Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 8th

Hola a todos mis amados hermanos y amigos!!

How has things gone this week?! I've been really excited hearing from you all! Lots of really cool and fun things have been happening both as I can tell where all of you are, but as well here in the mission field!

I keep on saying this, but this week has just FLOWN past! Can you even start thinking on how fast things are moving?! To think that the transfer is almost to a close...again.... But the amazing thing about it all is that it's been filled with really amazing and uplifting spiritual experiences!

In many ways, this week has been a week of change. There's been so many amazing opportunities that we've been given to hear the word of the Lord come through His chosen servants. We've been receiving a lot of counsel and this week especially, has been the part of putting them to the test and making them a part of the growing missionary culture.  
The first few thoughts of change is just how hard it can look like. Many things are moving from the ways I've been trained to do, and what we are striving to do, teaching in the Lord's way. 
It's been really cool to be studying things out, both in the guidance received, and the examples that we can see in the scriptures. Missionary work is changing really fast, keeping up with the hastening of the work! I still love to think of what the 12 said on it all, more or less where "He's moving so fast, we're just trying to keep up!" What an amazing time indeed to be a Washington Kennewick Missionary! What a great time to BE a missionary AND and member! 

This week has been a really cool experience for the Fuente family. They have come SO far and are so close to really taking in the Gospel of Christ. We've worked with them to take the steps of the Gospel individually (more due to how hard it's been to get everyone together at the same time), and now the focus has been in bringing the family all together. It's really been amazing to see all of it grow in their lives. One of the nights we got on the topic of Alma 32, and drew a really cool picture for acting in faith WITH the family! 

So we know that it's a chapter that talks perfectly on faith. I really love what it shares, especially the beautiful picture of planting the seed, nurturing and acting in faith, and watching it grow to the maturity of a tree to bring forth fruit. 
Each of us have that opportunity to enter into a field and plant that seed, and it's a path that all of us must take to start the path as Disciples of Christ. Many times, and every time that I've thought of this parable, it's been me and the seed, or me and the tree. My focus is solely there. But (and especially where we helped this wonderful family see) is that this is a very large field. And they have a very large family. And that word "family" comes in every form from direct, to the Branch, etc.
But when we take our view and broaden it a little, we will see many others doing the exact thing that we are, Planting that seed, or Pruning that tree, or Picking it's fruit. We are working side by side (which comes especially in the form of us going to church, life at home, those moments where we are all together united in that purpose), and we are striving and learning how it is that we may best plant the seed and help it grow to its potential. 
Always remember that there are people around you that are either going through the same step as you, or has gone through it before. Broadening our gaze will allow us to learn, share, and teach how it is that we may grow this tree of faith, to the "perfect day," where we, like Lehi, may partake of its fruit, feel of its joy, and share it with our families. 

We are very excited to help them see the amazing potential as a family. The Gospel of Christ isn't just us wanting to baptize everyone into our religion, but to see through the eyes of God, to see the eternal perspective. I am overjoyed to think that the Fuente family can be preparing themselves for baptism, so that they may be prepared to enter into the Temple and be sealed as a family for all of eternity. And to enjoy all the blessings that our loving Father in Heaven has in store for us. 

I have a testimony of this work, it is His work. I am so grateful for the amazing blessing I have to know that each day is another where I can learn of the Gospel and share it will all those around me. May we do the same, especially with the rapidly approaching Christmas season! 

The mass email isn't the longest this week, but I felt really impressed to share this with you all! I love you and pray for each of you! May God bless you and carry you through whatever you may go through! 
May this week be filled with miracles! 

Con amor,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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