Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oct 28th Trainer in disguise

Familia!! Como estan!!

I cant really determine how fast this week has gone by. It's flown...but not.... I've determined that is due to the fact of helping a new missionary start on his journey. 
But things this week have been really amazing!! There has been a little bit of a slow down of things, but I cant number how many miracles have been happening over the few days this week has been! 

Kind of to start things off. The transfer ended really well. I really connected when Elder Tanner was heading off. It was really hard to be leaving my first area...and come to think of that, it feels just like yesterday...goodness how fast time flies!! 
But as I watched Elder Tanner off for Pasco, Elder Walimaa was driving up in the large van full of greenies. Lots of "greenie fire" to fit in a small van...I think we said welcome to about 20 or so new missionaries. Thats a lot!! 

Elder Walimaa has been a blast!! ...I was hoping to get a pretrained senior comp, but I have found SO much growth and progression in the past few days!! I've really had time to think of all the really amazing things that my trainers and senior comps did that helped me out, and I've been trying hard to apply them. Talk about an amazing way to really get lost in the work!! With training and working as a District Leader...time isnt something I have found friends with yet. It might just not like me, cause no matter what I do, it just runs as fast as it can!! I have had so much fun in the last few days though!!! (and NO!! No greenie pranks done!! ...intentionally....jaja). Today we've got his first exchanges, and he's thinking this one's my bit "greenie prank" for him. It's been so much fun!!

One of the coolest miracles through the week came in the form of a media referral from Salt Lake City (Media referrals are just people who go to or call the number on our cards to be able to send missionaries to their houses). Jose and Claudina are an amazing couple that asked their brother (who's a member) to send missionaries to their house. They've had so much interest in really searching these things out and finding ways to apply them in their lives. We've only had two opportunities to sit with both and talk. But we really have felt that they have been prepared to receive the restored Gospel. 
We also had the feeling on friday to pass by with a member, but without an appointment (Jose works in the apple packing, so we have to make sure ahead of time if we could come by). Claudina was there and had a couple things on her mind. The family had hit a lot of rough spots with getting involved with many church organizations that they found to run not for the benefit of them, but for those running it. We were able to talk a little more about the restoration of the Gospel, and the role that it plays in every part of life, and specifically in their situation. There was a lot to that lesson that we had that was really amazing and special. We ended by inviting them to a baptism that was happening the next day for another Brother that had been taught by another set of Elders. And after the service, to let us walk around to building a little and talk a bit on what we do there and what to sunday services are like. A very amazing lesson! 
I know without a doubt that there are so many people that have been and are being prepared by the Hand of the Lord to hear, accept, and apply the Gospel into their lives. All we have to do is be willing and open to be instruments in the Lord's hands as we reach out and share this wonderful message of the restored gospel with all those we love! 
Why do we share the Gospel? David A Bednar answers that rather well in his Sunday Evening conference talk just this last week or so. ...on that note...keep up on your studies of General Conference. The Lord desires that we spend a little more than two days listening to those!! Make it even 6 months worth!! 

Let's see...que mas que mas que mas.....
-Had an amazing day at the Trainer Trainee meeting with President ware!
-Missed our normal day to weekly plan because of Trainer Trainee meeting
-Spent the rest of the week weekly planning for our afternoon
-AMAZING Zone training meeting!! Raising and establishing our mission culture of change and progression
-heading up an open house for our branch this upcoming 24th
-Made pretty boss ster-fry on Wednsday...boss for a missionary I guess....
-did all that...and didnt get one lousy picture.........sorry mom! 

Have to share!! 
How grateful are you to be able to celebrate this amazing day!! I cant even hold my excitement!! HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!
I really enjoy today even more, because I was reading in Nephi 13. The chapter in the Book of Mormon where Nephi actually was prophesying of the journey of Christopher Columbus and his colonizing of America, and what it did for the inhabitants that were already living there. 
I would highly encourage anyone and everyone to read even that little section of the Book of Mormon today...or even everything up to there today, and then keep reading!! 

BTW, for anyone who would love to join in. Our mission is doing an 80 day read of the Book of Mormon. It started Tuesday, and it will end on Christmas day. What better things can you do to start off your Christmas day? I'm really excited to be able to go through and read it again! I have such a strong testimony that it is the word of God, revealed just as the Bible, to prophets, but here in the ancient inhabitants of the American continent. " It is the most correct of any book of earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book."

Thank you so much for everything that you do! I love you all and hope the best for each!! Work hard this week and love every bit of what you do!! 

Teqiero mucho!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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