Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December 15th

Hello everyone!
I hope everything is going amazing on your side! I've been having the time of my life here in the Washington Kennewick Mission!

...really just feels like yesterday that I had the last opportunity to email everyone...hard to differentiate everything from another...pfew here we go! 

Things this week have been really amazing! I love starting things off with the Temple...and it has given us a lot of energy to get and keep things going, especially at the pace that it's going. 

It's been a really cool week in terms of finding so many people who are perfectly prepared to receive the Gospel. So we've spent a lot of the week getting to know them a little more, and setting appointments for this week to set down with the families and to help them start this wonderful journey into the Gospel. 

On that note, we were able to see one of our brethren, Orlando Gutierez come to the waters of baptism! He had been taught by the other elders in our district, but with the communication that I've had with him, the light of Christ just emanated from his being. I also had the blessing of conducting his baptismal interview, where the Spirit was really felt strongly as we saw how he has prepared for this step in his life, and the amazing blessings that we can see the will come as he continues in this path! 

Our focus for the week has been on the Fuente family. They've been making so many amazing steps to really striving to apply the teachings of the Gospel into their lives. Although many trials have come their way, they show and share their ability to have faith and a fight to make it a priority in their lives. We're very excited for all of them! Lot's of amazing things in store for each!! 

We're also really looking forward to the Family Home Evening that we'll be having with the Pimentel family! We've been working with them to reactivate all the members of the family. We'll be focusing on Christ, introducing He is the Gift to the rest of the family as well as giving them a really cool countdown to Christmas that they can do every year!! Love that family!! 

I really love the amazing blessings of the Gospel. I am really grateful for the priceless blessing I have to come to learn and apply it more in my life. And how much joy that I have found through that. It really is amazing to think just how much that joy has grown as I've shared it with everyone. It really is so had to describe...and only really can be understood by those who have served a mission, and or have had those opportunities to share as well. The coolest part of the Gospel is the fact that personal progression comes as we share it with everyone. And it brings such an amazing spirit and joy! 

I'm excited for all the amazing things that are and will be happening in the mission field!! And the amazing things that are happening out of it as well. I know that I'll return to continue the journey I've started here. Let us all!!

I love you all and pray for each of you! Have an amazing week and count down the days to Christmas, discovering the ways that we may as well, come closer to Him.



Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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