Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nov 3rd Halloween Planning

Hello everyone!! How is life?!

Things here in the WKM have never been better!! This week has brought in so many's been so amazing and so crazy!! 

The start of the week really light the stage for the rest of it. We did some really crazy gardening work for Edith and her family. We tore down a jungle and made her yard look super good!! ...just in time for the snow to cover it all up!! It was raining when it started, but the sun poked it's head out by the end...also dried up the ground so it was much harder to pull everything out. I have to admit that my body hasent been that tired for a LONG we'll have to be changing that!! Nothings better than more service right?!

I dont know if I already shouted this to the world...but onn the note of more service...JUST SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the program of Just Serve was just introduced to our mission a couple weeks ago. ...Not saying that we are now just doing service, but we are "asked" to be looking for at least 10 hours of service per week. And I cant even start to saw how excited I am to get this started!!!!

The highlight of the week in terms of meetings had to have been the all-day Specialized trainings, which included the interviews with our mission president. The meeting was supposedly scheduled only from 10 to 12...but as always, we found ourselves receiving trainings until 3, and then getting into our interviews around 5. Lots of missionaries being interviewed...and never enough time to do it all. So we had to cut the time down to 5 minutes. SUPER good trainings though!! 

My interview was the last one, not too much time to do it, but we got talking about our investigator Ester, and how we could best help her. I have to say that the meeting was SUPER revelatory! 

Happy Halloween for all of you!! Y tambien dia de los muertos. 
It was a friday, so we were stuck inside for most of the day, for two reasons. One being weekly planning, and the other being our 6:00 curfew. 
We also had a really amazing twist to everything!! Our driving coordinator send all the missionaries a message, telling us to send in our monthly report of mile usage and recipts...but to send it in the most creative win a prize! that was a pretty bad distraction for the two of us to recieve just before weekly planning. We'll just have to send you the picture of the finished project!! THE BEST!!! ...and we didnt do it during the planning, but after the curfew, from 6 to 9 later that night. Good way to celebrate Halloween!  

As if that was enough to do on Friday, we also had a pretty rocken' correlation with our Brach Mission Leader. I send out a text a week before telling the rest of the missionaries that they had to dress up in order to come into our BML's house...if they werent dressed up, they'd have to give their report through the window. Holy cow that was a blast!!!!!!!!! So much fun! ...good day, I can tell you that! 

I comes to talking about one of the most influential people that I have met while being here on my mission. Ester, has been one of the most prepared sisters that I have ever met. She has been an absolute blessing to be able to know her a little, and help her discover and apply the Gospel into her life. 
We've met her throughout the week, about every other day. From the start of the week, she said that she was having to return back to Mexico by the end of the month, but the day of departure came closer and closer...moving from then, to the 8th, this upcoming friday. 
We have had the distinct impression that she was ready for baptism the day before she was to leave, and we've been helping her prepare for that day.'s so hard for me to really know how to share this with all of you.... It's been one of the greatest blessings to receive and see during my mission. We came later in the week, and she notified us that she was leaving today, due to work ending early on account of rain. We then went by yesterday, where she was waiting for her ride to get there, having to leave a day earlier. 

We had a very amazing discussion. She has a very strong testimony that these things are true, and that the Lord has led her to this point. She is so excited to be having the 6 months at her house to really start studying the Gospel, through the pamphlets, but especially through the Book of Mormon. We gave her a couple of pictures of Christ and one of the parable of the 10 virgins, along with our testimonies written on the back of them. Took pictures, then had to say our goodbyes as she was getting things together and heading out.

That was really hard to say goodbye. BUT I know that she has such a strong testimony...and only after a few weeks of talking with us. The Lord has defiantly prepared her, and will continue to do so as she continues down this path that leads through the gate of Baptism and onto Eternal Life as she lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There is really no other greater joy that we can feel that helping others discover the things that you personally hold at the greatest value. I love the Gospel, I KNOW it's true. And as we discover it for ourselves, we will come to know and understand so many things! I cant even start to pin any one of them down. Our Father in Heaven has so many blessing in store for us, and I know that they come through the Gospel and Church that has been restored by God and Christ themselves. 
How great is our calling to declare to the world these glad tidings?! 

Thank you everyone for everything that you do to help make these the best two years! I love you all, I pray for you all, and I hope that your week is full of miracles and joy!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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