Wednesday, December 10, 2014

September 8th

Hola todos mis amigos!!!!! 

What a week!! It has been filled to the brim with just about everything!! 

So the beginning of the week was full of finishing up saying goodbyes to everyone. Talk about really hard to do!! But the funny thing that I found out is that Elder Hudson (the elder replacing me with his new missionary), was the trainer of Elder Tanner, so we are literally just trading places! So I know that things are probably going really well there! I bet they had just as fun of a week as we had! 

Brother Risenmay got us to the transfer site, then Elder Ribeiro and I split up, he headed to Wanachee, and I went to Kennewick. On the really cool side, we were with President Allred, who took us to a hidden farmers market that has the BEST meat sandwiches on EARTH!!! That, and there were some Hispanic women in the chocolate factory side of it (the best chocolate candys!!), and there was one who perked up when she saw me. She happened to be from the Kennewick Spanish Branch while I was there!! So it was really cool to run into her!! And it hit me that she remembered me really well! 

The transfer meeting went really well in Kennewick, then we were on our way to Yakima! ...although, I left my bike in the Allred's trailer, so he's going to have to hold on to it until we find a way to get it my way. Might be a tender mercy, probably in safe hands and wont get robbed any time while I'm here! jaja! 

Elder Tanner is a really good missionary. I really didnt know what to expect what would be in store when I was called to be a "senior companion." But he was trained really really well! He's really fun! I had to catch myself when I saw that he acted like me a little bit, so it's going to be a fun transfer!! 

Yakima is a really cool place to be!! I didnt expect that I would have to go through a little bit of a time to get used to the big city again. It was a few days of being pretty claustrophobic, but things are really getting fun!!
I just cant believe just how many people are here! A lot!! 
We work a lot in denser part of the city. A bit of Downtown, then over to the neighborhoods near the fairgrounds. There are a lot of people to talk to ever there! It's not a super amazing talent that I have, talking to people, but nowhere is better to practice and get better at talking to people than here! Nowhere have I seen where at some days, we have 4 hours of tracting and street contacting. BA!!! 

The branch here is really amazing! The members are really friendly and helpful! It's funny to see that 90% of the branch is actually just one family. And they have HUGE family get-togethers every Sunday. So they invited us over there for dinner...crazy party!! Super fun! 

There are many people that are really moving forward. Yakima has so much potential! I'm very excited to see what this transfer has to offer for myself and those that I serve! "How great is our calling?!" 

But I'll keep working hard over here in Yakvill, all of you take care and enjoy your weeks! Love you all and hope the best! Have fun and work hard!!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission


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