Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Last week as a mini missionary

Bueno bueno!!!!
I hope...and heard that everything this week went really amazing for all of you!! Things here, especially this week have been absolutely amazing!!
The start of the week really set the stage for everything! We had a really hard time last week, and we took some time to talk about what we needed as a focus to help things move forward. It's just been really weird to have to work around things that happen like around here...especially with workers out and about each day, but this week has made it a miracle.
It started with Monday. Goodness, I am so grateful that missionaries are able to have a bit of the day to prepare for the week. Not just going and getting things they need, but to mentally click off for a moment and get your head back into place...just away from the day to day stress of missionary life.
On Monday, we as a zone were invited to play a good number of fun sports and such as a members house. That was SUPER HOT! But it was absolutely amazing! It got the both of us pumped and ready for the week!!!
Things this week have been hard as well, and that's just the work for the season. But, as we worked with our focus, and acted not just BY, but WITH faith, miracles were seen each day!!
Even the first moments after our activities in Othello were amazing! There were many people that we talked to, and found interest, then we were able to get in touch with our WML's sister, who had been investigating for a good number of years. We sat down and really got talking (she had been really sick a few days before, where we gave a blessing, and it really hit here hard, especially with the influence with her brother and mother).
But one of the greatest things that I was able to notice with this week, was our attitude when trials did come, when the moments were just as hard. It was changed and done with so much joy and patience, for both of us! Truly was an amazing miracle to see unfold here!!
And still working off the amazing exciting note...HAIRCUT!!! Always really in need and multi-color highlights on our calendars!
But on the same level of that, we were able to go down to Othello later in the week and attend another Zone Meeting. I love being able to go to these!! They are amazing and really help bring an edifying Spirit to help us move along in the work of the Lord!
The focus and inspired theme that was expressed was the amazing opportunity and blessing to work alongside members!
Being a missionary is one of the greatest things that I know that I can do now in my life. It brings so many blessings and joy that is indescribable! and it's even cooler to think that all that strive to reach out and share the Gospel, can as well, have those same missionary experiences.
I goes back to whenever I think of Elder Holland talking on missionary work. "This [missionary service] is as close to Real Life as you will ever get." Now, how can that apply to us all a members? I know that I will strive to continue with his further invitation for these missionaries, two years to learn and apply the Gospel to our lives, practice it, and learn from it. Then to learn how to do missionary work at home. The greatest blessing is that we dont have to stop having missionary experiences, and we shouldn't! "How great is our calling?!"

but on another note, thank you all for everything that you have done to help me out! Especially for today, which marks my 19th birthday! I love you all!
Yesterday was especially a really special day that marked my last day as a "mini-missionary" (not what the slang is for that here, just a name I thought of). I am very grateful for the priceless blessing to be here, especially to be able to start the first parts of my life here. I cant even imagine where I would be right now this day if the age didnt change, and it dosent matter, because this is the one place that I know I need to be and want to be right now. I know that the Gospel is true and is meant to be continued every second of our lives. That is what was meant, and that is our greatest blessing!
Obedience and the ability to confide and give to the will of others is something greatly rounded at in today's society. But I know that is the way we are meant to walk as we follow the steps of Christ, up to the feet of the Father.
I know that God lives, I know that His Son is our Savior. I've always thought of how a living prophet can be of great help over a dead prophet. And I know as well, that we have a living Christ. And what an amazing though and blessing that is! He knows us and continues to strive to help us! "Choose not to be what the world is looking for, but what the Lord is working for!"
Thank you all for the love and support that I feel so strongly here! I love you all and pray for you! Have a great week! Know that you made my day!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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