Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 6th

This week has been no less than fantastic!! We've been keeping really busy and have been trying to get the work moving forward. AND not to forget how amazing General Conference was!!!
This week was a lot of trying to find more people to teach. Which means lots of walking around and tracting!!! It's been really good for me to get out there and work with Elder Budica. He's super good at talking to people, so I'm hoping a lot of that rubs off onto me.
I LOVED general conference!! The only problem I had with it was it passed way too quickly! There were so many amazing talks, and I know that, just like one of the speakers stated, that they in deed are assigned, from God. I know that as we follow its councils, we will not go astray.
I know that the ability to communicate with God through Prophets has been restored today. I know that Thomas S Monson is His prophet on the Earth, and that the 12 are Apostles. There are living Prophets and Apostles on the Earth, and they are found in His restored Gospel.
If you want to know for yourself, ask God. They are His servants, so He knows who they are, and He will tell you who they are if you but ask with real intent, meaning that you are willing to follow the answer you were given. And I know for myself, having asked, that they are His servants. The world's voice may change, but the truths of God will NEVER change, and we will never be wrong if we follow their counsel.

So touching on the note of the forced dieting.... About three days ago, we ran out of the soft-serve Ice-cream mix, so we got in touch with the family we live with. The ran out of their stash, but his son made an "emergency run" to Wenachee to get some more, so we had that thing running again that night (Cool family, I know!!!!)! BUT when we woke up the next morning and fired that thing actually did smell like a fire to the belt...just burning rubber. Come to find out that it froze over the night and the band broke as it turned on throughout the that's another fix to make that wont be in until friday. We've been getting the feeling that we need to be starting up some dieting for the next week or so...but once that thing get's fired up again...muhaha!! ...first-world mission problems...sheesh!

I love you all and pray that everything is going well for each and every one of you! Work hard this week and love everything that you do. I'll be here doing the same!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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