Thursday, April 30, 2015

February 16th

Hola!!!! How is everyone!!

I really dont know how to start up this email.... This week has been absolutely amazing!! So many miracles have been happening! So crazy!!! I know for a fact that the work is HASTENING!! And He says that, it means that we are running as fast as we can to keep up! ...and it dosent help that both of us were super sore from last P-day! (We spent most of the day on the basketball court!) 

A million and one miracles happened this week, so I'll do my best to give some takeaways! 

One of the coolest things that has been repeatably happening throughout the week has been being able to find and teach a lot more prepared people. There are SO many amazing people here, and never enough time to share with them what we bring. But we've been able to meet many new people, share with them the message for the Restored Gospel, and invite them to follow the example of our Lord and Savior through the ordinance of baptism. 

There has been a lot of amazing things that we've been striving each day to improve, and many amazing things have come as a result. Not that the people are being better prepared to receive the Gospel, but that WE are now better prepared to help them to receive it.

....Alrighty...dont know if I've seen these before, Motorized mountain bikes...HOW COOL IS THAT??!! We got talking to man on the street, actually a less active member of the church, and he made a living of making from scratch these motors and assembling them onto bikes. That would be really cool to have as a missionary...although might not look too good.... A well.... Although, with the weather getting better, we might be able to get out our bikes and get around with an actual set of wheels!! Dont know how long I'll last here, but it's sounding pretty tempting. 

If I havent made enough of a deal about the JustServe stuff here, I'll do it again to make the point!! 
I LOVE JUSTSERVE!! I also love doing service!! There really is nothing as satisfactory as working to help others in any way that we can! 
This week, and on average, we had (have) two days during the week to service. One of them that we did this week was with the Union Gospel Mission, where we sorted through a bunch of food and distributed it off to the community. Then the other was with the City of Pasco, where we landscaped at the fire station as well as the park right next to the Columbia River (lots of geese there...would of had a video of chasing/being chased, but I didnt get it on video...sorry). 
One of the really cool things about JustServe, and missionary work in general is the amazing opportunity to get talking. We had a really cool conversation that started with Basketball, and ended with us giving him a Book of Mormon. I cant really describe how it changed, or the Spirit that was there, but it was a really amazing experience. 

A few of many of the amazing things that happened this week. I love this work and have a very strong testimony that it is true! I love this Gospel and what it has done to change my life in every way. Following by faith is something that ALL of us can do in every moment of our lives, and we WILL receive so many blessings. As will, and hand in hand with that, acting with faith and living the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ WILL bring us ALL the blessings that our Father in Heaven has for us, in His time and way. I love it with all my heart and know it's true, and I'm so grateful for everyday that I have to share with with those I love, the amazing people of Pasco. 

I love you all as well. I hope and pray for the best, and that each of you may find and have more of this joy that I have, let us press on with faith!! 
Have a great week! ABRACITOS!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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