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August 18th

Good morning everyone!!!
I'm trying to get this out as soon as possible...,hence the earliness, but now you can enjoy it even sooner!!! We've got a member from Royal City picking us up in a few minutes to take us on another tour of the Alread dairy!! It makes for a little crazy of a P-day, but with all the other missionaries there, it should be a lot of fun!! 

This week has been really good! We've been able to work hard and see some many amazing miracles with many amazing people!! 

But kind of a start to the week. On Tuesday, we left for Othello to take part in the Zone Conference. (this is the big one that switches every other transfer between this and trips to the Temple). Two zones were there, than all the leaders of the mission, so I got to see my trainer as well as President. The messages were really amazing!! Everything was really centered around members and missionaries joining together, just as Jacob 5 describes. It was super cool! 
Another fun thing from the conference...completely by happenstance, we had all the members of our original district from Kennewick!! So we took some pictures by the end of it...all of it was a lot of fun!!!
Although, Elder Abbott gave his last testimony in ZC...this one being his last one, so he'll be heading home in about 7 weeks....time really does go by fast! 

Saturday was another one of those extra fun and exciting days for us! Yearly in Mattawa, they host the Mattawa Community Days for the valley to take part in...a really cool and big deal for a small town like this. The start with a parade...that's basically made up of all the inhabitants of Mattawa, so there's not too many people watching! Then after the parade, there is a big set up of booths of all sorts!
We had a booth of our own. The setup was really cool! We had a large backdrop of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, so it made for a really cool experience to talk to people. 

I also had the first thing that I really regret on my mission. So one of the biggest things for the community days is the belly-bursting burrito-eating contest. I was signed up (without knowing) until about 20 until it started. (I backed out because some members brought us food every other minute). But basically it's a 10 lbs burrito with everything on it. You have to eat it in 20 minutes, and beat three other people. 
The winner actually ate this thing in 6 minutes!! The skinniest guy there too!! But I'm kinda grateful I didnt, because they said it wasnt the best tasting burrito...and most of them were Hispanics, so they know what bad and good is when it does come to burritos. 
haha!! Fun stuff though!!! We also ran into a Brazilian family as well, who already have a Book of Mormon in Portuegese, so that would be a really cool thing to get with them and for Ribeiro to have some fun!! 

One of the largest miracles happened with Vicente Lopez. It's been really really hard to get a hold of him, and many things have been happening that had made for a hard situation he was in. But one of the nights, we had made our calls, and we had the impression to randomly call him (his phone has never worked for us). He answered and was very grateful that we called him. He wanted us to visit and talk with him the next day. So we went with Jorge and talked for a few minutes in front of the house, but with some of the people living there as well, he asked us to come back the next day to take him to the seminary and talk some more. We left him a scripture, 2 Nephi 31, really to get him back reading in the Book of Mormon. 
The second we knocked the next day, he opened and greeted up with a huge smile. At the seminary building, we asked him what he thought and felt while he was doing his scripture studies that night. 

He really opened up and got talking, focusing on his desire to get baptized. He was bringing up concerns he had, and focuses that we as missionaries were thinking of talking to him about...and it did it on his own, just through his reading and studies! He said that he wants to work again on the goal to be baptized, and he is looking at September as his goal. 
I have seen so many amazing things, and helping Vicente has been one of the greatest! It is so hard to really get my feelings out and the joy I have felt as I have worked with him and helped him along his path through the Gospel. Really amazing!!! 

I love this work! I love being a missionary! Such an amazing and priceless blessing!!!! 
I love you all and hope for the best for all of you! Work hard and love every second!!!! 

Also...transfer calls are this Saturday...have NO idea what to expect, but I'll get back to you on that!! haha!!!

Wishing you all the best!!
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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