Wednesday, December 10, 2014

July 28 Trials bring about some of the greatest lessons

Hello everyone!!
Holy cow!! It's pretty weird to think that today is another P-day! This week hasnt really slowed down that much!!
The work is moving along really well. We are still hitting some hard patches with many things that have and are coming up here in the Mattawa area, but it has been an amazing learning experience.
I always find it an amazing, and rather funny blessing on how many of us progress and gain attributes we ask for. One of my first thoughts that came with this was when I really was starting to think about what will happen during my mission (this was before I left). I was probably thinking something along the lines of, "I can't wait until I am able to help all these amazing people!! And now I get to spend 2 years helping and inviting people, and seeing the amazing change in their lives." Oh...but how amazing and brilliant are the ways of our Lord and Father. There is so much more to it!! It goes back to my favorite quote: "Be all that you can be," and "Let Me make you all that you can be."
If we have a desire to build on an attribute to change in our lives, He's not going to do a "bippody boppody boo" kinda change. But lasting and full ability to grow comes through a bit of a "refiners fire," which is the best description I can think of.... The biggest example that Mattawa has really helped with me so far has been my struggle with Humility. ...well, never mind with that, I'm already that most humble Elder here...I've got it down enough, so I'll move on to another...jaja no!
There has been so many people, including and especially my companion, who have been very good examples of humility. And there are so many situations that have really helping me use more humility. To make a change to help the situation for the better. What an amazing thing to be able to see. Not only the joy to be a part of the amazing conversion process of my brothers and sisters, but to really see an even greater change in me. Frustrating at times to kill off that natural man, but it's been an amazing blessing and experience for me.

Mattawa is still going through a little bit of a roller coaster with the apples starting up now. We might also join the crew and work alongside some of our investigators one of these p-days, so I'll have to keep you updated on that when and if it happens!!
But the work is going well. It has been a little bit of a refiners fire, frustrating at first. But keeping in mind that we are not here to worry about us, nor it being our own work, but the work of the Lord. What an amazing place! Mattawa is by far one of my favorite areas that I have been able to serve in!!! I love the people here!

We're still working along-side Vicente. We're very excited for him, and will help him through!! There are just so many amazing people that we really want to help and share this amazing blessing with!!

To really help both the unity of the members as well as investigators, we planned and carried out a branch activity of volleyball and hamburgers!!
We werent sure how the turnout for the whole thing would be, but as the activity started, more and more people came and had a grand old time!!!
Although...the volleyball game didnt last all that long...and quickly turned into a very fun football game! I love these people!!!

Another highlight to the week was my first real act as District leader to take hold of the first weekly district meeting. Although, we officially changed to Sistrict/Relief Society meeting.
It went really well. I'm not much of a person who likes to stand up and just preach to a bunch of missionaries for an hour and a half, so we used it more as a discussion, which turned out really well!
I guess that with time, it only gets easier, and it should really help me be able to build up my teaching skills!! This is going to be fun!!

So, kind of wrapping up the letter, I'd like to close in the words of Peter: "Beware of dogs."
There is the lesson to be learned there!! jaja!
No, but two days ago, one of the sisters in the district get into a run-in with a German shepherd. ER room, and 6 stiches above and under the eye, just missing it by a few inches. She all good though and as happy as ever!!
But I love you all and hope for the best!! Keep moving forward and dont forget to read the Book of Mormon!! I was just able to finish it and start it up again!! SO GOOD!
Thank you all and have a fantastic week!!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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