Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 20th

Hello everyone!! I wish I could just do this all in Spanish!! I've been on that thought process for the past week! Jaja...working here in English has been a blast, but I really miss speaking nothing but Spanish every day. It's kinda funny that I'd be thinking like this, but it really is something that grows on you! I feel more Spanish than anything else...still have a lot to learn, but what I know sticks like glue!!
This week has been pretty amazing!
It's been a roller coaster with some of the brothers and sisters that we're teaching, but we're ready for this upcoming week of many miracles!!
My mind and studies have been all focused on General Conference. Today is the first day we can go onto the computers, and that they're on there! ...feeling bad for the librarian, because I'm about to go to town on getting a bunch of these printed!!
On a similar note to all of that, and the highlight to the week came with specialized training and interviews with President Ware. I went in there with a main focus on receiving guidance, and boy did I get some!!!
I got a lot of new light on the subject of Gospel application. It's great and all to have all the knowledge in the world...but what real use has it to us? There's a great difference I have felt with "Knowledge" and "Understanding." In a nutshell, I am SOOOOO excited to get really going on my studies and discovering and jumping into the application. So much to the subject that I really cant give it any justice!

Everything in the mission field is going really well. It's been a lot of amazing experiences here in Chelan. The Spanish is (hopefully) staying the same or improving...not too much practice while here. We're really trying to find some Spanish speakers to start teaching! 
I want to share a talk that really impacted me! My mind's been over this topic again and again, and my testimony of the amazing Grace and gift of God has always come to mind.
I share my testimony with President Uchtdorf and my desire as well to sing praises to the Most High God, our loving Father in Heaven.
I'm going to blame the fact of the lack of information on me wanting to do this all in Spanish!! Thank you all for putting up in my messages, no matter how repetitive it gets sometimes. I love you all! I really hope for the best as you stay close to the Lord as He builds and blesses you! 
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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