Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December 22nd

Time to start things off in the right way!

Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belen,
con mi burrito babanero voy camino de Belen,
Apurate mi burrito que ya vbamos a yegar!

...best Christmas song out there right now! 

FELIZ NAVIDAD all of you amazing people! Love you all and hope that your holidays are FANTASTIC!! 

The intro deserves a little explination. This is a really catchy Spanish Christmas song that our Branch Mission Leader got hooted on and now has all the missionaries serving in the branch hooked on singing it everywhere! It's a really fun song!! 

The week of Christmas is finally here!! I cant believe that it came SO fast! ...reason number one that I havent gotten Christmas cards out...but I have them in my hands right now ready to head out to all of you!! 

The week has been filled with really cool things. Although it's been a lot harder to get with many of our brothers and sisters this week. We've really spent the week in preparation and meeting many new people that we can start talking to this upcoming week. Like they say, preparation is a super essential part of any work, and especially this work. 
In the midst of the small challenge we had this week with finding our investigators home, it really brought me to thinking really hard and kind of "deep cleaning" some of the things that I might still have been doing from the past. Not bad habits, but not the best. It's just so amazing to think of all the things that we can change that will directly bring so many blessings, both into our lives, but more importantly into the lives of our brethren. It's cool to see that we have that ability to change, and it's a natural and essential part of the Gospel of Christ. The biggest question is if we are willing to make that change! 

I'm really excited for the last week of this transfer! I have many things that I will be working on, and I know that they will make so many differences in everything! What an amazing opportunity we have to do that!!

This week was probably the best week for perfect companionship unity. I was really impressed too!! Both Elder Walimaa and I got sick at the EXACT same day!! Isn't that cool!? jaja 
Nothing that was huge, but it must have been very funny to look at what we might have looked like for others. We were laughing the whole time!!

Something that lightened that load and really got us better was our opportunities of service. We did a large service with the Salvation Army in their huge Christmas food bank. We had a group consisting of about 8 missionaries and made 700 missionaries in a few hours...super cool! 

To end off the week, we had a really awesome Saturday! We got to see two other families be welcomed into the branch! The baptisms were really amazing and the families are the coolest!! Really cool things are happening with all the missionaries that serve in the branch! 
We finished that day with a really fun branch Christmas party. BLAST!! We were with the Pimentel family the whole night, and were all laughing our heads off and having a really fun time. Really good homemade food, a fun program from the youth, and a really crazy pinata party watching the youth go crazy! 

I'm so excited for Christmas! It's been really amazing to see Christ more. I'm so happy that I have that change to share that with everyone as well! I'm really excited to see what this week has to offer as we continue to invite others to come unto Christ. 

I love you all and wish you the best Christmas season! Always remember that He is the Gift! Find how you can share that as well!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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