Thursday, April 30, 2015

March 23rd


Funny how five-day weeks just FLY by!! Through it all, we've been staying really busy here in Pasco Washington. 

So this week also marked us getting our next transfer calls. And not to break the mold, we've been called to be doubled out of Pasco, and I'll be heading up north to Shalan. I've heard pretty amazing things from up there, both from the work as well as the amazing landscape! So I'm pretty excited. But now the focus is getting the area ready and working really hard the next few days we have here in Pasco. 

Yesterday was a little harder of a day in the fact that we had our last Sunday service in Pasco, as well as had our last lesson with Jesus and Catolina. While we've been here, we've really grown close to them, such a great family!! 
We brought over "The Living Christ" and had an amazing discussion for a few minutes on Christ. It's really amazing to see that when you lay everything down flat, everything that we share, and that we know, those branches always take it through Christ and what He did for each of us, and what He's doing today! Pretty amazing!! 
Sad to say goodbye to them, but we know we'll see them soon!! We said the first place we'll look will be the church on a Sunday!! 

I have to say how excited I am for General Conferences coming up in the next couple weeks!! What a great blessing that each of us have to hear our Father's voice through His instruments, the Prophet and Apostles. Let us all make the time to attend and tune in! I know that this is the word of the Lord, which is received in and needed for our day.  
I know that God shows His love for each of us by calling prophets. I know as well that they are giving the power and authority to act in God's name for the salvation of His children. And all of us as His children, have the gift of agency, which includes the freedom to accept or reject the gospel as taught by the prophets and apostles. Those who choose to obey are blessed, but those who ignore, reject, or distort the gospel do not receive God's promised blessings. 
If we follow God's counsel, we will NEVER be wrong. Let us all be ready for the amazing guidance we will receive in these next weeks, and search out what we need to do to better apply the Gospel into our lives. 

I love you all and pray for each of you!! Have a fantastic week!! 

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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