Thursday, April 30, 2015

February 23rd--Tamales

Hello everyone!!
I'll have to admit that it's really weird to be back here at the computer again...this week has really flown by! Time has just been slipping around here as we've bee working. Lots to be done, and there's never enough time to get it all! 

This week has been really good! ...realizing, I dont think that I've ever said anything less then amazing or good!! So much is happening. The best part of it all is the fact that we still have so many things to be working on and get better, and we know that there are so many blessings directly coupled with that. 
A really good way to place the week was getting our feet better planted and working with everything we need to personally be doing. Like I stated last week, we've been working to make sure that WE are the ones who are being prepared to teach all these amazing people. 

The memorable spiritual moment this week: Tamales! 
This week, I was able to fulfill one of my mission-long goals of learning how to make tamales...not too hard, really messy, and plenty fun. Although with all the work...I have a renewed respect and a desire to just get them from the tamale vendors outside of the Walmart.
We've been working with the Cruz family for a while, and have gotten so close to really finding what it is that can help them really get started on the path...starting with getting married. We mentioned that we wanted to learn from them how to make tamales (both are really well known bakers and cooks in Pasco), but we just never really found a time that matched up. But one of the nights that we passed by to visit, she was getting things ready to make everything. The thought questioning if it was a good use of time came into my mind, but it felt like something that we needed to do, and not just to be able to make some amazing tamales!!...although that was awesome in itself!! 
After we got the hang of making them...wont tell you how long it took, but needless to say that we are now champion tamale makers...we had a lot of time to do some small talk. We were able to learn so much about them and more light in how we can help them better progress in the Gospel as a family. 
I love the fact that it really dosent matter what we are doing, but that there are countless ways that we can talk about the Gospel, or for us, make amazing teaching situations to help them strengthen their resolve and give them the strength to act of the principles of the Gospel.  

On a little different of a note.... Although we are pretty closed off as missionaries with everything happening in the world right now. I've really been feeling the need for all of us to be holding firmer and firmer in the Faith. There's been a really weird feeling in the fact the adversary can be felt in so many ways in today's world. My first though goes to the Bible, where it speaks of "their hearts shall fail them." But my thoughts and spirit grows stronger as I have looked to the doctrines of faith. There's a lecture that Joseph Smith gives that really called to me, that I was studying this morning. It's found in "Lectures on Faith 6:7"...sorry that I cant really quote it. But it really is something that I would love to leave you to look. But This is defiantly a time where we need to be having more faith. And I know that each of you know where we need to go to receive this added faith and love. 
No doubt that we do live in harder times, but these are absolutely amazing times that we live in. We HAVE the restored Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. And with that, we have to ability to receive the faith necessary to overcome the trials we are given daily. 

I love you all and pray for each of you. Have a great week and love every second. 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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