Thursday, April 30, 2015

March 2nd

Hola all you amazing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(and of coarse I just copy and paste this part)...This week has just FLOWN by!!
Bla...I need to be finding some better ways to start things off!! ...but the moment I think of doing just dosent make sense to say anything less than that we're having the best two years of our lives, the best week ever, and the time goes by too fast!

We had a really cool week this week. There is SOOOO much happening with the work around here. It's really amazing how the Lord has been answering our prayers to be able to find more people who have been prepared. ...although...we probably could have been a little more specific in our prayers, because we sent many of the people we met as referrals to the English Elders...jaja!! SO many amazing people here! It's absolutely amazing to see how the Lord has been carrying out His work in preparing them, and preparing us to be able to teach them the message of this Restored Gospel.

To not make this email the longest thing in the world, I'll just share one of my favorite things this week!!
I think I talked a little bit about a couple, Jesus and Catolina, who we first met in a family home evening a few weeks ago. Last week was the next lesson after that FHE, where we had a really good discussion on the Restoration, and we set an appointment for a week from that day, which for us missionaries, is an eternity!! But we found that as the week went on, both Catolina and Jesus got more and more excited for the upcoming lesson. The then tried to invite a couple of their friends to be there as well.
It ended up just being us and the Ramirez family, but we had an amazing discussion!! We started by watching part of "Families are forever," then got on the topic of the Plan of Salvation. We spent a couple hours discussing each part with them, answering questions, and teaching doctrine. After the closing prayer, they served us pan dulce and some AMAZING chocolate drink! THEN we spent another couple hours talking, getting back on the topic of the Restoration.
They have come very far, soaking in every word that we say and every feeling the Spirit shares. It really is amazing though to see the perspective that the Lord has for them, and what He is willing to do to help them progress on the path towards Him.
I have spent some time in the scriptures striving to understand the Plan of Salvation, and it's one of my favorite subjects. I know that the full plan that God has for each of us has in deed been restored through the Restoration of the Gospel. There arent any blank spots or unknown areas where we just guess, but we can know exactly what was before this life, our purpose for us being here on the earth, and where we are going after this life. What an amazing blessing to know!!! And what an amazing blessing to be able to share with all these amazing brothers and sisters!

I love you all! Thank you SO much for everything that you do to make the difference and help and support me. I have a testimony of this work, and I want to do everything I can do to make sure everyone can receive this joy as well! I invite all of you to do the same!!
 Hasta la proxima Lunes!!
Elder Glen Wright

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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