Wednesday, December 10, 2014

August 18th part 2

Hello AGAIN!!!!!
So, we just got back to Mattawa after going around looking at a bunch of cows, milking a bunch of cows, and smelling the aroma of a bunch of cows! Always a blast!! 

Such a great way to start off the week!! The whole zone was there, so we were able to spend some time up at the Alread's house doing fun things a group of missionaries would do on P-day!! Then they all made hamburgers and all that jazz! Super fun and awesome, and all other excited-sounding descriptions!! 

The funny thing is at times here and there, I have many good ideas on what I should say, but I guess this is a good example of what happens when my fingers hit the keyboard...I forget a lot of the ideas. 

BUT...moving on I guess! 
again, I want to thank everyone who has been a huge help to me while out here...which has been ALL of you!! I just cant seem to understand just how fast things have been going. My trainer barely hit a year when I got out...and now I'll be saying goodbye for a bit in just a few weeks. I'd say I have or will have no idea how that will feel...but at this alarming rate, I have no idea! 

I love you all and hope many missionary experiences for each of you! Pray and seek out opportunities to serve and share, there is no greater joy!!!! 

teqiero mucho! 

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