Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sept 29th Week long training

How has everyone's week been? Things have really been moving forward here in the wonderful WKM! 

The first day of the week really hit it off!! We started things off with exchanges with the other Elders. It's really cool to see that the work is really moving forward no matter where you are. The hand of the Lord is really reaching out to many of our beloved brothers and sisters, no matter the difficulties that they may face. 
The day was really good, but the night made it all amazing!! The other Elders that live in that apartment are Zone Leaders, so they were actually on exchanges with the AP's! I walked into the apartment and found my trainer there, Elder Abbott!!! It got better when Elder Palmer came into the room a little later, and both of Abbott's trainees, the father and the two sons, were in the same room together!! So we got some pictures and talked for a little...sad thing is that was one of the last time we would see him together, he'll be heading back home next week, exactly 7 days from today. Now THAT'S a weird feeling!!  

Through the week, we were visited with a good amount of rain. It made things really fun as we were still out and about!! That's not even going to get us out of our short-sleeve shirts!! Made for some really fun tracting experiences!! 

Think that I hit my year-mark somewhere in the week. I'm going to leave it at that. jaja!

Friday brought so much!! it was packed full of just about everything that you could think of in a meeting with the President. So the official name of the meeting was a Specialized Training, but it was a little off from the norm of all of that. 
So it all started with one of the coolest movie premieres that I have seen in ever (I think my first to be exact...XD).... But the movie that we got to preview is the upcoming "Meet the Mormons" to arrive in theaters this upcoming Octover 10th. Two options and invites I'd love to give you with this movie. One, if you have time GO!!! Two, if you dont have time GO and make the time to go!! It was such a good movie!! We were all just on a Spiritual high for the rest of the day!! SOOO GOOD!!!! So seriously, if you're even just humoring the idea on going, it is really good and worth the time!! 

So to add to the coolness of that day, we received some new trainings on how we do our weekly planning sessions. These planning sessions happen on Friday, and they help us apply the goals that we have previously set and how we are going to achieve them throughout the week. The discussions of these sessions focus on the needs of people and how to help them progress. They usually only are to take about three hours at the most. But now starting this last Friday, they will be filling the whole day until 5:00, a 6+ planning session. 
 I have seen so much come from applying this within the work, and it is absolutely amazing the blessings that come from better planning!! It is 10000000% inspired!!!!!
The fun part to it as well is the expected time it takes to get used to everything, most of the time adding the "+" to the 6 hours.... From "weekly" planning to "week-long" planning! jaja!! But with time, we'll be able to get a little faster! It's been really cool to learn and apply it into the work though!!

We got to end the week with one of the coolest lessons, it was with the wonderful Familia Ceja. They've taken a lot of interest with the Plan of Salvation, so we've really been helping them with that. But we came in and Hermano really didnt know how to bring up a question. I really felt that the Lord was working through us to help us understand his situation better. And through some inspired questions, we were able to know that there was something missing. We spent the rest of the evening talking about  the importance of reading and studying the scriptures daily as a family. Something that can slowly move into a Family Home Evening type of setting. That and family prayers really bring amazing blessings that the whole family will understand and see growing. When we shared these things with them, we left them with another commitment. And they were scrambling for paper so that they could make sure they didnt forget any of it, it really was amazing to see the renewal of energy and excitement that they have to apply these things within their family!! I'm very excited to be visiting with them later tonight!! 

Some other weekly fun facts:
-Had a great green enchilada with an awesome family one night! As well say in slow motion their glass pan explode on the top burners that were accidentally left on. 
-Ran into a Geologist that found God through studying rocks. She let us in and showed us all the amazing beauty in each one, all unique and amazing, especially the ones where you're able to hold them to the light and see everything in them! 
-Had an amazing dinner with Sergio, a really cool guy, also the one who had surgery on his knee. His family gatherings are HUGE!! Super friendly family!! Habenero salsa is the bomb! And when you have a chance to try home made qesadillas from scratch, do it!! 
-Finished weekly planning Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!! (Three days later)
-In the coolest mission on earth!!

That was basically where the week took me! Crazy to be thinking that this week is the last of the transfer!! Them we'll be doing them all over again! FAST!!!

Thank you everyone for everything that you do!!! I love you all and hope for the best!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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