Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sept 22nd--p day already?

HELLO!!! How is everyone doing?!!
This week has just flown by. And to add to it all, having p-day last wednsday didnt really help any of it at all, it just made the week fly by faster!!
Things are really just keeping on keeping on here in the WKM. We've been blessed with many opportunities to serve and see the wonderful blessings of serving in the Lord's vineyard.

We had our "last" weekly planning session this last Friday. I say it in that way because we'll be receiving some trainings this upcoming saturday on how they will be changed and will be more efficient. We'll also be receiving some special trainings on many other things, so I'm super excited to see everything be applied into the WKM. I'll keep you updated this upcoming P-Day.

Yesterday was a really cool day, although it kinda started on a little more rocky side. We have had really amazing Sunday services, and many of our investigators have been able to come and really feel and be edified by the Spirit. This week though, none of our investigators came...and to add to that, no investigators of each of the three other companionships of missionaries came. And the topic that was carried in Sacrament was centered around the Restoration, then the other two classes focused on Eternal Families. ...WHAA!!! Those both were the focuses and questions that our investigators have had for the past few times that we have been able to visit.
BUT, after church, we were able to visit almost all of them, plus, we were able to get into contact with many more that both had fallen off and had just started up.
We first were able to get back into contact with a man named Sergio, who has been pretty active, despite the torn ACL and the other bad knee. But he got his surgery just a few days ago, so he'll be staying in one spot for the next little while. He's been super happy to be talking to us again, he remembers a lot, and has so much excitement to be learning so much more. SUPER COOL!!!
We then had a really good lesson with the Ceja family. They have been talking together a lot of everything Gospel related. But due to being called in, they weren't able to come to church. Hermano had some really good questions on the Plan of Salvation that led into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically why exactly do we need to be baptized and live and learn about what Christ wants us to do in our lives.
It was super cool to see that when we came, EVERYONE came together to hear. And their older daughter had some really good questions on the Book of Mormon, where here mother started answering them! We're very excited to continue working with them!!
We were able to be used as instruments one more time in that night when we felt that we needed to go and visit a referral that we had gotten from another set of Elders in the Area. Selina was very welcoming and wanted to talk. She and her family had been going through a lot of things in the past little while. But we were able to talk to her for a good amount of time, asking and sharing what we can do as representatives of Christ for her and her family.
We shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help explain the why and how we have the specific blessings of the Gospel and of God for us today. She really is a Spiritual giant, an amazing example of faith that we all should strive to work towards. And it is an amazing and humbling blessing to be able to be placed in her path to help share this message, they really have been prepared.

Again, thank you everyone for everything that you do for me! I love you all and pray for you!! I hope that this week will be full of awesome and exciting stuff!! Work hard and love every moment!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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