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December 29th

Hola todos mis queridos amigos y familia!!

This week has been such a blast!! A week full of amazing memories, blessings, and miracles! 
SO busy though!! Everyday had something either really big...or super big! ...Love that and hate that...but LOVE THAT! Keeping busy is the best, especially in the work of the Lord. 

One of the coolest and best ways that we've been able to start off the week was a Leadership meeting to follow up on everything that Elder Arnold had given us, especially as District Leaders. ...basically, we had the thought that it was super edifying and awesome if you did start everything...and super "throw down" if you didnt. I really loved his responce when a missionary piped up asking that question. "It's not me that rebukes...the Spirit does it all. And He dosent rebuke unless needed." {Not exact...nor given justice...jaja} It was just super funny! 
The meeting was AMAZING!!! There are so many things that I still need to get down and change, but the AMAZING thing about this meeting is that direction that I may not have had in the past, I now have! I have such a clearer view of the things that I can do to bring the Spirit more into the work and help miracles come to myself, but most importantly to these wonderful brothers and sisters that I have had the amazing opportunity to teach. 

The best part of the meeting actually came afterwards, after I had returned back to my area. I had so much energy and excitment to do this work, it was such a funny feeling. I had the thought to call Sister Ware (our health person) and tell her that I didnt feel like myself...the meeting changed the way that I thought and felt about the work I was doing. ...I kinda kick myself that I felt changed and different...I would have loved to be able to feel just like that every time before that meeting. 

There's still so much that I'm working on with change and applying the Gospel into my life, but I really can testify that as we do so, the Spirit of the Lord will bring one of the greatest feelings of Joy...real joy, not of this word, not fake nor temporary, but the pure joy that only the Gospel can bring. 

We had our last District meeting before the end of the Transfer. It was on Christmas-eve, so we were all decked out in everything Christmas...thank you so much Hermanas!! Best district ever!! 

Christmas was no less than amazing!!!!!!! Thank you everyone for the amazing card and love that I felt from each of you this Christmas season!! 
And absolutely a highlight of the day to be able to Skype to all my family!! And the Webers count as family! So you cant count yourself out of this one!! jaja! 
Thank you for the amazing blessing to see all your faces and the spirit working in each of you! Keep everything going and have a blast this new year!! Love you all so much!!!!

We got to end Christmas by caroling with the Pimentel Family. That really was so amazing!! We went first to visit families that they had in mind, then we went and visited Less Actives as well as some of our investigators. It was absolutely p[priceless to see the amazing spirit that it brought to each of the homes that night. Christmas...THAT'S what's it all about. HE IS THE GIFT! Discover the Gift, Embrace the Gift, SHARE the Gift! 

These last few days have been filled with many miracles! Amazing to see that this is what an area can have potential to have. The last few days, we've really had no extra time because we've been in one lesson to another...a large difference from just a few days ago, which has been much quieter. Each lesson has been an amazing spiritual experience where many of our wonderful brothers and sisters have each made the commitment to start this journey into the Gospel of Christ! I'm very excited for each of them and pray for them each day, and I'd invite all of you to do the same!! 
I feel that I should put some names down in specific that, if you could, keep them in your prayers. 
-Mario, who is so amazing and going through some problems at this moment. Bless him that he may see the power of prayer to help find spiritual answers to both spiritual and temporal questions. 
-Veronica, is trying her hardest to help her family, especially through hard situations. She accepted the invitation to be baptized and needs prayers to help her continue feeling that Spirit and bring that into the home in every way. 
-Familia Pimentel, such an amazing family!! They are pushing through and applying the Gospel as much as they can. Please pray that Hermano Pimentel may see that these are things held very dear to the family as a whole and the he may desire to be more involved himself. 

Thank you so much for everything that you do to help as much as you can! I feel the love that you have and I thank each one of you for everything that you do to help!

SO......on the note of Transfers.... President Ware and the Lord have surprised us again, with the call to be doubled out of Yakima (both of us are leaving). Elder Walimaa is needed in Moses Lake, and I've been called to Pasco. 
It's SO sad to leave an area, and it's a lot harder to have to have both of the missionaries leave. But I KNOW that the missionaries that will be replacing us are here for a reason. There will be Sisters in our area, which actually is a small answer to our prayers. I think that this really is what the area needs, and I'm so excited for the amazing blessings that our wonderful brothers and sisters will receive as they further apply and live the Gospel of Christ!! 

Side note for my family.... Made a promise to the Pimentel Family that I'll come back right after my mission and play "Manzanas con manzanas" (Apples to Apples). ...we as missionaries cant play board or card games.... So, I'll have to make sure that happens!! jaja!!!!! Such an amazing family! The blessings of the Temple are so close for each of them!! And Itzel, the daughter is preparing for a mission, so everything with them is just so exciting!! 

Brothers, Sisters, and beloved family! Thank you so much for the amazing week that you helped make happen! I love you all so much and hope that each of you have amazing plans for the new year...both in goal form as well as family get-togethers! Have an AMAZING new years!! 


Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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