Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transfers again

Hola everyone!! It's such a great day to be emailing!! (especially grateful to be emailing in a warm building!!). ...actually, today was one of the warmer days of the whole week. It felt pretty good walking around without a jacket...really because we spent a good amount of the morning deep cleaning out the stuff right there. Feels super good to be cleaning...and even better to feel good stepping outside!!

Things this week have really just flown by! It's been filled...more with random stuff than anything. It kept us moving and running around though! 

So I'm sure the first things you're all on the edge of your seats about is transfers. Caught me completely off guard with how fast it came. But sure enough...the call did come this last Saturday night. Funny thing with it. This is the first transfer where the whole district will be staying. No one is leaving! ...which might mean that almost everyone will be leaving the upcoming transfer...but I'll hold off on that until another 6 weeks. 
I'm really glad to be staying here in Yakima. Amazing miracles will be happening this upcoming transfer. I cant go wrong with a member of the 70 touring your mission, and doing a special conference for all Spanish Speakers, as well as a Stake Conference!! Good way to start off next week! 

This week has really brought about many amazing miracles! We've started reevaluating many of the things that we do, and have discovered many ways that we could be doing things better. And it's been the smallest of things that have brought about the coolest of miracles. To say the least, we've been able to find so many more people who appear to have a sincere desire to learn the Gospel! It really is amazing to see where the mission is going as we've focused on building a culture of deep faith and high expectations. How great is our calling!!??

I have to talk a little about one of my new favorite Hispanics over here!! One of the coolest miracles over the past few weeks has been our run-in with Nacho's father, Aluderio. He is here to visit...for the next two weeks of so...hopefully longer.... But we've been able to talk about so much with the short time that we've met with him, and he's shown so much desire and faith to learn more! ...Really has been one of the coolest things to see this week! 

Not just that, but he has to be one of the happiest, funniest people I have come across.  
In our look for more ways to serve, we started raking his yard while he was dropping Jose and Nacho at work (also because we got warnings of snow fall for that night). And just as we got a large pile going, he pulled up, when inside to get gloves, and came out to join the fun. We had a really good discussion and introduced the Book of Mormon as we were warming up a little in his house. 

On a really fun note, we got to enjoy Olive garden three meals in a row!!! Merica! 
We had a pretty normal day ahead of us with our daily planning. One of the missionaries who's going actually, called us and asked if we would do lunch with him there...little did he know that we would be doing dinner with our Branch Mission Leader there as well later that night. CANT RESIST!!
Just as good the second time with our BML!
THEN!! Just when we thought it was that good, we had it for lunch (homemade version of one of the soups) from one of the members that we did yard work for earlier that morning!! 

This week also fell of the last District Meeting of the transfer, which has had to have been one of my most memorable district meetings so far in my mission. The subject of the meeting was "The Power of the Spirit in Conversion." And instead of teaching anything myself...(dont like doing it anyway), I let everyone teach each-other. With the mix between personal experiences and scriptures, I really felt that the Spirit was the one teaching each missionary the amazing power it has in conversion. I love how the Spirit comes in different forms to different people. For one, it might come in the form of a "burning in their bosom." and for another it may bee feelings of peace and comfort. But we truly can be inspired and guided by its heavenly touch. 
I really do love (and I've shared this before) how each of us can take on the test of Moroni 10, no matter how many time we may have done it in the past. Whether it be our first time, or whether it be our 100th time, the Spirit will testify as we ask in faith. "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."-Moroni 10:5 wonder that's one of the first things that we teach, one of the first things that we do in our discussions as missionaries, say a prayer. Really is an amazing blessing to have and put to the test!

This has been a fun email to write out. It's been a great week! And I really look forward to the amazing transfer ahead! BRING IT ON COLD WEATHER!! GOT MY SCARF! 
May you all stay warm and enjoy the weather in safety!! I love you all and pray for you! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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