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Oct 6th LDS conference

Hola todos!

I have to start things off saying just how much I love how conference puts "#" on the bottom of the screen off and on during conference! ...more funny when you know the back stories and inside jokes behind my district and "#"....

On another note to add to that, this week has been really awesome!! And you just cant be super happy after having the blessing to watch General Conference! I have really really grown a new and amazing perspective, respect, and excitement when conference comes closer. But I might have to cover a little of the start of the week before I get too far into conference.

The work here in Yakima has been going really well. There has been a lot of small things that have popped up that make the work a little harder, but it's been going really well. I have really been impressed this week on how the members of the branch have really started extending further in their involvement in the missionary work of sharing what they believe and help us in the Lord's vineyard. I have found that it has been much harder to involve the Spanish speaking members here than working and taking out our English members from Mattawa. BUT they have gotten so excited after we did a large church tour, inviting everyone who wants to come. It first started with just our Branch Mission Leader and another family from the branch, but everyone's getting involved and has been planning themselves for another just two weeks later, this upcoming Friday. It's been really cool to see everything come together like that, to see that they have really felt the Spirit of sharing the Gospel. It really hits home when I think of Elder Anderson's last talk in the final session of General Conference, the "why" of us sharing the Gospel. Our amazing brothers and sisters have SO much to share, so many miracles in their lives that have brought them to this point in their life, where God guided them to discover this amazing gospel. And to find the joy and excitement to share it with the world is really beyond words of description. 
The new way of weekly planning has also really helped us find ways to invite and bring members with us more throughout the week to almost every lesson we have. It really is such an amazing thing to see, but I can just imagine how much of a blessing it is to be the member. If you have a chance to go out visiting with the missionaries, GO!!  

So I really cant hold in about  conference. What an amazing experience!! ...weird to think that I was in Mexico for the last one in October.... I know for a surety that we can know the will of our Father as we listen and heed the advise and teachings of the prophets and apostles of our day. That is an amazing and essential thing to have, especially in our day. They are the perfect example of how happy and optimistic we can be as we face the challenges of daily life personally, and as a world. 
Continually look back to conference for the next 6-months. Technology has made it possible that we can receive it instantaneously, so if you havent been able to take the time to see it when it was broadcast, there really is no excuse to see it now. For me especially, I went to the Sunday morning session in Spanish, so I know that I'll be waiting for the Ensign to come out so I can more thoroughly study to specifically what President Monson shared with the world. 
Carefully and faithfully listen, ponder, and apply each of the counsels that they have given to us. I know that they have been called and are led by God, and that they CANNOT lead us astray. We are in a position and time in the world where we really cant avoid or neglect their counsel. And I know that as we apply them personally in our lives and in our families, our lives will be blessed, no matter what may have or will come our way. 

If conference wasnt crazy enough, transfers decided to stick themselves right in the middle of everything. This was the last week of the transfer...crazy fast, I know! But during the blocks between sessions, we got all the leadership calls and results of this upcoming transfer starting today...although the companion switches dont happen until this Wednsday. 
The whole day was really good, and I was surrounded by Elders and Sisters left and right receiving calls from President for callings of leadership. But I didnt get anything.....................................................................................until around 9:00 that night..............................................................................when he was starting to call Elders and Sisters who were called to train. So the moment you all have been waiting for. I have been called to train a Spanish missionary coming this Wednsday from the Mexico CCM. As well, I will be serving as District Leader, in a district of Elders and Sisters that have 4 months or less on their mission. GREENIE FIRE!! ...hard to think that I'm going to be the oldest missionary here for a little while....
[mustering manly voice] "squeak" 
*cough cough* "You can count on me President!"
I have to admit that it really caught me off, it just feels like I'm still learning so much and not too ready to start helping others in the form of training, not the easiest calling. But I KNOW that with the Lord's help, anything and everything is possible. And I am SUPER EXCITED to see what this upcoming transfer brings!! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING, GREAT!!

Now to take it to a little more fun part of the week. So, during one of our "week-long" planning sessions this friday, we finally decided that we had to do something with all the peppers, chilies, jalapenos, etc. that Sergio gave us a few weeks ago. So we got down and made ourselves a super gringo authentic salsa!! ...funny to say that we didnt really have any of the "add-on" ingredients except for the peppers, chilies, and jalapenos. So, like the funny gringos that we are, just just added all of those and tomatillos. By the end, we had created what looked like what Gerber baby foods would probably make for the flavor of Jalapeno. You could smell that thing outside (no joke) even after a few days cooling off!! And what would you know, it tastes SUPER good!! Just like Abuelita would have made it!!'s the small things in life (the mission) that just add a little bit more happiness and fun into the mix!! 

Apart from those things as stated, things are really keeping on keeping on! I am very grateful for the priceless blessing it is to be here. And each day is a really amazing blessing! I love you all and wish the best for each of you! Keep going strong and enjoy every second you have! 

Elder Glen Wright
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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