Thursday, April 30, 2015

End of April

Holy Cow! Yet another week comes rolling to a close! ...Elder Budica and I have been talking, and both agree that this has been one of the fastest transfers so far! Things are moving so fast around here.

It's been such a great week. Feeling kinda like an AP with all the exchanges we had though. :P That's all they did "back in the day" (funny I can start using that). We had a couple exchanges back to back. With the first one, I traveled all the way up north to Bruster. The the second day I was in our area with the zone leaders.
Bruster was a BLAST!! Learned a lot and had a lot of fun. There's a pretty well known hispanic there, Pedro, who basically owns the town, so we got to meet up with him and do some service. Then he took us out the best Mexican-food joint, also getting me to do the initiation for new missionaries of eating a type of pepper. Just super fun stuff like that!!
Getting thrown back into the area after a day added a really fun twist to the exchanges back with the zone leaders. We had so many amazing conversations throughout the day. Which really helped me get on tract to my "next step" as a missionary. SO GOOD!!

Apart from all of that, we've been fighting to find the vision the Lord has for the area of Chelan. Lots of stuff is happening, and we need to make sure that we're keeping up and prepared to reach out and find and teach those who have been prepared and are elect. Elder Busica and I have spent some good time talking about what it is, and the things that can help us change. I love transfers like this, where everything about you can change! The one of the best parts of the Gospel! We have such a great potential, and our Father is just waiting for us to take the first steps. I love this Gospel with all my heart and know it to be true!

That's pretty well been our week in a nutshell...or sombrero hat for us Hispanic Elders. We got to fish this morning! Fishing is pretty hot around here right about now. I got myself a good!!! Gave it to one of the members we were with, we'll see if he can cook that thing up for us!! WOOO!!

I love you all so much!! I miss you, but know without a doubt that this is where the Lord wants me. I love this work and have a strong testimony of it! Keep moving forward with a steadfastness in Christ! "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER! FULL SPEED AHEAD! "

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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