Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Good afternoon everyone! I cant believe that it's again time for weekly updates! This has been a really awesome week!!

So on the exciting side of news....TRANSFERS!!!!! Wow....that also came super fast!
But the verdict: Trotter is transferring to Sunnyside (smellyside), and I'm receiving Elder Ribiero. I have to say that I am super excited!!! Trotter is awesome, but he's been here a long time, and there are people that need his skills over in Sunnyside. Elder Ribiero is Brazilian and really really cool!! He was also Elder Trotter's comp while he was in Pasco. I am super excited! The work is really moving forward, and I can see so many amazing things happening to the Wahluke area.
FUN FACT: something that I just remembered.... Wahluke and Mattawa are one and the same city. The funny part is "Mattawa" is actually "Where is it" in the native Indian language here, so it must have been Wahluke at first, but the tribe across the river must have made that the popular nick-name.
BUT, back to transfers. There was another big thing that I had to guess, One of the APs is heading home today, so they had to fill the gap, and my guess was my trainer, Elder Abbott.
The moment that we got our calls, I heard, "This is Elder Hornburger, Elder Barham, and ELDER ABBOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO CALLED IT! I just about died! I am so happy for him! He will be super cool! SO CALLED IT!!
So I'm really excited for the upcoming transfer, there are a lot of things that I am and will be very excited for! So I'll have to keep all of you updated on all the fun things! But I'm pretty happy to be with the new Elder. One thing that I'll try to do is get my soccer skills and knowledge better!

I was really surprised for how much service that we were able to do this week. And yet, we had a large number of really good lessons! One of my favorite things has been the ability that we got to paint one of the members houses. It was a blast!!! And I have to say that house is the best looking house in all of Mattawa...although that's not too hard...XD No, but it looks really really good. Stands out...in a good way. But we spent the morning to the afternoon painting the whole thing, then enjoying a really fun lunch with some of the members...photo included later. Super fun!

We got to go to the food bank again, after I got a much needed haircut! Good thing too, that happened to be one of the hotter days of the season so far. We actually had one woman go into heat stroke...not really fun to get involved with, but everything turned out alright.

All the people that we talked to and discussed the Gospel with were really amazing. We got to talk to many of the friends we talk to each week, and we also were able to meet many more! There are so many people that are being prepared! Each day is such a blessing to be able to meet and share this sacred message with everyone we come in contact with.
But everything is going really well. I'm just super happy and super excited for everything! It's really weird to think that I can be this happy every day in being able to search, learn, apply, and share everything that this Gospel has to give. It truly is an amazing blessing that I dont think I can ever take for granted.

Thank you all for the support that I feel each day here in the WKM. It's just amazing...hard to explain! Haha, but I hope that all of you can have just as equal as amazing weeks!
Love you all, pray for you all, will see you all later!
The Vineyard Worker,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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