Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy hump day!! Fast week for a transfer

Bueno bueno!!! Hello everyone!!

I have to say that this has been a very fast week, especially for a transfer week!! First part of the week was hitting the "one week" mark for being here in Yakima, then it jumped to friday, where we spend the afternoon planning for the upcoming week. ...Not super good that it moves this fast when the transfer just happens. It means that the rest of the transfer will move about 10x's faster!! Bla.... I was also doing pretty good forgetting...but someone reminded me of today being my hump day...365 days from today...ok, I'm not going to go further than that! BLA!!!!! ...who knows, maybe they'll bring out year-long mission extensions...jaja!!

I have really been loving Yakima! It has been a really different area from the first two I served in. It's been really cool to be able to see what my potential has grown as I have spent more time here. And not just going through the day, but really putting your heart into it. 

That was actually a little of what we talked about in our zone meeting this last Saturday. In a meeting with all the Zone Leaders, President Ware really hit it home with "cleansing the inner vessel," in both grounds of fixing some of the things that halt or hold us back. As well as not just doing things because there's nothing better to do, but to really find the purpose of being here on our times it's hard to see that there are missionaries out there with that attitude, but I have really been looking into some of the things that I really can improve on to help me further "get lost in the work." And finding things that may hinder that a little. It's been a really cool experience to relearn, reevaluate, and reapply in the daily missionary life! 
We were also talking a little bit to Veronica, a woman we passed on the street. And the subject of perspective came up. How there are so many things in "daily normal life" that really can block a lot of the real perspective that we should have and would like to have. One of the fun examples that we really talked on was technology. That we are actual, living examples of how teenagers can still survive without all the technology...and still seem human. It was really fun!! But it's been something that has come up off and on, and has been something really cool to look at in perspective to many points. 

In a lot of ways, Yakima has really been kicking my butt! One of the largest examples of this has been street contacting and tracting. We know that this is such an amazing message that will bless EVERYONE!! But unfortunatly, a lot of those who ARE prepared either dont know yet, dont know where to find it, etc. So to help in this aspect, we tract. 
Yakima is SO densely populated! It's really crazy and amazing to see just how many people that you are able to come into contact with, on the streets and on their front porches. And doing that everyday is pretty usual as a missionary, but it's been a test to do it everyday for an average of 2-4 hours. I do feel though, that my talking skills and conversation skills have really increased!! 

Elder Tanner has been a fun companion. He knows a good amount of the what to do as a missionary. So that really takes a load off as a "greenie-buster!" It's been fun! Still really weird to take the lead in things that I hadnt thought of before, because my comps before usually took care of it being the senior comp. I'm not the District Leader, so that takes a lot of the load off. The DL is actually the other trainee of Elder Abbott, Elder Palmer, so we has way too much fun together!! And exchanges with him are tomorrow, so I'm SUPER excited for that!!   

The beginning of the transfer was a lot of finding and helping our friends progress, or act upon the principles through the commitments that we extend. 
We has especially been excited for La Familia Ceja. 
They've been potentials for a long time, but we had a really amazing lesson at the beginning and end of the week that really was amazing!! It's been really cool as we've gotten to know them a little bit more, how they've been prepared to hear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Things that were confusing in lessons in the past now made perfect sense. And they gladly and excitingly accepted the commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They also accepted the commitment to be baptized as they come to know that the things that we share are true. 
The first lesson really stuck out as they had shared a bit of their feelings. Before we got to the actual restoration through Joseph Smith's experience, the father went on for about 15 minutes on how frustrated on why there were so many churches and so many interpretations of the Bible. and not just that, but everyone who would jump to fight with each other on their interpretation. 
I am eternally grateful for the wisdom of God to prepare the needed things that have come out in these latter days, especially the Book of Mormon. if we put the Bible as a point on a paper, how many lines can we draw through it? Just as that, we can have so many different ways to look at the Bible, and all of them wont go in the same direction. But how many lines can you draw if you put another point, the Book of Mormon? Only one. confusion is NOT of God, and in His amazing love, He provided us a way to know with a surety His will in our lives. And I know a large part of that comes through reading the Book of Mormon. 
But there is a large catch to go with reading it. I could just go off forever, sharing my testimony, and sharing scriptures and experiences. but that would kind of make me off like any other person. But i know that there is one who really can help up know, One who knows everything of everything, and us better than we know ourselves. "If any of you lack wisdom, ask of God." And I know through personal testimony that that is so true! And I hold it a priceless blessing to share this with everyone I am able to meet. 
I am so excited for the Ceja family, and all that amazing friends that we are able to teach. It's such a great blessing that I want for everyone! How great is our calling to share the wonderful Gospel message?!

The week really was amazing! It's hard, fun, and exciting!! I really am excited to see what this next year will be able to bring for me in my work!! 

I love you all and thank you for everything that you do for me!! iiDios bendiga!!  

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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