Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weekly update September 17th

Familia!!!! Como estan?!?!

First off, SUPER sorry for the fact that I've hidden for the last few days. ...well, I'm not too sorry about it, I was able to start off this morning with going to the Temple. 
I have to say that this week has been amazing, but pretty hard physically. Something through allergies or some sort of cold has been going around and hitting a bunch of people, and it decided to hit me as well. BUT this morning felt so much different! I didnt think that I would be going through the whole thing without coughing and such. I was amazing to find that I feel pretty fantastic in comparison to where I have been!! Another reason why I am SUPER grateful that we are able to go to the Temple!!
What an amazing experience! I always love going!! 

So one of the highlights in the start of the week had to have been exchanges!! Not just ANY exchanges, but with the other trainee of Elder Abbott. Simply meaning that we act pretty similar, and we get along way too well! It was so much fun!! He's only two months older than me (mission age), so it was super cool to see all the things that we've accomplished and know through the time so far. 

We've had a really good time working with many of the amazing people here in Yakima. I have really come to enjoy the work here, and the time that I get to get to know so many different walks of people. 
We have so many families and friends here that have SO much potential. We are helping them discover that potential and the joy through all the blessings that come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Two families, the Ceja family and the Fuentes family have been able to start coming to church, so we're always excited to go and see them!! 

I havent updated on my Spanish in a long time. We actually had a really fun/funny update on how we were doing by someone that we started talking to while we were on exchanges. Just before we started walking on, we turned back to us and said," Congratulations, you have really good Spanish!" When we thought on it, it was super funny to hear it that way. Usually it's something like "good job" etc. But a congratulations has to be a first and fun way to hear it. 
I still have a really hard time on overall talking, but I think that it's getting better. I'm happy to think that I can almost understand everything...which is mind blowing to think about! I would NEVER have thought that I would be able to speak, let alone understand what anyone would be talking about in Spanish!! WOO! "It's the best! I love it!"

Everything else is going really well. The hardest part of doing these weekly reports is putting everything amazing down. Reality: It probably contains only 1/10th of all the happening through the week. 
It's hard work, but worth every second!! 

I love you all and hope the best for each of you!!  

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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