Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spanish of a week

Hello everyone!! This week has really flown by! Cant believe that I'm writing for the next time.
The week has really been moving forward! 

The cool thing is that we've been able to get with many people during the week. A lot of work is slowing down a tad...although it's slowing to allow workers a second to relax in order to survive the apples starting up the 15th of this month! I'll tell ya...the picture of the apples I sent a few weeks ago really dosent say much to the amount of apples that we'll be getting this harvest. Many workers at the moment are working hard to "board" and support the trees that have started to droop with the amount of apples they are carrying. It's going to be really cool and crazy. We've been thinking during the harvesting, maybe we can follow one of our investigators and help them out for a little! But we'll see!! 

So last monday was just an amazing way to start off the week. Thank you everyone who really made the day amazing!! I loved every message and letter! 
As well, that evening, we were able to go and enjoy a little bit of the evening with the Ruiz family. Super fun to do a birthday in a different culture!! They cooked us a really amazing chile relleno, and got a amazing cake!! Had fun, pushed a face into the cake, and enjoyed some great company!  Love that family!!!! 
So enough to say that the evening was really amazing!! 

That next day, we woke up early in the morning, got equipment together, and headed for Wanachee and Pateros, where the fires have been hitting. It's really hard to describe what I saw and did throughout the day, but many of the situations these people were put through were really hard. But it was amazing to see and be a part of the Helping Hands to turn their lives back in order. We worked all day in the heat, and got back with enough time to wash up and get to bed. 

Service is such an amazing thing!! That was the main theme and focus we noticed yesterday during our Sunday meetings. We have such a fantastic opportunity and a duty to find those in need and help. On the outside looking in as well as the inside looking out, it's really hard to describe. What an amazing thing!!! 

One of the fun activities that a DL gets to do is go on even more exchanges, this time with the Zone Leaders! I was left in Mattawa, and received Elder Duanna-hammond, a super cool missionary from Gana. 
I really love exchanges! Everyone says that the most amazing miracles are able to happen during them. I have had some amazing exchanges and miracles with exchanges, but this one really was amazing. 
The area of Mattawa has gone through ups and downs, and at times if your not really careful, so can the attitude of the missionary towards the area he's in. The season's been hard, but this exchange really had a large impact of the perspective. The day was full to the brim with amazing lessons and moments we were given to meet people who were prepared to hear a message. There is so much potential in both an area, and each missionary in the area. 
Furthermore, really putting your trust and faith in each action and motion to know that this isnt your own work really transforms the work you're able to do. 

Then, on an ending to the week, we were able to go down and help out at the Food Bank. Usually we are put into the back, where we're hauling large boxes or something manly like that! I might have said something so someone in Spanish, but they took notice, then put us in the front checking everyone in. It was really fun to really be put of the spot in speaking Spanish. It was a little frustrating with the computers not working...and asking people to refill some applications, but it was a blast!! Both of us by the end were just tired!! Now that's a better workout that lifting anything in the back!!! 

Spanish I feel is still coming along. I still love it just as much, and am trying to work just as hard to get it in my head! It's so much fun to learn a new language/culture! I love the people here! 

That pretty well encloses my week so far. Things are still moving forward...although still at a really accelerated speed. Havent been able to fix that of yet.... 

Thank you all for the amazing support and love I feel from you! Work hard and enjoy every moment!!! Love you all!!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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