
This week, I was able to fulfill one of my mission-long goals of learning how to make tamales...not too hard, really messy, and plenty fun. Although with all the work...I have a renewed respect and a desire to just get them from the tamale vendors outside of the Walmart.
We've been working with the Cruz family for a while, and have gotten so close to really finding what it is that can help them really get started on the path...starting with getting married. We mentioned that we wanted to learn from them how to make tamales (both are really well known bakers and cooks in Pasco), but we just never really found a time that matched up. But one of the nights that we passed by to visit, she was getting things ready to make everything. The thought questioning if it was a good use of time came into my mind, but it felt like something that we needed to do, and not just to be able to make some amazing tamales!!...although that was awesome in itself!! 
After we got the hang of making them...wont tell you how long it took, but needless to say that we are now champion tamale makers...we had a lot of time to do some small talk. We were able to learn so much about them and more light in how we can help them better progress in the Gospel as a family. 
I love the fact that it really dosent matter what we are doing, but that there are countless ways that we can talk about the Gospel, or for us, make amazing teaching situations to help them strengthen their resolve and give them the strength to act of the principles of the Gospel.  

On a little different of a note.... Although we are pretty closed off as missionaries with everything happening in the world right now. I've really been feeling the need for all of us to be holding firmer and firmer in the Faith. There's been a really weird feeling in the fact the adversary can be felt in so many ways in today's world. My first though goes to the Bible, where it speaks of "their hearts shall fail them." But my thoughts and spirit grows stronger as I have looked to the doctrines of faith. There's a lecture that Joseph Smith gives that really called to me, that I was studying this morning. It's found in "Lectures on Faith 6:7"...sorry that I cant really quote it. But it really is something that I would love to leave you to look. But This is defiantly a time where we need to be having more faith. And I know that each of you know where we need to go to receive this added faith and love. 
No doubt that we do live in harder times, but these are absolutely amazing times that we live in. We HAVE the restored Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. And with that, we have to ability to receive the faith necessary to overcome the trials we are given daily. 

I love you all and pray for each of you. Have a great week and love every second. 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

February 16th

Hola!!!! How is everyone!!

I really dont know how to start up this email.... This week has been absolutely amazing!! So many miracles have been happening! So crazy!!! I know for a fact that the work is HASTENING!! And He says that, it means that we are running as fast as we can to keep up! ...and it dosent help that both of us were super sore from last P-day! (We spent most of the day on the basketball court!) 

A million and one miracles happened this week, so I'll do my best to give some takeaways! 

One of the coolest things that has been repeatably happening throughout the week has been being able to find and teach a lot more prepared people. There are SO many amazing people here, and never enough time to share with them what we bring. But we've been able to meet many new people, share with them the message for the Restored Gospel, and invite them to follow the example of our Lord and Savior through the ordinance of baptism. 

There has been a lot of amazing things that we've been striving each day to improve, and many amazing things have come as a result. Not that the people are being better prepared to receive the Gospel, but that WE are now better prepared to help them to receive it.

....Alrighty...dont know if I've seen these before, Motorized mountain bikes...HOW COOL IS THAT??!! We got talking to man on the street, actually a less active member of the church, and he made a living of making from scratch these motors and assembling them onto bikes. That would be really cool to have as a missionary...although might not look too good.... A well.... Although, with the weather getting better, we might be able to get out our bikes and get around with an actual set of wheels!! Dont know how long I'll last here, but it's sounding pretty tempting. 

If I havent made enough of a deal about the JustServe stuff here, I'll do it again to make the point!! 
I LOVE JUSTSERVE!! I also love doing service!! There really is nothing as satisfactory as working to help others in any way that we can! 
This week, and on average, we had (have) two days during the week to service. One of them that we did this week was with the Union Gospel Mission, where we sorted through a bunch of food and distributed it off to the community. Then the other was with the City of Pasco, where we landscaped at the fire station as well as the park right next to the Columbia River (lots of geese there...would of had a video of chasing/being chased, but I didnt get it on video...sorry). 
One of the really cool things about JustServe, and missionary work in general is the amazing opportunity to get talking. We had a really cool conversation that started with Basketball, and ended with us giving him a Book of Mormon. I cant really describe how it changed, or the Spirit that was there, but it was a really amazing experience. 

A few of many of the amazing things that happened this week. I love this work and have a very strong testimony that it is true! I love this Gospel and what it has done to change my life in every way. Following by faith is something that ALL of us can do in every moment of our lives, and we WILL receive so many blessings. As will, and hand in hand with that, acting with faith and living the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ WILL bring us ALL the blessings that our Father in Heaven has for us, in His time and way. I love it with all my heart and know it's true, and I'm so grateful for everyday that I have to share with with those I love, the amazing people of Pasco. 

I love you all as well. I hope and pray for the best, and that each of you may find and have more of this joy that I have, let us press on with faith!! 
Have a great week! ABRACITOS!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission