Wednesday, December 10, 2014

November 10th

Hello everyone from the amazing Washington Kennewick Mission!!

Lots of stuff happened this week! It's been really keeping us really busy! With the stuff to do as well as Elder Walimaa rockin' it, time has really started to pick up again...cant even start to imgaine that this is the last week of the transfer!! WHAT HAPPENED??!! ...ok, I'll put all the really fun stuff in order!

Monday I might have mentioned that the amazing sister Veronica, called us a little bit ago, telling us that we couldnt meet with her anymore. She amazing us last Monday with a call asking us to come back and talk with her as soon as possible. We set an appointment for that night, and had a really amazing lesson. 
With Veronica, there has been so many ups and downs in terms of desire to act, but one of the most amazing things that we were able to see very clearly was the testimony and spirit that the Book of Mormon brought into her life. I have a lot more to talk about the Book of Mormon in correlation to this week...but it always is really amazing to see the blessings that come so clearly from taking the time to read it. 

One of the best moments that I have found in teaching situation has been with members! I really love members and the spirit that they bring to teaching appointments. I wont go into details of the lessons that we've had with members, but I would highly invite all of you to take the time to help the missionaries, in all the forms that it brings. I really have a testimony of the missionary purpose, not just limited, to the full-time missionaries! 

So...I've realized something kinda funny this week.... I seem to have been a little too excited for all the JustServe programs coming out. And the better realization that the excitement I've got is never going to go away for it!!!!! JustServe is such an amazing program to get into, for EVERYONE!! 
One of the fun highlights of the week has had to have been the new sport of "formal raking racing." We've just been on a service high! It's the best! 

So, we spent a little bit of the morning Thursday to rake a couple houses in a neighborhood. We went out right after and worked for a bit, visiting with all of our investigators. but just as we were walking back to the car, we saw a couple houses in a row that were raking leaves. We got a raking appointment for the next week to come back when all the leaves have fallen, and we raked in our pross for a kid that was raking his grandmother's lawn for her 70th birthday just before she got home...holy cow was that a lot of fun!! 
It really is cool to see the amazing ability that we have, if we desire, to be placed in the right situation. And that's not just for teaching or super spiritual opportunities, but to help those who need or could use help. And what an amazing feeling that is!! 
And to add to all of that. The kid raking was actually someone that we talked to a good while back. He used to be Atheist, but now was attending a church. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways!! Pray for missionary opportunities and you will be able to find a see the joy of sharing what we hold dear, and something that can and will change a life in so many ways!! 

On the note of weird and funny miracles that happened this week, we have probably found an exact copy to Ester just a day or so ago. We found Aluderio as we were looking for Nacho, who's Aluderio's son. He lives out in the middle of Jalisco on a ranch...with no direction ( office or address directions are the weirdest things over there in Mexico, I'll tell ya!). He's here for the next two weeks to visit with family. A lot of the time he's at home resting, and we've had some amazing discussions with him. He dosent have a specific denomination, but he is very well versed in the Bible and its doctrines. He's really cool, and I'll have to keep you all updated with what happens! 

As weird as it is...this week has been super hard to find the time to dedicate to tracting. But it was really amazing to find out what happens as we made that a priority to do. 
We had feeling earlier in the week to start tracting a specific area right next to the Fuente's home, but we've never had time until Saturday to do it. We were able to talk to so many people (compared to what the first part of the week). And the last house (always the last!!), we were able to meet Misty. 
It really started in just knowing about her and her religious background...and It really is amazing to hear and learn about one's background. Her background was FULL!! I cant believe that so many things could happen in such a short amount of time! But it was even more amazing how she was able to find God and also help her family into it. Everything that she help dear, was a large part of what we believed...but the best way that I could think on it...was it was a large blessing that she was able to have and receive, but there was a little bit at the end that she was missing. We had the thought to bring up the Book of Mormon. And after a little explanation, we gave her a copy, and she said as well that we cleared up a lot of information that she had about Latter Day saints that she'd been holding for 20+ years. 
What really hit me was the amazing fact that she had so many of the Blessings that God has for us. And the blessings that He gives each of us as we follow His direction. What we felt so strongly though about giving her a Book of Mormon was the fact that God has given us SO many blessings, but there is so many more that we can receive. That is one of our biggest messages to the world, is that although we have some amazing blessings that we can receive from God as we do what we can, there are so many more, that have been hidden from the world until this age in time, the fullness of times, where the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth again. The Book of Mormon really can help us as we strive to further learn this truth. And we may also come to know each and every one of those blessings that our loving Father in Heaven has for us. Now isn't that the Gospel, isn't that the "Good News."

Family and friends, I love you all and pray for your health and success! Keep moving forward with faith and always look to the Lord for direction! Always take the few moments to serve, whether Spiritually or physically, and never forget to stop and look at the sunsets! 

Teqiero mucho!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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