Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January 19th--Mac & Cheese

By the way...I couldnt think of anything too creative for the intro of the message, so I decided to put a personal favorite...mac&cheese!! 

This has been a FAST week!!! I know that I keep saying that...but THIS one really was a fast one! ...I've probably said that as well...jaja! ....I dont even know where to start...! 

...really hard to start this, really is. But the best way to start everything off is my testimony that I KNOW that miracles are the natural response to acting in faith to Gospel principles! We had a really good discussion at the beginning as well as throughout the week in many of the things that we really can get doing really well through the week, and many amazing things have come from it!! 

It's really cool to see that after we had set those goals, we had many moments where the goals came up in reminders throughout the week. We had district meeting, exchanges with our district leader, and interviews with our mission president. AH! I just dont know where to start in just how cool this Gospel is!! It has been absolutely amazing to be able to look and find so many things that I can change, and doing it!! A talk from Joseph Smith really hit the doctrine of Faith home for me. Simply, the opposite of faith, being fear, doubt, and lack of confidence. But how amazing it is to see things change as we act with faith in everything that we do. It really is a principle of power!! 

One of the coolest miracles that I do want to share with you happened with Juan Manuel and his family. 
So he's a recent convert that moved from East Pasco just about a week ago. We got to know him, and he has two daughters who hadn't been baptized yet, but had a desire to, Faviola and Antonia. He sat us down and really just got us going on what we need to do to help them be baptized as soon as possible. And we got talking to Faviola, and invited her to be baptized a week from that day, which will be this Saturday. She prayed that night and answered the next day that she got a strong affirmative that this is what she needs to do. 

We've spent a lot of this past week meeting with both of the daughters as well as the family. They have such a strong testimony and a really bubbly and really fun personality!! We a SO excited for them!!!!!!!!!!! 

I LOVE this work. There really is no better joy that we can feel than seeing sons and daughters of God come unto Christ and see and feel that joy that we have and do feel. 
I have a testimony of the joy and peace that comes through the Gospel. I know that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and given to us by the Father. How amazing can it be if we could have the Holy Spirit with us, giving us this joy, every moment and minute of our lives. I can also testify that it can, and that comes through the sacred ordinance of Baptism by one holding the proper authority given from God. It's been something that I've really been focusing to have more often, the Spirit constantly with me. Really can get hard at times, but it is worth every sacrifice and effort! 

I love all of you! Thank you for the support and love that I feel so fully here! Have a great week, stay safe, and dont forget to smile as much as you can!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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