Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lake Chelan

Hello everyone!!
This week has been a really good one. Even though we had a LOT of stuff to get ready for transfers, everything whent really fast!!
The first part of the week before transfers was all preparation. We got eveything ready to recieve the new elders into the new area. Sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it's been really awesome to see just how everything has been falling into place for many miracles in that area!! We're really excited!
Transfer day just never ended, it was a FULL and LONG day of driving and sitting. Our commute: Pasco to Kennewick; Kennewick to Yakima (OLD AREA!!); Yakima to Quincy; Quincy to Wenachee; then Wenachee to Chelan. At every transfer site, the group got smaller and smaller, until it was just a handfull of us, and me driving them all up for the next site, my stop, at Chelan.
My companion, Elder Budica is an italian...dont think I have to say too much more!! He's a blast! Been out a good amount of time, so it's more of going out and giving it all we've got!
The area is really fun! It's going to be a lot of fun!! It's a little harder of an area, both Spanish and English...lots of tourism, but there really are miracles happening. I walked into the area with one investigator, and two or three we've got a lot of work to do!! It's going to be a really fun area and a blast of a transfer!!
THIS PLACE IT BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I really dont know what else would best describe it!! Look for some pictures of it...then multiply that view and intensity by a million!
The members that we live with gave us a soft-serve ivecream machiene too......................................... Not too much I'll say about that as well.
One of the coolest people as well lives here, his name's Andy. He's had a very hard past, but is seeing crazy changes just over the few days that we've been able to meet with him. The next step for him will be giving up his drinking, which starts today, but we know that he is on fire with the spirit!!

Things here are going really well, and I'm very excited for this transfer to really get into motion. I'm very excited to be with my companion, it seems that my prayers have been clearly answered, to be with someone who can really help me make the next steps of progression and growth. It's going to be awesome!!

Not to meantion how exciting it's getting to wait for General Conference. I know that we will be able to hear a living Prophet's voice in just a few days. Prepare and tune in so that all of you may recieve the amazing guidence that the Lord has for each of us!
I know that this is His Gospel. And what a priceless blessing it has been to be able to share that with so many amazing people! I love you all as well, and hope for the best! Work hard, love everything you do, and watch conference!!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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