Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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February 9th--transfers--again

Hello everyone!!

This has been a really cool week for us here in the WKM!! Things are moving forward in the amazing work of the Lord! 

This week's been a lot of fun to say the least!! Lots of really cool stuff happening everyday...now the only problem is being able to get it all out in a way that makes sense on paper (or email!) 

We've been working really hard this week to end the transfer the best that we can. It's amazing to look back from the beginning and see the progression that we've made, and all the amazing things that we'll be focusing for the upcoming transfer. 

In terms of transfers and calls, I'll be staying here with Elder Myers! I'm really glad that neither of us are going to be heading out...way too much fun, and so many amazing things are happening!! 

The work of the Lord truly is one of the best places to be! So many amazing people here that have been prepared by the hand of the Lord to receive His Gospel. I had a really good personal study this morning in the scriptures on missionary work. It's mornings like this that just make me even more excited for the work I'm a part of.
One of the topics that came up in my mind was Charity. it's amazing to see just how focused the scriptures are in having us build this attribute. One of the Book of Mormon prophets invited and asked us to pray for it everyday, that we may be filled with this love, this charity. I've found some really amazing points to this, especially as a missionary! Just knowing that God is our Heavenly Father, starts us on a long journey of learning how we may be filled with this Charity. I've found that His love for me is so huge!! BUT, I've found that He loves everyone just as much as he loves me. And as a representative of Christ, what am I {AND YOU} doing to bring and show that love to everyone we meet, no matter how, why, what, or when. 
Are we caught up being the "Other prodigal son?" (BTW, Elder Holland gives a talk on that, VERY good). I'll leave that thought very open for all of you to think of (Applying to the parable of the Prodigal son in the Bible).  
I love Charity!! ...or I have charity for charity.....or something like that!! jaja!!

I love you all and hope that you can feel that wherever you are! I hope that everything works out for each of you, the goals that you are working on and everything that's happening in your life. Work hard and have a blast doing it! Especially if and when you're in the service of God! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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February 2nd

HELLO!!!!! How is everyone doing?! 

Things here in the WKM are moving forward! I'm still here and loving the work!! It's the last week of the transfer, so we're really excited to see what we can do to finish the transfer off amazingly!! 

Nothing too exciting this week in terms of crazy mission stories. ...well, might take that back...more of too many fun/funny/amazing mission stories that I'll have to save and share for a later date!! I love my mission! Really are one of the greatest ways to build ourselves!! 

The work is really moving forward. We're just moving along with it and working to build ourselves and making the many changes to ourselves and our work. I've grown a strong testimony of change and how it...changes us. I could go on forever in all the amazing experiences that I've had with it so far, and some of them I have, but I KNOW that these results that we've been able to see whether it be by ourselves or through others is from on High! 

I do wish to share an experience we were able to have. It was a rather humbling one as we took the time to look at it at the end of the day as a whole. 
We had a really busy day a few days ago, planned with an appointment every or every other hour. ...super good!! Starting with our first appointment, we passed a man working in his car, we just passed by and tried by our appointment, who wasnt there. We spent the next couple hours having all our appointments drop, one by one. We decided to try by our first appointment again (being 3 hours later), and when we passed by, the same man was there working on his car, now even more torn apart. We said hello and commented on the car, but kept on walking along to try our appointment, who again wasnt there. We then returned out to the other appointments we had set for the later afternoon, and every one of them also dropped (werent there). We decided to go back (after another few hours) and try our first appointment. Passing by, we had a direct thought that there was a direct coordination with us denying starting a conversation with this man and why we havent been able to find too much success. We decided our main focus for this third time was to talk with him (also fearing the usual result of denying something three times!). Valentin was his name, and his family had talked to the missionaries before. We got talking for a good 20 minutes...a really good conversation. 
It makes me so overjoyed to know that we can be placed in situations and places to help and extend our hands to everyone around us. And I'm especially grateful for the amazing help that our Father in Heaven gives us, and me, to be lead and realize the who and the how of sharing the Gospel. I'm very grateful for His persistence!! 

Thank you so much for everything that all of you do!! I love you all! Keep being amazing!
I hope that your week is amazing and is full of great stories and valuable lessons!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Hermano Gomez-our Ward Mission Leader (super fun guy!!)
Elder Wri...WAIT!! THAT"S ME!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hermano Juan Manuel-Recent convert (SUPER fun!)
Maria Antonia
Elder Myers

January 26th--Be on Fire with the Spirit

Buenos dias, mis amados hermanos mios!
CRAZY the amazing things that happened this week...I'll try to keep it to a smaller message! jaja!!

I need to start the week off on a really fun and exciting note with my personal studies of the Scriptures, I finally got done with reading through the Bible! It's been an amazing road to take, and I have learned SO much!! My testimony has grown considerably, and I'm hoping as well with my knowledge. As I finished the last little bit this morning, it really hit me on the testimony that I've grown of how connected and essential both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are for us. I could talk/ for hours and go on and on with how they are used as "on in our hand," but that is a journey that I would invite all to take and learn for themselves. But I know that we can learn the fullness of the everlasting Gospel as we study both. So many amazing things in the scriptures!! I never know where to start with explaining or expressing what I feel about them!! 

We kept really busy throughout the whole week preparing for the baptism of Faviola and Antonia, which was an amazing service!! It's been such an amazing experience to get to know this wonderful family!! And it really is amazing to see that now, with the whole family entered into baptism, they can all walk together towards the further goals that our Father in Heaven has for them! 
Pfew...it's been a really fun, but a little crazy of a week when you put it in terms of preparing for the service. Lots of stuff to do, and not too much time, but it really was an amazing blessing!! Their father got to do the ordinance, LOVE that guy, super amazing! I dont really know what else to say...so hard to describe how happy that one can feel as they see someone close be able to come unto Christ, and to see that the whole family is now working together for the blessings of the Gospel that come a little farther down the road. 

That was the week in a nutshell. We've been meeting with so many amazing people this week. And it's been amazing how the Spirit's worked in the hearts of many of our beloved brethren. That's still been one of the biggest goals that I've had here, to be on fire with the Spirit, or to have the Spirit with me no matter where we are. How amazing would/ is that now-a-days. I've heard of things here and there happening in the world, but nothing compares to the cleansing and peaceful feelings that come as we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. ALL of us have the opportunity to feel it, and it leads us to Eternal Truths. But only through the Authorized ordinance of Baptism, may we receive the true and priceless blessing of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And for those who have it, do EVERYTHING that you can to have it with you, why would you go a moment without it?? The joy and peace of the Gospel is here and thriving on the Earth, we just needs seek and find it through study and prayer! 

I love the Gospel! And I love all of you!!!!! I would say that's probably the best way to be...so everything's going really well here!! I hope and pray that each of you have the best! Talk to you all soon!!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 
Elder Myers Jedi Braid?

January 19th--Mac & Cheese

By the way...I couldnt think of anything too creative for the intro of the message, so I decided to put a personal favorite...mac&cheese!! 

This has been a FAST week!!! I know that I keep saying that...but THIS one really was a fast one! ...I've probably said that as well...jaja! ....I dont even know where to start...! 

...really hard to start this, really is. But the best way to start everything off is my testimony that I KNOW that miracles are the natural response to acting in faith to Gospel principles! We had a really good discussion at the beginning as well as throughout the week in many of the things that we really can get doing really well through the week, and many amazing things have come from it!! 

It's really cool to see that after we had set those goals, we had many moments where the goals came up in reminders throughout the week. We had district meeting, exchanges with our district leader, and interviews with our mission president. AH! I just dont know where to start in just how cool this Gospel is!! It has been absolutely amazing to be able to look and find so many things that I can change, and doing it!! A talk from Joseph Smith really hit the doctrine of Faith home for me. Simply, the opposite of faith, being fear, doubt, and lack of confidence. But how amazing it is to see things change as we act with faith in everything that we do. It really is a principle of power!! 

One of the coolest miracles that I do want to share with you happened with Juan Manuel and his family. 
So he's a recent convert that moved from East Pasco just about a week ago. We got to know him, and he has two daughters who hadn't been baptized yet, but had a desire to, Faviola and Antonia. He sat us down and really just got us going on what we need to do to help them be baptized as soon as possible. And we got talking to Faviola, and invited her to be baptized a week from that day, which will be this Saturday. She prayed that night and answered the next day that she got a strong affirmative that this is what she needs to do. 

We've spent a lot of this past week meeting with both of the daughters as well as the family. They have such a strong testimony and a really bubbly and really fun personality!! We a SO excited for them!!!!!!!!!!! 

I LOVE this work. There really is no better joy that we can feel than seeing sons and daughters of God come unto Christ and see and feel that joy that we have and do feel. 
I have a testimony of the joy and peace that comes through the Gospel. I know that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given to us by the Father. How amazing can it be if we could have the Holy Spirit with us, giving us this joy, every moment and minute of our lives. I can also testify that it can, and that comes through the sacred ordinance of Baptism by one holding the proper authority given from God. It's been something that I've really been focusing to have more often, the Spirit constantly with me. Really can get hard at times, but it is worth every sacrifice and effort! 

I love all of you! Thank you for the support and love that I feel so fully here! Have a great week, stay safe, and dont forget to smile as much as you can!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 
Elder Myers

Large Orange Stick

January 12th

Hola everyone!!

Yet another week has gone by in a blink of an eye!! I just cant believe how fast things have been going around here! We've been keeping really busy and have had a BLAST!!

The coolest thing about the week is that there has been really amazing things happening everyday. It's still got me thinking on what we can do to keep miracles happening each day, and continue to grow! I LOVE this work, and the amazing people here in Pasco are really prepared to receive the Gospel! 

On the lines of what we are able to do and change in order to help the work come in its fullness, we're still receiving many trainings on better ways we can be Christ-like missionaries. In simple terms, I still have SO much to change, but the amazing changes and blessings that I personally have seen through applying the Gospel more in my life has been absolutely amazing! I just love how the Lord works!! We are here to help others come unto Christ through His Gospel, but we ourselves have even a greater opportunity to strengthen and build ourselves!! I love the opportunities each day given with the many different challenges and abilities we have to turn to the Lord in every way, to allow Him to teach us and help us overcome our disabilities. The Gospel's THE BEST!!!

Might be about time to give a little update on my Spanish as well...................it's still coming along! :D 
I absolutely love speaking the language!! Es lo mejor!!!! 
I love the people and the amazing culture! So much fun to learn and live it each day! And as everyone knows who lives here in Pasco, it's known as "Little Mexico!" Aint no English speakin' here!!!

Sorry that there's not too much in this week's email. Lots of really amazing things are happening, and I'm super excited and happy to be here serving in the Lorde's vineyard! I love you all and pray for each of you!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

January 2015

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's such a great time to be a Washington Kennewick Missionary! ....It's just great to be any missionary! 
Everything this week has been really cool! The start of the week was a lot of saying goodbyes to everyone in Yakima, and the other half was getting going here in Pasco!

So ya...saying goodbye is still probably one of the worst things that you could do on your mission, but it was all good! Love all of the amazing people up there! The highlight of all of that was the time that we spent with the Pimentel family. We had a really fun Family Home Evening and took a lot of pictures! BAA!!! I'll miss them all, but I'm looking forward to destroy them all in an epic game of Manzanas con manzanas!! 

Spent a good time packing things up...found a lot of things that I'll be sending home. That's the cool things about having to live in a suitcase, teaches a lot about letting go of things that you really cant be carrying around.

The transfer move was really smooth. Got to meet my new companion, Elder Myers. It's going to be a really fun transfer!! We'll be working in a walking area, which is a little different. But it means that I can eat whatever I want and it wont do anything with all the walking I'll be doing...jaja 
No, but It's been great so far!! I love what we're able to do with our time and abilities while walking around. 

We've been able to see so many miracles happen each and every day! It's been really amazing!  There's been at least one huge thing that happens each day, and it's really driven me to make sure that we are doing the right things so that we can continue to have something amazing every day! There's lots of work and potential here in Pasco, so I'm very excited for the opportunity that I have to be here!! I'll make sure I keep all of you involved with everyone!! 
On one note, one of the days this week, we met two really awesome guys, Alex and Jaime. Especially Jaime has had a huge desire to quit drinking, and our knock was an answer to a recent prayer he had. It's really amazing to see that the hand of the Lord can be seen on both sides. Please pray that he may start the process of the Gospel to help him quit, as well the steps that we give him that can help. Really amazing people here in Pasco!!

I really love the new year! Such an amazing opportunity to take the time to set the goals and discover the things that we can do differently this year! Let us look at it with the perspective of Christ in mind. He has given us one of the greatest gifts, and we've had that opportunity to remember that this last Christmas. Let us now return a gift for both the Father and the Son. You know what those gifts can be as you search for them through prayer and scripture study! Discover the gift you want to give, embrace that gift, and share it! 

I love you all and hope the best for all this start of the year! May we all go forth and be strong on our desire to change and come closer to Christ through the Gospel of Christ! Love you and wish you the best!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

December 29th

Hola todos mis queridos amigos y familia!!

This week has been such a blast!! A week full of amazing memories, blessings, and miracles! 
SO busy though!! Everyday had something either really big...or super big! ...Love that and hate that...but LOVE THAT! Keeping busy is the best, especially in the work of the Lord. 

One of the coolest and best ways that we've been able to start off the week was a Leadership meeting to follow up on everything that Elder Arnold had given us, especially as District Leaders. ...basically, we had the thought that it was super edifying and awesome if you did start everything...and super "throw down" if you didnt. I really loved his responce when a missionary piped up asking that question. "It's not me that rebukes...the Spirit does it all. And He dosent rebuke unless needed." {Not exact...nor given justice...jaja} It was just super funny! 
The meeting was AMAZING!!! There are so many things that I still need to get down and change, but the AMAZING thing about this meeting is that direction that I may not have had in the past, I now have! I have such a clearer view of the things that I can do to bring the Spirit more into the work and help miracles come to myself, but most importantly to these wonderful brothers and sisters that I have had the amazing opportunity to teach. 

The best part of the meeting actually came afterwards, after I had returned back to my area. I had so much energy and excitment to do this work, it was such a funny feeling. I had the thought to call Sister Ware (our health person) and tell her that I didnt feel like myself...the meeting changed the way that I thought and felt about the work I was doing. ...I kinda kick myself that I felt changed and different...I would have loved to be able to feel just like that every time before that meeting. 

There's still so much that I'm working on with change and applying the Gospel into my life, but I really can testify that as we do so, the Spirit of the Lord will bring one of the greatest feelings of Joy...real joy, not of this word, not fake nor temporary, but the pure joy that only the Gospel can bring. 

We had our last District meeting before the end of the Transfer. It was on Christmas-eve, so we were all decked out in everything Christmas...thank you so much Hermanas!! Best district ever!! 

Christmas was no less than amazing!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for the amazing card and love that I felt from each of you this Christmas season!! 
And absolutely a highlight of the day to be able to Skype to all my family!! And the Webers count as family! So you cant count yourself out of this one!! jaja! 
Thank you for the amazing blessing to see all your faces and the spirit working in each of you! Keep everything going and have a blast this new year!! Love you all so much!!!!

We got to end Christmas by caroling with the Pimentel Family. That really was so amazing!! We went first to visit families that they had in mind, then we went and visited Less Actives as well as some of our investigators. It was absolutely p[priceless to see the amazing spirit that it brought to each of the homes that night. Christmas...THAT'S what's it all about. HE IS THE GIFT! Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, SHARE the Gift! 

These last few days have been filled with many miracles! Amazing to see that this is what an area can have potential to have. The last few days, we've really had no extra time because we've been in one lesson to another...a large difference from just a few days ago, which has been much quieter. Each lesson has been an amazing spiritual experience where many of our wonderful brothers and sisters have each made the commitment to start this journey into the Gospel of Christ! I'm very excited for each of them and pray for them each day, and I'd invite all of you to do the same!! 
I feel that I should put some names down in specific that, if you could, keep them in your prayers. 
-Mario, who is so amazing and going through some problems at this moment. Bless him that he may see the power of prayer to help find spiritual answers to both spiritual and temporal questions. 
-Veronica, is trying her hardest to help her family, especially through hard situations. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and needs prayers to help her continue feeling that Spirit and bring that into the home in every way. 
-Familia Pimentel, such an amazing family!! They are pushing through and applying the Gospel as much as they can. Please pray that Hermano Pimentel may see that these are things held very dear to the family as a whole and the he may desire to be more involved himself. 

Thank you so much for everything that you do to help as much as you can! I feel the love that you have and I thank each one of you for everything that you do to help!

SO......on the note of Transfers.... President Ware and the Lord have surprised us again, with the call to be doubled out of Yakima (both of us are leaving). Elder Walimaa is needed in Moses Lake, and I've been called to Pasco. 
It's SO sad to leave an area, and it's a lot harder to have to have both of the missionaries leave. But I KNOW that the missionaries that will be replacing us are here for a reason. There will be Sisters in our area, which actually is a small answer to our prayers. I think that this really is what the area needs, and I'm so excited for the amazing blessings that our wonderful brothers and sisters will receive as they further apply and live the Gospel of Christ!! 

Side note for my family.... Made a promise to the Pimentel Family that I'll come back right after my mission and play "Manzanas con manzanas" (Apples to Apples). ...we as missionaries cant play board or card games.... So, I'll have to make sure that happens!! jaja!!!!! Such an amazing family! The blessings of the Temple are so close for each of them!! And Itzel, the daughter is preparing for a mission, so everything with them is just so exciting!! 

Brothers, Sisters, and beloved family! Thank you so much for the amazing week that you helped make happen! I love you all so much and hope that each of you have amazing plans for the new year...both in goal form as well as family get-togethers! Have an AMAZING new years!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Branch Christmas party, the District, gifts from the branch...

December 22nd

Time to start things off in the right way!

Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belen,
con mi burrito babanero voy camino de Belen,
Apurate mi burrito que ya vbamos a yegar!

...best Christmas song out there right now! 

FELIZ NAVIDAD all of you amazing people! Love you all and hope that your holidays are FANTASTIC!! 

The intro deserves a little explination. This is a really catchy Spanish Christmas song that our Branch Mission Leader got hooted on and now has all the missionaries serving in the branch hooked on singing it everywhere! It's a really fun song!! 

The week of Christmas is finally here!! I cant believe that it came SO fast! ...reason number one that I havent gotten Christmas cards out...but I have them in my hands right now ready to head out to all of you!! 

The week has been filled with really cool things. Although it's been a lot harder to get with many of our brothers and sisters this week. We've really spent the week in preparation and meeting many new people that we can start talking to this upcoming week. Like they say, preparation is a super essential part of any work, and especially this work. 
In the midst of the small challenge we had this week with finding our investigators home, it really brought me to thinking really hard and kind of "deep cleaning" some of the things that I might still have been doing from the past. Not bad habits, but not the best. It's just so amazing to think of all the things that we can change that will directly bring so many blessings, both into our lives, but more importantly into the lives of our brethren. It's cool to see that we have that ability to change, and it's a natural and essential part of the Gospel of Christ. The biggest question is if we are willing to make that change! 

I'm really excited for the last week of this transfer! I have many things that I will be working on, and I know that they will make so many differences in everything! What an amazing opportunity we have to do that!!

This week was probably the best week for perfect companionship unity. I was really impressed too!! Both Elder Walimaa and I got sick at the EXACT same day!! Isn't that cool!? jaja 
Nothing that was huge, but it must have been very funny to look at what we might have looked like for others. We were laughing the whole time!!

Something that lightened that load and really got us better was our opportunities of service. We did a large service with the Salvation Army in their huge Christmas food bank. We had a group consisting of about 8 missionaries and made 700 missionaries in a few hours...super cool! 

To end off the week, we had a really awesome Saturday! We got to see two other families be welcomed into the branch! The baptisms were really amazing and the families are the coolest!! Really cool things are happening with all the missionaries that serve in the branch! 
We finished that day with a really fun branch Christmas party. BLAST!! We were with the Pimentel family the whole night, and were all laughing our heads off and having a really fun time. Really good homemade food, a fun program from the youth, and a really crazy pinata party watching the youth go crazy! 

I'm so excited for Christmas! It's been really amazing to see Christ more. I'm so happy that I have that change to share that with everyone as well! I'm really excited to see what this week has to offer as we continue to invite others to come unto Christ. 

I love you all and wish you the best Christmas season! Always remember that He is the Gift! Find how you can share that as well!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

December 15th

Hello everyone!
I hope everything is going amazing on your side! I've been having the time of my life here in the Washington Kennewick Mission!

...really just feels like yesterday that I had the last opportunity to email everyone...hard to differentiate everything from another...pfew here we go! 

Things this week have been really amazing! I love starting things off with the Temple...and it has given us a lot of energy to get and keep things going, especially at the pace that it's going. 

It's been a really cool week in terms of finding so many people who are perfectly prepared to receive the Gospel. So we've spent a lot of the week getting to know them a little more, and setting appointments for this week to set down with the families and to help them start this wonderful journey into the Gospel. 

On that note, we were able to see one of our brethren, Orlando Gutierez come to the waters of baptism! He had been taught by the other elders in our district, but with the communication that I've had with him, the light of Christ just emanated from his being. I also had the blessing of conducting his baptismal interview, where the Spirit was really felt strongly as we saw how he has prepared for this step in his life, and the amazing blessings that we can see the will come as he continues in this path! 

Our focus for the week has been on the Fuente family. They've been making so many amazing steps to really striving to apply the teachings of the Gospel into their lives. Although many trials have come their way, they show and share their ability to have faith and a fight to make it a priority in their lives. We're very excited for all of them! Lot's of amazing things in store for each!! 

We're also really looking forward to the Family Home Evening that we'll be having with the Pimentel family! We've been working with them to reactivate all the members of the family. We'll be focusing on Christ, introducing He is the Gift to the rest of the family as well as giving them a really cool countdown to Christmas that they can do every year!! Love that family!! 

I really love the amazing blessings of the Gospel. I am really grateful for the priceless blessing I have to come to learn and apply it more in my life. And how much joy that I have found through that. It really is amazing to think just how much that joy has grown as I've shared it with everyone. It really is so had to describe...and only really can be understood by those who have served a mission, and or have had those opportunities to share as well. The coolest part of the Gospel is the fact that personal progression comes as we share it with everyone. And it brings such an amazing spirit and joy! 

I'm excited for all the amazing things that are and will be happening in the mission field!! And the amazing things that are happening out of it as well. I know that I'll return to continue the journey I've started here. Let us all!!

I love you all and pray for each of you! Have an amazing week and count down the days to Christmas, discovering the ways that we may as well, come closer to Him.



Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission