Wednesday, December 10, 2014

July 21st

Hello everyone over there in Utah!! And wherever else you may be!!!
Transfer week!! And it's been pretty awesome!!!

It's always been a different world when transfers happen, but being in the middle of nowhere just adds to everything. When neither move, it's a normal day, but you see everyone else move and leave, but for us, we just had the most normal day...pretty weird. BUT the Sistrict sounds really cool, so I'm super excited for the transfer! 

So I guess I can go through the week in chronological order. 

So my bag went though a pretty rough week.... It all started with a HUGE 6 month-old black lab owned by the family we ate the family! ...not too much the dog now. Let's just leave it at he got super excited to see me, and now all the dogs owned by our investigator are spending all their time sniffing it out. 

We had a pretty amazing Noche De Hogar (family home evening) with the Ruiz family, and our investigating family, Cruz. We really hit it home with a fantastic lesson and activity on the Title of Liberty; which, by the way, is a fantastic story!! 
But we all made our own titles of liberty, all of which were really cool! 

But for the ending family game, we played a game of Hot Potato (papa caliente). In this version, you repeat the tongue twister of Papa se quema(potato is burning), quema se papa, repeated until you say papa se quemo(potato was burning), and that's when they have to stop. 
BUT for me, what I heard...and did on my turn was: Papa con crema, crema con papa, and to stop: papa con queso!! 
I dont really know something better to help you realize how little of a language one knows...XD Super funny, but really was hard! 

I always have a good side to the story!! That night was my first time that (as I remember), I DREAMT IN SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!! It was by far one of the coolest things to have happen, as well, it was Heaven-sent to really help me keep going on Spanish. Such a hard language for me, but it really is something amazing!! I highly recommend all to learn!! 
Dont really have a way? I DO!! El Libro de Mormon, otro testamento de Jesucristo. I will tell ya, it's one of the best ways to get up on a language. I have also really started listening to it as well, and it has really amazed me how much it really is helping! I LOVE SPANISH!!!

To add to the fun, this past week has really turned up the heat! It's actually brought about a few really large fires, some of which I will post in pictures! Crazy!! We are hearing something of 100 or so houses already hit, and the wind really isnt helping. We had a large one off the top of Wanapum dam, which wasnt able to be fought due to the hills and wind. But these past days have looked a lot better, so we are hoping that will mark the end to them! Something as well to keep in prayers!!

But the work is going really well! I have really had a lot of fun working the the Relief Society as the President. It's going to be a bit of a roller coaster, but I am super excited for it!! ...have no idea what or how I'm going to do the District meetings, but I know Someone who does. 

We are still keeping busy with many of our fantastic friends! These people are just amazing! There have been struggles and hard times, as well as triumphs and miracles. And I have a testimony that this is truly the Lord's work. When an amazing blessing to be a part of it!! 
This upcoming week will mark my 10 has just gone by SOOO fast!! 

I love the work, I love the people, I love Spanish, I love my mission!! Things cant really be better, right?! 
Thank you all for the amazing support and love that I feel strongly here as I serve! Please keep praying for our investigators, there are so many of our wonderful brothers and sisters who have truly taken in the Gospel and felt its power and truth! 

I love you all and hope the best for each of you!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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