Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oct 27th Emailing in the city

Hello everyone!! How is everything going where you are?!

My week can easily described to be very busy and really fun!! 

The time really has started flying again. I'm starting to think that's due to the fact that Elder Walimaa is really starting to catch fire!! It's been really fun to be serving around him and helping him get things started!! 
highlights throughout the week.....:
The week really started things off with a bang!! We threw away the usual basketballs and dusted off the old soccer balls!! We went out into the rain and played until p-day was all over. I've really enjoyed the weather that's been happening for the past little bit...a little more when we're out playing soccer...not too much while we're in suits and tracting out in it. Always super fun!!

We had one of the coolest lessons with a new investigator named Ester. We ran into her while we were trying by Emerita after things happening with her family. As Ester answered the door, we asked her to give a pamphlet talking on the plan of salvation to her friend Emerita. She didnt...and ran to the door the next time we knocked and told us how much the information was to her. She wanted to know all she could about it. So we set another time that we could pass by...which was this day.
We got talking on the Plan of Salvation, reading in the pamphlet with her. It really was an amazing experience! I have never met someone that prepared for the gospel yet, until now!  

We had a really good district meeting. I've barely started really getting used to giving the meetings...weird how it takes that long. I really love the district that I'm in, all of them are really good missionaries and work really hard!! The focus of the meeting was "A successful missionary," which we got so much out of!! 

The day was already off the a really fun start, with some of the tracting stories that we had, but it got a little weirder when one of the English companionships gave us a little call...with a fun referral.
"So, we just met one of the coolest people in the world as a referral for you!! They even gave us Sopas!! ....the only problem that we have with them is that they gave us metal forks to take with us. So we have to find a way to get the fork to you so you can return them to them.............[after a minute of silence] it. So we just put the fork somewhere in the city cemetery...look for the largest obelisk, and it's placed in the ground right in front of it!!"
WHA?!?!?! ...ok, I'll get back to you on the rest of that story!! 

Also had an amazing and edifying lesson with the Fuentes family. We're really helping them start to really apply reading daily, and we've already been able to see the many miracles that have come through it!! 

We had another really amazing lesson with Emerita and Ester!! Neither worked that day, and Ester sat reading the pamphlet of the plan of salvation for the whole day, up until we came to read and discuss it with her. Made us super excited...but might have drove Emerita a little crazy! jaja!!

Friday was a roller coaster of a day. We got a call from Jose and Claudina saying that our discussions had to be put on hold for a little while, for a number of reasons. She said though that she had a strong testimony that these things were true and that it's something that she'll be continuing especially for the time that we wont be able to visit with us. She shared with us her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it really was something really amazing! I really have come to love that family! And I know that they have been prepared and that they'll be able to overcome the difficulties they're now facing to be able to bring and apply the Gospel more fully into their family! 

So, now I have to finish the story of the fork....
We had an appointment with Emerita and Ester set for 6, but she called last minute changing it for 7...we also had our Branch Mission Leader. What better time than to take him to help us look for a fork in a cemetery?! A long and really funny story short...we got the fork and returned it to it's owners, as well, setting a really cool return appointment! 

We had a really cool lesson with Emerita and Ester, finishing the Plan of Salvation. 
They also told us that their boss called all of them, canceling work for tomorrow!! Meaning that they would be able to come to church!! (They work in the fields, so it's long hours EVERY day so they can get all the fruit before the frost comes in). It really was a miracle!! 

Both Emerita and Ester were able to make it to church!! They came to us after everything with big smiles on their faces, telling us they are excited to see us for our next appointment. We're really excited for both of them! 

This week really was full of amazing miracles! These are just some of them that I could think with the clock ticking on the public computer I'm using here. ...kinda weird not to be emailing in one of the family history libraries.... The Yakima community library is a really fun place to get all the flavors of Yakima in one spot. 

Love you all and hope the best for the upcoming week!! Keep working hard and loving everything that you do!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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