Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January 26th--Be on Fire with the Spirit

Buenos dias, mis amados hermanos mios!
CRAZY the amazing things that happened this week...I'll try to keep it to a smaller message! jaja!!

I need to start the week off on a really fun and exciting note with my personal studies of the Scriptures, I finally got done with reading through the Bible! It's been an amazing road to take, and I have learned SO much!! My testimony has grown considerably, and I'm hoping as well with my knowledge. As I finished the last little bit this morning, it really hit me on the testimony that I've grown of how connected and essential both the Bible and the Book of Mormon are for us. I could talk/ for hours and go on and on with how they are used as "on in our hand," but that is a journey that I would invite all to take and learn for themselves. But I know that we can learn the fullness of the everlasting Gospel as we study both. So many amazing things in the scriptures!! I never know where to start with explaining or expressing what I feel about them!! 

We kept really busy throughout the whole week preparing for the baptism of Faviola and Antonia, which was an amazing service!! It's been such an amazing experience to get to know this wonderful family!! And it really is amazing to see that now, with the whole family entered into baptism, they can all walk together towards the further goals that our Father in Heaven has for them! 
Pfew...it's been a really fun, but a little crazy of a week when you put it in terms of preparing for the service. Lots of stuff to do, and not too much time, but it really was an amazing blessing!! Their father got to do the ordinance, LOVE that guy, super amazing! I dont really know what else to say...so hard to describe how happy that one can feel as they see someone close be able to come unto Christ, and to see that the whole family is now working together for the blessings of the Gospel that come a little farther down the road. 

That was the week in a nutshell. We've been meeting with so many amazing people this week. And it's been amazing how the Spirit's worked in the hearts of many of our beloved brethren. That's still been one of the biggest goals that I've had here, to be on fire with the Spirit, or to have the Spirit with me no matter where we are. How amazing would/ is that now-a-days. I've heard of things here and there happening in the world, but nothing compares to the cleansing and peaceful feelings that come as we invite the Holy Spirit into our lives. ALL of us have the opportunity to feel it, and it leads us to Eternal Truths. But only through the Authorized ordinance of Baptism, may we receive the true and priceless blessing of the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And for those who have it, do EVERYTHING that you can to have it with you, why would you go a moment without it?? The joy and peace of the Gospel is here and thriving on the Earth, we just needs seek and find it through study and prayer! 

I love the Gospel! And I love all of you!!!!! I would say that's probably the best way to be...so everything's going really well here!! I hope and pray that each of you have the best! Talk to you all soon!!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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