Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 8th

Hola a todos mis amados hermanos y amigos!!

How has things gone this week?! I've been really excited hearing from you all! Lots of really cool and fun things have been happening both as I can tell where all of you are, but as well here in the mission field!

I keep on saying this, but this week has just FLOWN past! Can you even start thinking on how fast things are moving?! To think that the transfer is almost to a close...again.... But the amazing thing about it all is that it's been filled with really amazing and uplifting spiritual experiences!

In many ways, this week has been a week of change. There's been so many amazing opportunities that we've been given to hear the word of the Lord come through His chosen servants. We've been receiving a lot of counsel and this week especially, has been the part of putting them to the test and making them a part of the growing missionary culture.  
The first few thoughts of change is just how hard it can look like. Many things are moving from the ways I've been trained to do, and what we are striving to do, teaching in the Lord's way. 
It's been really cool to be studying things out, both in the guidance received, and the examples that we can see in the scriptures. Missionary work is changing really fast, keeping up with the hastening of the work! I still love to think of what the 12 said on it all, more or less where "He's moving so fast, we're just trying to keep up!" What an amazing time indeed to be a Washington Kennewick Missionary! What a great time to BE a missionary AND and member! 

This week has been a really cool experience for the Fuente family. They have come SO far and are so close to really taking in the Gospel of Christ. We've worked with them to take the steps of the Gospel individually (more due to how hard it's been to get everyone together at the same time), and now the focus has been in bringing the family all together. It's really been amazing to see all of it grow in their lives. One of the nights we got on the topic of Alma 32, and drew a really cool picture for acting in faith WITH the family! 

So we know that it's a chapter that talks perfectly on faith. I really love what it shares, especially the beautiful picture of planting the seed, nurturing and acting in faith, and watching it grow to the maturity of a tree to bring forth fruit. 
Each of us have that opportunity to enter into a field and plant that seed, and it's a path that all of us must take to start the path as Disciples of Christ. Many times, and every time that I've thought of this parable, it's been me and the seed, or me and the tree. My focus is solely there. But (and especially where we helped this wonderful family see) is that this is a very large field. And they have a very large family. And that word "family" comes in every form from direct, to the Branch, etc.
But when we take our view and broaden it a little, we will see many others doing the exact thing that we are, Planting that seed, or Pruning that tree, or Picking it's fruit. We are working side by side (which comes especially in the form of us going to church, life at home, those moments where we are all together united in that purpose), and we are striving and learning how it is that we may best plant the seed and help it grow to its potential. 
Always remember that there are people around you that are either going through the same step as you, or has gone through it before. Broadening our gaze will allow us to learn, share, and teach how it is that we may grow this tree of faith, to the "perfect day," where we, like Lehi, may partake of its fruit, feel of its joy, and share it with our families. 

We are very excited to help them see the amazing potential as a family. The Gospel of Christ isn't just us wanting to baptize everyone into our religion, but to see through the eyes of God, to see the eternal perspective. I am overjoyed to think that the Fuente family can be preparing themselves for baptism, so that they may be prepared to enter into the Temple and be sealed as a family for all of eternity. And to enjoy all the blessings that our loving Father in Heaven has in store for us. 

I have a testimony of this work, it is His work. I am so grateful for the amazing blessing I have to know that each day is another where I can learn of the Gospel and share it will all those around me. May we do the same, especially with the rapidly approaching Christmas season! 

The mass email isn't the longest this week, but I felt really impressed to share this with you all! I love you and pray for each of you! May God bless you and carry you through whatever you may go through! 
May this week be filled with miracles! 

Con amor,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Sombrero picture

December 8th

Hola amigos y amistades!
How is everyone?! Everything here has been really awesome! It's been a really fun week!!

On a weird and funny note...I have to say how much a spoiler living in the United States is for missionaries. Passing by the technology section of Walmart to get to the picture printer find the new Ipads out...horrible spoiler for those who want to keep everything a surprise for when they get off! note to start things off!

This week has been very good! Last week was filled with all the amazing trainings and counsels, making this week was filled with amazing opportunities to put them to the test! We've really been blessed to have the amazing blessing to have a general authority come and help things hasten on this side of the Lord's vineyard. It's really been cool to look back on my notes from meetings from the past, and see many things that have led us to receive the further guidance to put the hastening into action. Many things are happening in the WKM and missionary work as a whole that we're very excited for! It's a great time to be a missionary...AND member!!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun for all of us! I'm glad to say that I wasnt in the column of "death by turkey" this year. We ate a good amount, but are proud to declare that we only ate ONE Thanksgiving meal...on Thanksgiving we wont talk about what we've been eating and taking home for the rest of the week! 

I really love holidays and seasons! Really amazing times where we can spend time with family and take in the Spirit that can come from it! That's been a theme that I've really tried to carry to each and every person I meet! Remembering the further significance of holidays. 

On Thanksgiving day, the highlight of the day actually occurred earlier that afternoon, when we were able to visit with one of our recent converts, Guadalupe. She's been so amazing and a really fun member to visit and teach! Recently, we've been going over the conference talks because she wasnt able to watch them. ...kinda funny how excited she's been to read them on her own! She came a day after with a really bad headache because she read for way too long! She just couldnt stop reading and thinking about it! 
But we shared the last talk given in Conference by Elder David A. Bednar, "Come and See." 
The discussion was a lot on looking at the talk in the form of "living in thanksgiving daily," which is something that we've really been able to see in the life of Hermana Dume!

The really amazing part of the lesson came when we went to the car to retrieve some "He is the Gift" cards we left behind. We walked out of the house and found a man pulling weeds in the yard. Having never seen his face before, I thought he was the gardener, but after greetings, I found that it was her son-in-law....he's just never been home when we have. 
On a back note of this, we've talked on multiple occasions with Guadalupe about what she can do to share what she has and feels with her family, especially her daughter and her family that has lived with her for a little while. Each time, she quickly replied with how she's tried to talk to them about Gospel subjects, but they dont seem interested at all. 
Juan stopped us and started up a conversation on his gratitude that we've been here to help his mother in law. After talking for a little while, he said that just a day before, a member in that area invited him and his family to the church that Sunday, where he accepted the invite. As well, he was looking forward to the missionaries to come and teach him and his family in the upcoming weeks. What really got him to accept and take curiosity for everything was the simple yet profound examples that his mother in law has been throughout how activity in the church this past year. ...really amazing to see where things started, all with talking the invitation to "come and see," but also to make it a part of you! 

With Elder Walimaa moving forward in mission age, we got to go and do the Doctrine of Christ training (it's the training for missionaries who are into their second transfer in the field). It was a really amazing experience. I learned SO much that day! The Doctrine of Christ is such an amazing thing! We truly can spend all our lives in the study of it, and only reach the surface! What an amazing plan that our loving Heavenly Father has prepared for each and every one of us! Such an amazing blessing! 

I have to share this as well! 
So we usually have a really busy schedual on fridays, spending the afternoon in the house planning for the week, then going to coordination with our Branch Mission Leader. Well...just about everything dropped. All the appointments that we had planned, and even the coordination...which has never dropped! A really funny moment to be sitting in the car thinking..."hmmm...really didnt expect that to happen...I really have no idea what to do." But it was really cool experience that followed thinking for a little. 
The distinct name of Maricruz came to our minds after just a minute of thinking. At first thoughts, she was just another name of "people that we've knocked on their door and said something in Spanish that we may not have understood too well so we take it as a return invite." So we went and talked for a minute on the doorstep of her home, until her husband came up and started talking as well. ...might be the accent (starting to pick those up...i think), but we missed a few words here and there until he invited us in. 
We had a lot of thoughts coming into our heads as we continued talking with both of them...super friendly and super awesome! We had different guesses on what exactly they were saying until they pointed to the flowers behind us. In them had the passalong card that we gave them a few days ago...BUT SOMETHING WAS BEHIND IT! Another passalong card! But not was from the Elders just across town (had their number on the back), which was where they used to live. At that moment, everything clicked! They've talked to missionaries in the past, but not too much. They've had such a huge desire to come to church though. 
We had a really amazing first discussion and introduced and gave them a Book of Mormon. They were really excited to receive it! 

Right after that awesome lesson, we were able to have another miracle lesson with the Fuentes family. Two of the older brothers were sitting in the same room together and wanted to talk! We focused a lot of the Book of Mormon and what they could do to really get reading it together. It was a really good lesson. And when the oldest gave the closing prayer, he brought up baptism...when we hadnt even brought it up! SO, we really hope that we have the opportunity to meet up with them and keep talking! We're very excited for that family! For all the families and brothers and sisters we've been teaching! 

I'd love to, and probably could...keep talking and talking on the week...but I should let you all go! 
Know that I love the work and KNOW that it's the work of the Lord. I am eternally grateful for the amazing blessing it is to be here and hope that it never stops! 

I love you all and hope for the best! 
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

General Authority Visit

Hello!!! I'm so glad to finally be here! I apologize for the fact that it's Tuesday and not Monday...forgot to get that out there.... I do have to day that it was for a really good reason that we had to move it a little back...have to get to that a little later!

The first part of the week moved without too much excitement on our side. This being the week of transfers, we always are full of everything we have to be doing. It's nice to just take that, normally hectic day, and take it as a normal one. 
The transfer already looks really amazing! We are very excited for so many of our wonderful brothers and sisters who have been coming closer to Christ in applying His Gospel. I know that this upcoming 6 weeks will bring many miracles! ...more on why and how a little later!!

One the Just Serve note,
we have been looking far and wide or anything and everything to do to get our names out into the community as open and eager volunteers! This week we were able to work with NW Harvest Foods, which is the distribution center that feeds to all the food banks in the area, including the ones that I served in in the past!! It was really cool to be able to find it and start working there. They just finished the harvest donations (donations from local farmers), so now we've been working through sorting and shipping out cans. It's been a lot of fun!!

A really amazing highlight, especially or the week, has been the mission tour of Elder Arnold, a member of the first quorum of the 70. He was there for our Silah Stake Conference, a special Spanish conference, and for a special Zone conference. 
Each meeting was really amazing! He's such a fun speaker and taught with so much love and direction. 
Each of the meetings, including for the missionaries, was really directed of the theme of sharing the Gospel. On the side of the members for the Stake Conferences, he showed just how many ways that there are to share the Gospel. 

There were a lot of really amazing things that he talked about to us as missionaries. A lot of it has been exactly what we have been starting as a mission, change. He brought up many things that will really bring so many blessings for us and our Brothers and Sisters who are discovering the Gospel. I could go on and on with what he taught...I just dont know where to really was amazing! I'll just have to do it piece by piece as we go through and really start applying the changes into the work! TO BE CONTINUED! 

One of the coolest things that we were able to do this week was really starting to get to know an amazing less-active family, la familia Pimentel. They are SUPER missionary minded, and really want to get back into full activity. They were on the tract to attending the Temple as a family to be sealed, but things went south when they dropped into inactivity. But we had a really good conversation on why we were there as missionaries. And we're really excited to help them get active, and help them enter into the Temple! Really is one of the greatest blessings to have, and we'll help them all the way!! 
We also did what Elder Arnold did for the Spanish conference. Which was to have them take a piece of paper and write 10 non-member names, families. Where for the next little while, they'll pray and study and discuss, to know which one they can all come together and help receive the Gospel. They were very excited, and so are we, to help them enter into the vineyard of the Lord.   
Please pray for them and cheer them on!

So many amazing miracles are happening! The work is really moving forward! 
I love that things that will happen with the coming of the next couple weeks, and into the season of Christmas. He is the Gift: Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, and Share the Gift!

I love you all and hope for the best this upcoming week! You're in my prayer as well!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Transfers again

Hola everyone!! It's such a great day to be emailing!! (especially grateful to be emailing in a warm building!!). ...actually, today was one of the warmer days of the whole week. It felt pretty good walking around without a jacket...really because we spent a good amount of the morning deep cleaning out the stuff right there. Feels super good to be cleaning...and even better to feel good stepping outside!!

Things this week have really just flown by! It's been filled...more with random stuff than anything. It kept us moving and running around though! 

So I'm sure the first things you're all on the edge of your seats about is transfers. Caught me completely off guard with how fast it came. But sure enough...the call did come this last Saturday night. Funny thing with it. This is the first transfer where the whole district will be staying. No one is leaving! ...which might mean that almost everyone will be leaving the upcoming transfer...but I'll hold off on that until another 6 weeks. 
I'm really glad to be staying here in Yakima. Amazing miracles will be happening this upcoming transfer. I cant go wrong with a member of the 70 touring your mission, and doing a special conference for all Spanish Speakers, as well as a Stake Conference!! Good way to start off next week! 

This week has really brought about many amazing miracles! We've started reevaluating many of the things that we do, and have discovered many ways that we could be doing things better. And it's been the smallest of things that have brought about the coolest of miracles. To say the least, we've been able to find so many more people who appear to have a sincere desire to learn the Gospel! It really is amazing to see where the mission is going as we've focused on building a culture of deep faith and high expectations. How great is our calling!!??

I have to talk a little about one of my new favorite Hispanics over here!! One of the coolest miracles over the past few weeks has been our run-in with Nacho's father, Aluderio. He is here to visit...for the next two weeks of so...hopefully longer.... But we've been able to talk about so much with the short time that we've met with him, and he's shown so much desire and faith to learn more! ...Really has been one of the coolest things to see this week! 

Not just that, but he has to be one of the happiest, funniest people I have come across.  
In our look for more ways to serve, we started raking his yard while he was dropping Jose and Nacho at work (also because we got warnings of snow fall for that night). And just as we got a large pile going, he pulled up, when inside to get gloves, and came out to join the fun. We had a really good discussion and introduced the Book of Mormon as we were warming up a little in his house. 

On a really fun note, we got to enjoy Olive garden three meals in a row!!! Merica! 
We had a pretty normal day ahead of us with our daily planning. One of the missionaries who's going actually, called us and asked if we would do lunch with him there...little did he know that we would be doing dinner with our Branch Mission Leader there as well later that night. CANT RESIST!!
Just as good the second time with our BML!
THEN!! Just when we thought it was that good, we had it for lunch (homemade version of one of the soups) from one of the members that we did yard work for earlier that morning!! 

This week also fell of the last District Meeting of the transfer, which has had to have been one of my most memorable district meetings so far in my mission. The subject of the meeting was "The Power of the Spirit in Conversion." And instead of teaching anything myself...(dont like doing it anyway), I let everyone teach each-other. With the mix between personal experiences and scriptures, I really felt that the Spirit was the one teaching each missionary the amazing power it has in conversion. I love how the Spirit comes in different forms to different people. For one, it might come in the form of a "burning in their bosom." and for another it may bee feelings of peace and comfort. But we truly can be inspired and guided by its heavenly touch. 
I really do love (and I've shared this before) how each of us can take on the test of Moroni 10, no matter how many time we may have done it in the past. Whether it be our first time, or whether it be our 100th time, the Spirit will testify as we ask in faith. "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things."-Moroni 10:5 wonder that's one of the first things that we teach, one of the first things that we do in our discussions as missionaries, say a prayer. Really is an amazing blessing to have and put to the test!

This has been a fun email to write out. It's been a great week! And I really look forward to the amazing transfer ahead! BRING IT ON COLD WEATHER!! GOT MY SCARF! 
May you all stay warm and enjoy the weather in safety!! I love you all and pray for you! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

elder Wailimaa

November 10th

Hello everyone from the amazing Washington Kennewick Mission!!

Lots of stuff happened this week! It's been really keeping us really busy! With the stuff to do as well as Elder Walimaa rockin' it, time has really started to pick up again...cant even start to imgaine that this is the last week of the transfer!! WHAT HAPPENED??!! ...ok, I'll put all the really fun stuff in order!

Monday I might have mentioned that the amazing sister Veronica, called us a little bit ago, telling us that we couldnt meet with her anymore. She amazing us last Monday with a call asking us to come back and talk with her as soon as possible. We set an appointment for that night, and had a really amazing lesson. 
With Veronica, there has been so many ups and downs in terms of desire to act, but one of the most amazing things that we were able to see very clearly was the testimony and spirit that the Book of Mormon brought into her life. I have a lot more to talk about the Book of Mormon in correlation to this week...but it always is really amazing to see the blessings that come so clearly from taking the time to read it. 

One of the best moments that I have found in teaching situation has been with members! I really love members and the spirit that they bring to teaching appointments. I wont go into details of the lessons that we've had with members, but I would highly invite all of you to take the time to help the missionaries, in all the forms that it brings. I really have a testimony of the missionary purpose, not just limited, to the full-time missionaries! 

So...I've realized something kinda funny this week.... I seem to have been a little too excited for all the JustServe programs coming out. And the better realization that the excitement I've got is never going to go away for it!!!!! JustServe is such an amazing program to get into, for EVERYONE!! 
One of the fun highlights of the week has had to have been the new sport of "formal raking racing." We've just been on a service high! It's the best! 

So, we spent a little bit of the morning Thursday to rake a couple houses in a neighborhood. We went out right after and worked for a bit, visiting with all of our investigators. but just as we were walking back to the car, we saw a couple houses in a row that were raking leaves. We got a raking appointment for the next week to come back when all the leaves have fallen, and we raked in our pross for a kid that was raking his grandmother's lawn for her 70th birthday just before she got home...holy cow was that a lot of fun!! 
It really is cool to see the amazing ability that we have, if we desire, to be placed in the right situation. And that's not just for teaching or super spiritual opportunities, but to help those who need or could use help. And what an amazing feeling that is!! 
And to add to all of that. The kid raking was actually someone that we talked to a good while back. He used to be Atheist, but now was attending a church. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!! Pray for missionary opportunities and you will be able to find a see the joy of sharing what we hold dear, and something that can and will change a life in so many ways!! 

On the note of weird and funny miracles that happened this week, we have probably found an exact copy to Ester just a day or so ago. We found Aluderio as we were looking for Nacho, who's Aluderio's son. He lives out in the middle of Jalisco on a ranch...with no direction ( office or address directions are the weirdest things over there in Mexico, I'll tell ya!). He's here for the next two weeks to visit with family. A lot of the time he's at home resting, and we've had some amazing discussions with him. He dosent have a specific denomination, but he is very well versed in the Bible and its doctrines. He's really cool, and I'll have to keep you all updated with what happens! 

As weird as it is...this week has been super hard to find the time to dedicate to tracting. But it was really amazing to find out what happens as we made that a priority to do. 
We had feeling earlier in the week to start tracting a specific area right next to the Fuente's home, but we've never had time until Saturday to do it. We were able to talk to so many people (compared to what the first part of the week). And the last house (always the last!!), we were able to meet Misty. 
It really started in just knowing about her and her religious background...and It really is amazing to hear and learn about one's background. Her background was FULL!! I cant believe that so many things could happen in such a short amount of time! But it was even more amazing how she was able to find God and also help her family into it. Everything that she help dear, was a large part of what we believed...but the best way that I could think on it...was it was a large blessing that she was able to have and receive, but there was a little bit at the end that she was missing. We had the thought to bring up the Book of Mormon. And after a little explanation, we gave her a copy, and she said as well that we cleared up a lot of information that she had about Latter Day saints that she'd been holding for 20+ years. 
What really hit me was the amazing fact that she had so many of the Blessings that God has for us. And the blessings that He gives each of us as we follow His direction. What we felt so strongly though about giving her a Book of Mormon was the fact that God has given us SO many blessings, but there is so many more that we can receive. That is one of our biggest messages to the world, is that although we have some amazing blessings that we can receive from God as we do what we can, there are so many more, that have been hidden from the world until this age in time, the fullness of times, where the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth again. The Book of Mormon really can help us as we strive to further learn this truth. And we may also come to know each and every one of those blessings that our loving Father in Heaven has for us. Now isn't that the Gospel, isn't that the "Good News."

Family and friends, I love you all and pray for your health and success! Keep moving forward with faith and always look to the Lord for direction! Always take the few moments to serve, whether Spiritually or physically, and never forget to stop and look at the sunsets! 

Teqiero mucho!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Halloween costume and Esther

Nov 3rd Halloween Planning

Hello everyone!! How is life?!

Things here in the WKM have never been better!! This week has brought in so many's been so amazing and so crazy!! 

The start of the week really light the stage for the rest of it. We did some really crazy gardening work for Edith and her family. We tore down a jungle and made her yard look super good!! ...just in time for the snow to cover it all up!! It was raining when it started, but the sun poked it's head out by the end...also dried up the ground so it was much harder to pull everything out. I have to admit that my body hasent been that tired for a LONG we'll have to be changing that!! Nothings better than more service right?!

I dont know if I already shouted this to the world...but onn the note of more service...JUST SERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the program of Just Serve was just introduced to our mission a couple weeks ago. ...Not saying that we are now just doing service, but we are "asked" to be looking for at least 10 hours of service per week. And I cant even start to saw how excited I am to get this started!!!!

The highlight of the week in terms of meetings had to have been the all-day Specialized trainings, which included the interviews with our mission president. The meeting was supposedly scheduled only from 10 to 12...but as always, we found ourselves receiving trainings until 3, and then getting into our interviews around 5. Lots of missionaries being interviewed...and never enough time to do it all. So we had to cut the time down to 5 minutes. SUPER good trainings though!! 

My interview was the last one, not too much time to do it, but we got talking about our investigator Ester, and how we could best help her. I have to say that the meeting was SUPER revelatory! 

Happy Halloween for all of you!! Y tambien dia de los muertos. 
It was a friday, so we were stuck inside for most of the day, for two reasons. One being weekly planning, and the other being our 6:00 curfew. 
We also had a really amazing twist to everything!! Our driving coordinator send all the missionaries a message, telling us to send in our monthly report of mile usage and recipts...but to send it in the most creative win a prize! that was a pretty bad distraction for the two of us to recieve just before weekly planning. We'll just have to send you the picture of the finished project!! THE BEST!!! ...and we didnt do it during the planning, but after the curfew, from 6 to 9 later that night. Good way to celebrate Halloween!  

As if that was enough to do on Friday, we also had a pretty rocken' correlation with our Brach Mission Leader. I send out a text a week before telling the rest of the missionaries that they had to dress up in order to come into our BML's house...if they werent dressed up, they'd have to give their report through the window. Holy cow that was a blast!!!!!!!!! So much fun! ...good day, I can tell you that! 

I comes to talking about one of the most influential people that I have met while being here on my mission. Ester, has been one of the most prepared sisters that I have ever met. She has been an absolute blessing to be able to know her a little, and help her discover and apply the Gospel into her life. 
We've met her throughout the week, about every other day. From the start of the week, she said that she was having to return back to Mexico by the end of the month, but the day of departure came closer and closer...moving from then, to the 8th, this upcoming friday. 
We have had the distinct impression that she was ready for baptism the day before she was to leave, and we've been helping her prepare for that day.'s so hard for me to really know how to share this with all of you.... It's been one of the greatest blessings to receive and see during my mission. We came later in the week, and she notified us that she was leaving today, due to work ending early on account of rain. We then went by yesterday, where she was waiting for her ride to get there, having to leave a day earlier. 

We had a very amazing discussion. She has a very strong testimony that these things are true, and that the Lord has led her to this point. She is so excited to be having the 6 months at her house to really start studying the Gospel, through the pamphlets, but especially through the Book of Mormon. We gave her a couple of pictures of Christ and one of the parable of the 10 virgins, along with our testimonies written on the back of them. Took pictures, then had to say our goodbyes as she was getting things together and heading out.

That was really hard to say goodbye. BUT I know that she has such a strong testimony...and only after a few weeks of talking with us. The Lord has defiantly prepared her, and will continue to do so as she continues down this path that leads through the gate of Baptism and onto Eternal Life as she lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

There is really no other greater joy that we can feel that helping others discover the things that you personally hold at the greatest value. I love the Gospel, I KNOW it's true. And as we discover it for ourselves, we will come to know and understand so many things! I cant even start to pin any one of them down. Our Father in Heaven has so many blessing in store for us, and I know that they come through the Gospel and Church that has been restored by God and Christ themselves. 
How great is our calling to declare to the world these glad tidings?! 

Thank you everyone for everything that you do to help make these the best two years! I love you all, I pray for you all, and I hope that your week is full of miracles and joy!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Oct 28th Trainer in disguise

Familia!! Como estan!!

I cant really determine how fast this week has gone by. It's flown...but not.... I've determined that is due to the fact of helping a new missionary start on his journey. 
But things this week have been really amazing!! There has been a little bit of a slow down of things, but I cant number how many miracles have been happening over the few days this week has been! 

Kind of to start things off. The transfer ended really well. I really connected when Elder Tanner was heading off. It was really hard to be leaving my first area...and come to think of that, it feels just like yesterday...goodness how fast time flies!! 
But as I watched Elder Tanner off for Pasco, Elder Walimaa was driving up in the large van full of greenies. Lots of "greenie fire" to fit in a small van...I think we said welcome to about 20 or so new missionaries. Thats a lot!! 

Elder Walimaa has been a blast!! ...I was hoping to get a pretrained senior comp, but I have found SO much growth and progression in the past few days!! I've really had time to think of all the really amazing things that my trainers and senior comps did that helped me out, and I've been trying hard to apply them. Talk about an amazing way to really get lost in the work!! With training and working as a District Leader...time isnt something I have found friends with yet. It might just not like me, cause no matter what I do, it just runs as fast as it can!! I have had so much fun in the last few days though!!! (and NO!! No greenie pranks done!! ...intentionally....jaja). Today we've got his first exchanges, and he's thinking this one's my bit "greenie prank" for him. It's been so much fun!!

One of the coolest miracles through the week came in the form of a media referral from Salt Lake City (Media referrals are just people who go to or call the number on our cards to be able to send missionaries to their houses). Jose and Claudina are an amazing couple that asked their brother (who's a member) to send missionaries to their house. They've had so much interest in really searching these things out and finding ways to apply them in their lives. We've only had two opportunities to sit with both and talk. But we really have felt that they have been prepared to receive the restored Gospel. 
We also had the feeling on friday to pass by with a member, but without an appointment (Jose works in the apple packing, so we have to make sure ahead of time if we could come by). Claudina was there and had a couple things on her mind. The family had hit a lot of rough spots with getting involved with many church organizations that they found to run not for the benefit of them, but for those running it. We were able to talk a little more about the restoration of the Gospel, and the role that it plays in every part of life, and specifically in their situation. There was a lot to that lesson that we had that was really amazing and special. We ended by inviting them to a baptism that was happening the next day for another Brother that had been taught by another set of Elders. And after the service, to let us walk around to building a little and talk a bit on what we do there and what to sunday services are like. A very amazing lesson! 
I know without a doubt that there are so many people that have been and are being prepared by the Hand of the Lord to hear, accept, and apply the Gospel into their lives. All we have to do is be willing and open to be instruments in the Lord's hands as we reach out and share this wonderful message of the restored gospel with all those we love! 
Why do we share the Gospel? David A Bednar answers that rather well in his Sunday Evening conference talk just this last week or so. ...on that note...keep up on your studies of General Conference. The Lord desires that we spend a little more than two days listening to those!! Make it even 6 months worth!! 

Let's see...que mas que mas que mas.....
-Had an amazing day at the Trainer Trainee meeting with President ware!
-Missed our normal day to weekly plan because of Trainer Trainee meeting
-Spent the rest of the week weekly planning for our afternoon
-AMAZING Zone training meeting!! Raising and establishing our mission culture of change and progression
-heading up an open house for our branch this upcoming 24th
-Made pretty boss ster-fry on Wednsday...boss for a missionary I guess....
-did all that...and didnt get one lousy picture.........sorry mom! 

Have to share!! 
How grateful are you to be able to celebrate this amazing day!! I cant even hold my excitement!! HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!
I really enjoy today even more, because I was reading in Nephi 13. The chapter in the Book of Mormon where Nephi actually was prophesying of the journey of Christopher Columbus and his colonizing of America, and what it did for the inhabitants that were already living there. 
I would highly encourage anyone and everyone to read even that little section of the Book of Mormon today...or even everything up to there today, and then keep reading!! 

BTW, for anyone who would love to join in. Our mission is doing an 80 day read of the Book of Mormon. It started Tuesday, and it will end on Christmas day. What better things can you do to start off your Christmas day? I'm really excited to be able to go through and read it again! I have such a strong testimony that it is the word of God, revealed just as the Bible, to prophets, but here in the ancient inhabitants of the American continent. " It is the most correct of any book of earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book."

Thank you so much for everything that you do! I love you all and hope the best for each!! Work hard this week and love every bit of what you do!! 

Teqiero mucho!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Oct 27th Emailing in the city

Hello everyone!! How is everything going where you are?!

My week can easily described to be very busy and really fun!! 

The time really has started flying again. I'm starting to think that's due to the fact that Elder Walimaa is really starting to catch fire!! It's been really fun to be serving around him and helping him get things started!! 
highlights throughout the week.....:
The week really started things off with a bang!! We threw away the usual basketballs and dusted off the old soccer balls!! We went out into the rain and played until p-day was all over. I've really enjoyed the weather that's been happening for the past little bit...a little more when we're out playing soccer...not too much while we're in suits and tracting out in it. Always super fun!!

We had one of the coolest lessons with a new investigator named Ester. We ran into her while we were trying by Emerita after things happening with her family. As Ester answered the door, we asked her to give a pamphlet talking on the plan of salvation to her friend Emerita. She didnt...and ran to the door the next time we knocked and told us how much the information was to her. She wanted to know all she could about it. So we set another time that we could pass by...which was this day.
We got talking on the Plan of Salvation, reading in the pamphlet with her. It really was an amazing experience! I have never met someone that prepared for the gospel yet, until now!  

We had a really good district meeting. I've barely started really getting used to giving the meetings...weird how it takes that long. I really love the district that I'm in, all of them are really good missionaries and work really hard!! The focus of the meeting was "A successful missionary," which we got so much out of!! 

The day was already off the a really fun start, with some of the tracting stories that we had, but it got a little weirder when one of the English companionships gave us a little call...with a fun referral.
"So, we just met one of the coolest people in the world as a referral for you!! They even gave us Sopas!! ....the only problem that we have with them is that they gave us metal forks to take with us. So we have to find a way to get the fork to you so you can return them to them.............[after a minute of silence] it. So we just put the fork somewhere in the city cemetery...look for the largest obelisk, and it's placed in the ground right in front of it!!"
WHA?!?!?! ...ok, I'll get back to you on the rest of that story!! 

Also had an amazing and edifying lesson with the Fuentes family. We're really helping them start to really apply reading daily, and we've already been able to see the many miracles that have come through it!! 

We had another really amazing lesson with Emerita and Ester!! Neither worked that day, and Ester sat reading the pamphlet of the plan of salvation for the whole day, up until we came to read and discuss it with her. Made us super excited...but might have drove Emerita a little crazy! jaja!!

Friday was a roller coaster of a day. We got a call from Jose and Claudina saying that our discussions had to be put on hold for a little while, for a number of reasons. She said though that she had a strong testimony that these things were true and that it's something that she'll be continuing especially for the time that we wont be able to visit with us. She shared with us her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it really was something really amazing! I really have come to love that family! And I know that they have been prepared and that they'll be able to overcome the difficulties they're now facing to be able to bring and apply the Gospel more fully into their family! 

So, now I have to finish the story of the fork....
We had an appointment with Emerita and Ester set for 6, but she called last minute changing it for 7...we also had our Branch Mission Leader. What better time than to take him to help us look for a fork in a cemetery?! A long and really funny story short...we got the fork and returned it to it's owners, as well, setting a really cool return appointment! 

We had a really cool lesson with Emerita and Ester, finishing the Plan of Salvation. 
They also told us that their boss called all of them, canceling work for tomorrow!! Meaning that they would be able to come to church!! (They work in the fields, so it's long hours EVERY day so they can get all the fruit before the frost comes in). It really was a miracle!! 

Both Emerita and Ester were able to make it to church!! They came to us after everything with big smiles on their faces, telling us they are excited to see us for our next appointment. We're really excited for both of them! 

This week really was full of amazing miracles! These are just some of them that I could think with the clock ticking on the public computer I'm using here. ...kinda weird not to be emailing in one of the family history libraries.... The Yakima community library is a really fun place to get all the flavors of Yakima in one spot. 

Love you all and hope the best for the upcoming week!! Keep working hard and loving everything that you do!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Inspired Growth

Hello everyone!!
It's a really good day to be a missionary here in the WKM!! I couldn't narrow it down to why it is, but holy cow!! SOO GOOD!! 

This week really started in the right way. Right after P-day last week, we went on another exchange, but with the Zone Leaders. I was with one of my favorite, Elder Shulze! We had a blast!! 
One of the coolest parts of exchanges and especially this exchange was how many miracles were able to be packed into such a small amount of time...seriously way too many to count up. Through the rest of the week, it was really hitting me hard why many of the things that happened during that small amount of time during the exchange, wasnt happening very often during the coarse of the whole week. Granted, we have miracles happening everywhere, but the exchange was unreal to what happened every hour of the whole day. 
I took that thought with us to our Zone Training Meeting, where we were thoroughly edified by the Spirit. It really started clicking where all the changes in everything have been coming from. I really love the message from the First Presidency that says how the Lord is guiding His hastening of the work, NOT us, and we are doing all we can to just keep up with Him. 
--The Gospel is here to comfort the afflicted...and afflict the comfortable!!-- 
There are some really amazing things that are happening that are hastening the Lord's work. All of us have an amazing part in helping where we can, acting in faith as instruments in the Lord's hands. But especially in the hastening of the work, we need to do it in the Lord's way. The question that really remains is if we desire to keep up with Him. Are we caught up in customs, or old ways of doing things that we may be happy/comfortable doing? I personally liked how we could weekly plan for only three hours, then get back out and working hard...that or knowing exactly what to say while talking to people. It's hard to get out of our comfort bubble...especially for me, it's really talking to people, feeling for the Spirit to know their needs, and testifying of truths that the Spirit can then testify on. I can defiantly promise that as we increase our faith to reach out and catch hold of the amazing work that the Lord is working, we will be able to be a part of a miracle, we will be instruments in the Lord's hands. 

District meeting was really fun as well...not to mention that the Zone Leaders forgot to tell me that it was going to I had only a little time to work things out and get trainings ready to teach the district. The subject was on OYMs (open your mouth). And I probably learned the most out of the whole district, just having me in the front rambling!! We went to many different places in the scriptures, and the discussions that we had, I had no thought of any of it just seconds before...overall, a really cool experience thinking on it after the meeting was over!! 

On more exciting news, we actually got to start Elder Walimaa's training!! It's been funny to see how busy we've been the past little while...kinda reminds me of my training back in Kennewick!! 
Elder Walimma is doing really well. It's been a blast to be working with him!! It's just like a mini-me!!! It has really been such an amazing way to help me grow as a missionary. It is so essential to go back and focus on the basics. 

A few days after the exchanges and meetings through the week brought a really cool encounter with Lalo. We were prompted to go and see a potential that we hadent seen for a few weeks. Her husband came to the door and said that she was over in the neighbor's house, but he started putting on a jacket and came outside with us. Lalo has had a really hard life, but it's been really amazing to see the hand of the Lord in his life, as it guided him back from the streets, to being 100% family orientated. He really stressed that as we act in faith on the part we're given, we receive more. And that's able to grow and grow. We know that this IS more. Something that God has placed in his path, to continue helping him as he moves forward in faith, now walking with and helping his family along as well. 

WOOO!!! Weekly planning!! I've been really impressed how fast Elder Walimaa has taken things and really has fought to start getting them down! We had a really good and effective time working through our upcoming week, and we really feel that it's going to be another good one!! 

We also had a REALLY good lesson with the Fuente family! We started talking to Noe, where we focused a lot on applying daily prayer and scripture. And then brought it to doing it as a family, and the specific things and goals that he can set to help the family get to that point. He's really excited to start doing this!! 
Just when we got done taking with him, his older brother came into the room and said that he wanted to come back to church (he used to be the most interested in talking to the missionaries, but fell off in all interests). We talked about how he could do the same, start praying and studying the scriptures every night. It really was an amazing lesson. We set up the idea of us coming daily and talking to who might be home (the biggest problem of the family being is they are never home at the same we have to work with that). But we are super excited to be getting them started up again!!

And to top off the night, we had correlation with Jakie Chan!! jaja!! Super fun!! 
So that night at correlation with our Branch Mission Leader, I was just sitting there, and the thought came to mind..."Man, he looks JUST like Jakie Chan!!" So I wrote that on a sticky note, with a 1-10 scale as well, and started that around the other missionaries. Then I texted it all out, including the scale (texting skills right there), and everyone in the room was in on it. We sent it to him when we were all leaving for the night...he had the biggest grin!! "El es mi primo!" 

Super cool miracle as we were contacting a referral!! 
So we got Mario as a referral from the English elders in the area, we passed by and his wife, Edith answered and said that he was sleeping. When we introduced ourselves, she let us right in, sitting us down at the kitchen table. She has one of the most amazing stories that I have found on my mission. She was an orphan raised by her grandparents in the Catholic church, but she didnt understand many of the things that they did. So on her own, she started studying the Bible for herself, and everything that she believed and knew, came from what she got from the Bible. It was really amazing to clearly see that the Lord has helped her get to this point in her life.
At one point of the lesson, she started to really get into asking questions on one of the topics that's confused her, Exodus 20, speaking of the Sabbath day. Her Spanish new age language bible was different than ours, saying Saturday as the day of the Sabbath.
Our topic brought it to the significance of the Restoration of the gospel, as well as many truths that had been lost or warped through the age of time. It's hard to look how there are just so many different bibles in the world today, and all of them differ in so many ways. But we shared how the restoration has helped bring light from God on many doctrine subjects, whether it be through the Book of Mormon, or through modern day revelation through living prophets. 
One amazing moment in the lesson was when we shared James 1:5, where we shared about how we can know if it is true. When we found the page in her bible, that was the page where her marker was at, where she was reading with her family just a day earlier. 
I know that the Lord prepares people to receive the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. that was one of the coolest 2-hour lessons ever!!

phfew......that's a mouth-full!! 
This week was really awesome!! To say the least!!

Thank you all for everything that you do to help me, I really can feel your support and love!! Keep going strong and have a great week!! I love you and wish the best for you all!!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Oct 6th LDS conference

Hola todos!

I have to start things off saying just how much I love how conference puts "#" on the bottom of the screen off and on during conference! ...more funny when you know the back stories and inside jokes behind my district and "#"....

On another note to add to that, this week has been really awesome!! And you just cant be super happy after having the blessing to watch General Conference! I have really really grown a new and amazing perspective, respect, and excitement when conference comes closer. But I might have to cover a little of the start of the week before I get too far into conference.

The work here in Yakima has been going really well. There has been a lot of small things that have popped up that make the work a little harder, but it's been going really well. I have really been impressed this week on how the members of the branch have really started extending further in their involvement in the missionary work of sharing what they believe and help us in the Lord's vineyard. I have found that it has been much harder to involve the Spanish speaking members here than working and taking out our English members from Mattawa. BUT they have gotten so excited after we did a large church tour, inviting everyone who wants to come. It first started with just our Branch Mission Leader and another family from the branch, but everyone's getting involved and has been planning themselves for another just two weeks later, this upcoming Friday. It's been really cool to see everything come together like that, to see that they have really felt the Spirit of sharing the Gospel. It really hits home when I think of Elder Anderson's last talk in the final session of General Conference, the "why" of us sharing the Gospel. Our amazing brothers and sisters have SO much to share, so many miracles in their lives that have brought them to this point in their life, where God guided them to discover this amazing gospel. And to find the joy and excitement to share it with the world is really beyond words of description. 
The new way of weekly planning has also really helped us find ways to invite and bring members with us more throughout the week to almost every lesson we have. It really is such an amazing thing to see, but I can just imagine how much of a blessing it is to be the member. If you have a chance to go out visiting with the missionaries, GO!!  

So I really cant hold in about  conference. What an amazing experience!! ...weird to think that I was in Mexico for the last one in October.... I know for a surety that we can know the will of our Father as we listen and heed the advise and teachings of the prophets and apostles of our day. That is an amazing and essential thing to have, especially in our day. They are the perfect example of how happy and optimistic we can be as we face the challenges of daily life personally, and as a world. 
Continually look back to conference for the next 6-months. Technology has made it possible that we can receive it instantaneously, so if you havent been able to take the time to see it when it was broadcast, there really is no excuse to see it now. For me especially, I went to the Sunday morning session in Spanish, so I know that I'll be waiting for the Ensign to come out so I can more thoroughly study to specifically what President Monson shared with the world. 
Carefully and faithfully listen, ponder, and apply each of the counsels that they have given to us. I know that they have been called and are led by God, and that they CANNOT lead us astray. We are in a position and time in the world where we really cant avoid or neglect their counsel. And I know that as we apply them personally in our lives and in our families, our lives will be blessed, no matter what may have or will come our way. 

If conference wasnt crazy enough, transfers decided to stick themselves right in the middle of everything. This was the last week of the transfer...crazy fast, I know! But during the blocks between sessions, we got all the leadership calls and results of this upcoming transfer starting today...although the companion switches dont happen until this Wednsday. 
The whole day was really good, and I was surrounded by Elders and Sisters left and right receiving calls from President for callings of leadership. But I didnt get anything.....................................................................................until around 9:00 that night..............................................................................when he was starting to call Elders and Sisters who were called to train. So the moment you all have been waiting for. I have been called to train a Spanish missionary coming this Wednsday from the Mexico CCM. As well, I will be serving as District Leader, in a district of Elders and Sisters that have 4 months or less on their mission. GREENIE FIRE!! ...hard to think that I'm going to be the oldest missionary here for a little while....
[mustering manly voice] "squeak" 
*cough cough* "You can count on me President!"
I have to admit that it really caught me off, it just feels like I'm still learning so much and not too ready to start helping others in the form of training, not the easiest calling. But I KNOW that with the Lord's help, anything and everything is possible. And I am SUPER EXCITED to see what this upcoming transfer brings!! HOW GREAT IS OUR CALLING, GREAT!!

Now to take it to a little more fun part of the week. So, during one of our "week-long" planning sessions this friday, we finally decided that we had to do something with all the peppers, chilies, jalapenos, etc. that Sergio gave us a few weeks ago. So we got down and made ourselves a super gringo authentic salsa!! ...funny to say that we didnt really have any of the "add-on" ingredients except for the peppers, chilies, and jalapenos. So, like the funny gringos that we are, just just added all of those and tomatillos. By the end, we had created what looked like what Gerber baby foods would probably make for the flavor of Jalapeno. You could smell that thing outside (no joke) even after a few days cooling off!! And what would you know, it tastes SUPER good!! Just like Abuelita would have made it!!'s the small things in life (the mission) that just add a little bit more happiness and fun into the mix!! 

Apart from those things as stated, things are really keeping on keeping on! I am very grateful for the priceless blessing it is to be here. And each day is a really amazing blessing! I love you all and wish the best for each of you! Keep going strong and enjoy every second you have! 

Elder Glen Wright
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Sept 29th Week long training

How has everyone's week been? Things have really been moving forward here in the wonderful WKM! 

The first day of the week really hit it off!! We started things off with exchanges with the other Elders. It's really cool to see that the work is really moving forward no matter where you are. The hand of the Lord is really reaching out to many of our beloved brothers and sisters, no matter the difficulties that they may face. 
The day was really good, but the night made it all amazing!! The other Elders that live in that apartment are Zone Leaders, so they were actually on exchanges with the AP's! I walked into the apartment and found my trainer there, Elder Abbott!!! It got better when Elder Palmer came into the room a little later, and both of Abbott's trainees, the father and the two sons, were in the same room together!! So we got some pictures and talked for a little...sad thing is that was one of the last time we would see him together, he'll be heading back home next week, exactly 7 days from today. Now THAT'S a weird feeling!!  

Through the week, we were visited with a good amount of rain. It made things really fun as we were still out and about!! That's not even going to get us out of our short-sleeve shirts!! Made for some really fun tracting experiences!! 

Think that I hit my year-mark somewhere in the week. I'm going to leave it at that. jaja!

Friday brought so much!! it was packed full of just about everything that you could think of in a meeting with the President. So the official name of the meeting was a Specialized Training, but it was a little off from the norm of all of that. 
So it all started with one of the coolest movie premieres that I have seen in ever (I think my first to be exact...XD).... But the movie that we got to preview is the upcoming "Meet the Mormons" to arrive in theaters this upcoming Octover 10th. Two options and invites I'd love to give you with this movie. One, if you have time GO!!! Two, if you dont have time GO and make the time to go!! It was such a good movie!! We were all just on a Spiritual high for the rest of the day!! SOOO GOOD!!!! So seriously, if you're even just humoring the idea on going, it is really good and worth the time!! 

So to add to the coolness of that day, we received some new trainings on how we do our weekly planning sessions. These planning sessions happen on Friday, and they help us apply the goals that we have previously set and how we are going to achieve them throughout the week. The discussions of these sessions focus on the needs of people and how to help them progress. They usually only are to take about three hours at the most. But now starting this last Friday, they will be filling the whole day until 5:00, a 6+ planning session. 
 I have seen so much come from applying this within the work, and it is absolutely amazing the blessings that come from better planning!! It is 10000000% inspired!!!!!
The fun part to it as well is the expected time it takes to get used to everything, most of the time adding the "+" to the 6 hours.... From "weekly" planning to "week-long" planning! jaja!! But with time, we'll be able to get a little faster! It's been really cool to learn and apply it into the work though!!

We got to end the week with one of the coolest lessons, it was with the wonderful Familia Ceja. They've taken a lot of interest with the Plan of Salvation, so we've really been helping them with that. But we came in and Hermano really didnt know how to bring up a question. I really felt that the Lord was working through us to help us understand his situation better. And through some inspired questions, we were able to know that there was something missing. We spent the rest of the evening talking about  the importance of reading and studying the scriptures daily as a family. Something that can slowly move into a Family Home Evening type of setting. That and family prayers really bring amazing blessings that the whole family will understand and see growing. When we shared these things with them, we left them with another commitment. And they were scrambling for paper so that they could make sure they didnt forget any of it, it really was amazing to see the renewal of energy and excitement that they have to apply these things within their family!! I'm very excited to be visiting with them later tonight!! 

Some other weekly fun facts:
-Had a great green enchilada with an awesome family one night! As well say in slow motion their glass pan explode on the top burners that were accidentally left on. 
-Ran into a Geologist that found God through studying rocks. She let us in and showed us all the amazing beauty in each one, all unique and amazing, especially the ones where you're able to hold them to the light and see everything in them! 
-Had an amazing dinner with Sergio, a really cool guy, also the one who had surgery on his knee. His family gatherings are HUGE!! Super friendly family!! Habenero salsa is the bomb! And when you have a chance to try home made qesadillas from scratch, do it!! 
-Finished weekly planning Sunday night!!!!!!!!!!! (Three days later)
-In the coolest mission on earth!!

That was basically where the week took me! Crazy to be thinking that this week is the last of the transfer!! Them we'll be doing them all over again! FAST!!!

Thank you everyone for everything that you do!!! I love you all and hope for the best!!


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Sept 22nd--p day already?

HELLO!!! How is everyone doing?!!
This week has just flown by. And to add to it all, having p-day last wednsday didnt really help any of it at all, it just made the week fly by faster!!
Things are really just keeping on keeping on here in the WKM. We've been blessed with many opportunities to serve and see the wonderful blessings of serving in the Lord's vineyard.

We had our "last" weekly planning session this last Friday. I say it in that way because we'll be receiving some trainings this upcoming saturday on how they will be changed and will be more efficient. We'll also be receiving some special trainings on many other things, so I'm super excited to see everything be applied into the WKM. I'll keep you updated this upcoming P-Day.

Yesterday was a really cool day, although it kinda started on a little more rocky side. We have had really amazing Sunday services, and many of our investigators have been able to come and really feel and be edified by the Spirit. This week though, none of our investigators came...and to add to that, no investigators of each of the three other companionships of missionaries came. And the topic that was carried in Sacrament was centered around the Restoration, then the other two classes focused on Eternal Families. ...WHAA!!! Those both were the focuses and questions that our investigators have had for the past few times that we have been able to visit.
BUT, after church, we were able to visit almost all of them, plus, we were able to get into contact with many more that both had fallen off and had just started up.
We first were able to get back into contact with a man named Sergio, who has been pretty active, despite the torn ACL and the other bad knee. But he got his surgery just a few days ago, so he'll be staying in one spot for the next little while. He's been super happy to be talking to us again, he remembers a lot, and has so much excitement to be learning so much more. SUPER COOL!!!
We then had a really good lesson with the Ceja family. They have been talking together a lot of everything Gospel related. But due to being called in, they weren't able to come to church. Hermano had some really good questions on the Plan of Salvation that led into the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically why exactly do we need to be baptized and live and learn about what Christ wants us to do in our lives.
It was super cool to see that when we came, EVERYONE came together to hear. And their older daughter had some really good questions on the Book of Mormon, where here mother started answering them! We're very excited to continue working with them!!
We were able to be used as instruments one more time in that night when we felt that we needed to go and visit a referral that we had gotten from another set of Elders in the Area. Selina was very welcoming and wanted to talk. She and her family had been going through a lot of things in the past little while. But we were able to talk to her for a good amount of time, asking and sharing what we can do as representatives of Christ for her and her family.
We shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help explain the why and how we have the specific blessings of the Gospel and of God for us today. She really is a Spiritual giant, an amazing example of faith that we all should strive to work towards. And it is an amazing and humbling blessing to be able to be placed in her path to help share this message, they really have been prepared.

Again, thank you everyone for everything that you do for me! I love you all and pray for you!! I hope that this week will be full of awesome and exciting stuff!! Work hard and love every moment!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Weekly update September 17th

Familia!!!! Como estan?!?!

First off, SUPER sorry for the fact that I've hidden for the last few days. ...well, I'm not too sorry about it, I was able to start off this morning with going to the Temple. 
I have to say that this week has been amazing, but pretty hard physically. Something through allergies or some sort of cold has been going around and hitting a bunch of people, and it decided to hit me as well. BUT this morning felt so much different! I didnt think that I would be going through the whole thing without coughing and such. I was amazing to find that I feel pretty fantastic in comparison to where I have been!! Another reason why I am SUPER grateful that we are able to go to the Temple!!
What an amazing experience! I always love going!! 

So one of the highlights in the start of the week had to have been exchanges!! Not just ANY exchanges, but with the other trainee of Elder Abbott. Simply meaning that we act pretty similar, and we get along way too well! It was so much fun!! He's only two months older than me (mission age), so it was super cool to see all the things that we've accomplished and know through the time so far. 

We've had a really good time working with many of the amazing people here in Yakima. I have really come to enjoy the work here, and the time that I get to get to know so many different walks of people. 
We have so many families and friends here that have SO much potential. We are helping them discover that potential and the joy through all the blessings that come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Two families, the Ceja family and the Fuentes family have been able to start coming to church, so we're always excited to go and see them!! 

I havent updated on my Spanish in a long time. We actually had a really fun/funny update on how we were doing by someone that we started talking to while we were on exchanges. Just before we started walking on, we turned back to us and said," Congratulations, you have really good Spanish!" When we thought on it, it was super funny to hear it that way. Usually it's something like "good job" etc. But a congratulations has to be a first and fun way to hear it. 
I still have a really hard time on overall talking, but I think that it's getting better. I'm happy to think that I can almost understand everything...which is mind blowing to think about! I would NEVER have thought that I would be able to speak, let alone understand what anyone would be talking about in Spanish!! WOO! "It's the best! I love it!"

Everything else is going really well. The hardest part of doing these weekly reports is putting everything amazing down. Reality: It probably contains only 1/10th of all the happening through the week. 
It's hard work, but worth every second!! 

I love you all and hope the best for each of you!!  

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

Mini golf at the apartment...

Happy hump day!! Fast week for a transfer

Bueno bueno!!! Hello everyone!!

I have to say that this has been a very fast week, especially for a transfer week!! First part of the week was hitting the "one week" mark for being here in Yakima, then it jumped to friday, where we spend the afternoon planning for the upcoming week. ...Not super good that it moves this fast when the transfer just happens. It means that the rest of the transfer will move about 10x's faster!! Bla.... I was also doing pretty good forgetting...but someone reminded me of today being my hump day...365 days from today...ok, I'm not going to go further than that! BLA!!!!! ...who knows, maybe they'll bring out year-long mission extensions...jaja!!

I have really been loving Yakima! It has been a really different area from the first two I served in. It's been really cool to be able to see what my potential has grown as I have spent more time here. And not just going through the day, but really putting your heart into it. 

That was actually a little of what we talked about in our zone meeting this last Saturday. In a meeting with all the Zone Leaders, President Ware really hit it home with "cleansing the inner vessel," in both grounds of fixing some of the things that halt or hold us back. As well as not just doing things because there's nothing better to do, but to really find the purpose of being here on our times it's hard to see that there are missionaries out there with that attitude, but I have really been looking into some of the things that I really can improve on to help me further "get lost in the work." And finding things that may hinder that a little. It's been a really cool experience to relearn, reevaluate, and reapply in the daily missionary life! 
We were also talking a little bit to Veronica, a woman we passed on the street. And the subject of perspective came up. How there are so many things in "daily normal life" that really can block a lot of the real perspective that we should have and would like to have. One of the fun examples that we really talked on was technology. That we are actual, living examples of how teenagers can still survive without all the technology...and still seem human. It was really fun!! But it's been something that has come up off and on, and has been something really cool to look at in perspective to many points. 

In a lot of ways, Yakima has really been kicking my butt! One of the largest examples of this has been street contacting and tracting. We know that this is such an amazing message that will bless EVERYONE!! But unfortunatly, a lot of those who ARE prepared either dont know yet, dont know where to find it, etc. So to help in this aspect, we tract. 
Yakima is SO densely populated! It's really crazy and amazing to see just how many people that you are able to come into contact with, on the streets and on their front porches. And doing that everyday is pretty usual as a missionary, but it's been a test to do it everyday for an average of 2-4 hours. I do feel though, that my talking skills and conversation skills have really increased!! 

Elder Tanner has been a fun companion. He knows a good amount of the what to do as a missionary. So that really takes a load off as a "greenie-buster!" It's been fun! Still really weird to take the lead in things that I hadnt thought of before, because my comps before usually took care of it being the senior comp. I'm not the District Leader, so that takes a lot of the load off. The DL is actually the other trainee of Elder Abbott, Elder Palmer, so we has way too much fun together!! And exchanges with him are tomorrow, so I'm SUPER excited for that!!   

The beginning of the transfer was a lot of finding and helping our friends progress, or act upon the principles through the commitments that we extend. 
We has especially been excited for La Familia Ceja. 
They've been potentials for a long time, but we had a really amazing lesson at the beginning and end of the week that really was amazing!! It's been really cool as we've gotten to know them a little bit more, how they've been prepared to hear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Things that were confusing in lessons in the past now made perfect sense. And they gladly and excitingly accepted the commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. They also accepted the commitment to be baptized as they come to know that the things that we share are true. 
The first lesson really stuck out as they had shared a bit of their feelings. Before we got to the actual restoration through Joseph Smith's experience, the father went on for about 15 minutes on how frustrated on why there were so many churches and so many interpretations of the Bible. and not just that, but everyone who would jump to fight with each other on their interpretation. 
I am eternally grateful for the wisdom of God to prepare the needed things that have come out in these latter days, especially the Book of Mormon. if we put the Bible as a point on a paper, how many lines can we draw through it? Just as that, we can have so many different ways to look at the Bible, and all of them wont go in the same direction. But how many lines can you draw if you put another point, the Book of Mormon? Only one. confusion is NOT of God, and in His amazing love, He provided us a way to know with a surety His will in our lives. And I know a large part of that comes through reading the Book of Mormon. 
But there is a large catch to go with reading it. I could just go off forever, sharing my testimony, and sharing scriptures and experiences. but that would kind of make me off like any other person. But i know that there is one who really can help up know, One who knows everything of everything, and us better than we know ourselves. "If any of you lack wisdom, ask of God." And I know through personal testimony that that is so true! And I hold it a priceless blessing to share this with everyone I am able to meet. 
I am so excited for the Ceja family, and all that amazing friends that we are able to teach. It's such a great blessing that I want for everyone! How great is our calling to share the wonderful Gospel message?!

The week really was amazing! It's hard, fun, and exciting!! I really am excited to see what this next year will be able to bring for me in my work!! 

I love you all and thank you for everything that you do for me!! iiDios bendiga!!  

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

liahona and Elder ribiera

September 8th

Hola todos mis amigos!!!!! 

What a week!! It has been filled to the brim with just about everything!! 

So the beginning of the week was full of finishing up saying goodbyes to everyone. Talk about really hard to do!! But the funny thing that I found out is that Elder Hudson (the elder replacing me with his new missionary), was the trainer of Elder Tanner, so we are literally just trading places! So I know that things are probably going really well there! I bet they had just as fun of a week as we had! 

Brother Risenmay got us to the transfer site, then Elder Ribeiro and I split up, he headed to Wanachee, and I went to Kennewick. On the really cool side, we were with President Allred, who took us to a hidden farmers market that has the BEST meat sandwiches on EARTH!!! That, and there were some Hispanic women in the chocolate factory side of it (the best chocolate candys!!), and there was one who perked up when she saw me. She happened to be from the Kennewick Spanish Branch while I was there!! So it was really cool to run into her!! And it hit me that she remembered me really well! 

The transfer meeting went really well in Kennewick, then we were on our way to Yakima! ...although, I left my bike in the Allred's trailer, so he's going to have to hold on to it until we find a way to get it my way. Might be a tender mercy, probably in safe hands and wont get robbed any time while I'm here! jaja! 

Elder Tanner is a really good missionary. I really didnt know what to expect what would be in store when I was called to be a "senior companion." But he was trained really really well! He's really fun! I had to catch myself when I saw that he acted like me a little bit, so it's going to be a fun transfer!! 

Yakima is a really cool place to be!! I didnt expect that I would have to go through a little bit of a time to get used to the big city again. It was a few days of being pretty claustrophobic, but things are really getting fun!!
I just cant believe just how many people are here! A lot!! 
We work a lot in denser part of the city. A bit of Downtown, then over to the neighborhoods near the fairgrounds. There are a lot of people to talk to ever there! It's not a super amazing talent that I have, talking to people, but nowhere is better to practice and get better at talking to people than here! Nowhere have I seen where at some days, we have 4 hours of tracting and street contacting. BA!!! 

The branch here is really amazing! The members are really friendly and helpful! It's funny to see that 90% of the branch is actually just one family. And they have HUGE family get-togethers every Sunday. So they invited us over there for dinner...crazy party!! Super fun! 

There are many people that are really moving forward. Yakima has so much potential! I'm very excited to see what this transfer has to offer for myself and those that I serve! "How great is our calling?!" 

But I'll keep working hard over here in Yakvill, all of you take care and enjoy your weeks! Love you all and hope the best! Have fun and work hard!!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission


Castro family

One to remember

Good afternoon everyone!!!
For starters, transfers!! Cause I know that all of you are dying to know!!
SO, I'll leave that for the end of the email today!!

This week has been one to remember!! I have just loved every moment that we had to continue meeting and helping our investigators. So many are SO close and have such an amazing and dedicated desire to apply the Gospel into their lives!

...ok...I really cant hold it in any more!!!!!
So...I really didnt know what to expect when it came to exactly what was going to happen. I mad some guesses a little earlier, and I was right...but got most of the people wrong!
So we will be doubling out of Mattawa (Both Ribeiro and I will be leaving), and replaced with one who's the new DL and training.
Elder Ribeiro will be going to Wanache (his old area), and I will be going up to Yakima with Elder Tanner. "I'll go where You want me to go, dear Lord!" I've also been doing some research, and if I'm correct, I'll be DL over there, as well as "greenie busting" Elder Tanner. That simply means that I'll be the first companion right after his training. SENIOR COMP WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?! ....have no idea how it's going to be, but I'm excited to see what it will be like. The biggest challenge will be the Spanish...I think...but I know that it will progress pretty fast!
I really have been amazing and grateful for the progression that I have seen in my Spanish in just the last 6 months...not to brag. But It's been really cool to see that I can understand about 95%, and I think that my speaking has really grown as well! I'm really excited to see what's in store over in Yakima, there are a lot of good, cool, and fun stories that came from over there. Both from members and missionaries.
I'm excited!!!!

We had the last District Meeting of the transfer earlier in the week. I have really grown to love preparing and doing the meetings! The District has been really amazing!! I've had a lot of fun acting out the play we made. Then for this one, I made a bunch of broadway-style theatre tickets for the play we made to help with one of the themes of the meeting. It's just been so much fun!! It's going to be bad saying goodbye later today as well as at the transfer site. Arg!
That and members and investigators, it's the worst to say goodbye!! We started yesterday saying goodbye to many of them...not very fun! And the hard thing as well is their desire to feed us until we cant eat anymore...then do that 8 times with all the people you see throughout the day. "Hermana, voy a explotar!!" "No importa Elder, Coma, mas!!"

There's been some thoughts on how the new missionaries will take many of our investigators, and other situations, but I know that this is happening for a reason! And I KNOW that the new missionaries will do AMAZING!! They're just what the Doctor ordered!!

On that note, it's really hard to think of what else to put down....
We've been continually working with Vicente and many other amazing friends. And things are really growing as miracles continue to come! I love each of them and have strong faith that they will move forward with even more miracles as they study and apply the teachings of the Gospel!

I love you all!!! I'm super excited for what's up for both myself and all of you!! Keep moving forward and love what you do!!!

Abrasitos!! CHAO!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission