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April 14th 2014

Buenas Dias todos! Estoy muy agradacido para tener esta oportunidad para escribir una correo a ustedes!! It's really hard to believe that it has been a full week since the last time that I was sitting here for Preparation Day! ...I keep sayiing that I know...but things have just been moving really quickly. There is so much to do, and the time to do it all just slips out from under you!
On that note.......transfer calls come out this weekend...WHAT!?!?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!!!!??????? ...ok, now that's over with....

This week has been really good! The work is still moving forward at amazing speeds!
The season as well has been just flying by!! Our 14 mile drive into town has transformed from a dull brown, to beautiful fields and vineyards full of green and colors! And when we aren't driving past the dairy and feed lots, it smells just as good!
It's starting to become really beautiful...not as I expected Washington to be, but in its own amazing way.
But to add to the rapid growth of the orchards, has been the need of laborers in them, to pick the flowers so the fruit is bigger and more spread across the trees. Although that is now a large obstacles with finding and teaching our investigators, we have found miracles each day as we still move forward and find, teach, and see progression!
It's a definite humbling experience to get to know many of the workers, what they sacrifice, and their overall attitude to it.
One of our investigators, Vicente Lopez, has been an amazing example for it. He has been living in one of the boarding trailers on the floor of the living room. With no job, he started having a really hard time finding a way to pay rent. I have seen just an amazing change in him as we have been teaching him. He is now a few days in another job, and as he was tending to sores on his hands from picking, he gave an amazing prayer! There was an amazing and humble Spirit that we felt as he gave great gratitude and excitement for his new job, us as new and close friends, and the ability to come closer to Him, our Father in Heaven. Orchards are one of the coolest things to pass by! Not only is it drop dead beautiful row after row, but you can hear excited talk, laughter, and singing from every one of the workers! Here and there you get the "Elders!!" and a wave of waves. It's just a really fun and cool experience! Riding the bikes make it that much better! With the lower miles, we do that more and more, in the country areas, and in the city. That, and recently with the necessity to bike more, I've strapped my portable speaker to my bag, so now we can listen to MOTAB just about everywhere; "conversation starter 101"!!!

But I'm learning a lot more that I thought I would with farming and such. I might even get to learn how to tend grapes, prune, and graft...need to ask around!
I never thought much of the details of tending orchards. One thing that has fascinated me has been pollinating through pallets full of boxes of bees.... More or less because while riding my bike down the hills, you hit an average of 20 or so bees...thank goodness for sunglasses!

One of the highlights for the week was the Specialized Training and interviews with President Ware, which happen once every 12 weeks. i always love being able to talk to President Ware! He is really amazing and has a very special love for this work and its missionaries. Along with the interviews, we participated in a really good training and discussion with the AP's, focused on the Book of Mormon and its role in the conversion process of ourselves, and those we share it with.
I just LOVE how Joseph Smith puts it: "The Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on the earth." That just makes me think...of all the books that we could have on the earth...had, have, or will have...the Book of Mormon is the most correct of them all. Of all the things that God would want us to know; that He knows would help us the most in this life to fulfill his purpose (to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man); He chose to bring about the Book of Mormon along with the Gospel library. WHA! It's really cool to think about.
We took an evening and visited a recent convert. We have seen an amazing Spirit that has been with her since, and the effects that it has started to have in her family (being the wife and only member of a family who's son died). She has such a strong testimony and has the faith and desire to share it with the whole family. We read out of the Book of Mormon, in the spot that she was:the book of Jarom. The smallest book in the Book of Mormon, and it had an amazing impact with her. One of the biggest impacts has been the personal messages that has fitted just for her and her situation. Sometimes, like Joseph Smith, one needs to read through a large portion to find what they may be looking for, such as he did to find James 1:5. 

I am grateful for the experiences that my mission has given me so far! It's getting warmer, so I'm excited to get out my short-sleeve shirts and get out there!! I'll be here, white shirt 'n tie, sharing the Gospel like nobodies business! "Man I love my mission!"
I love you all! Pray for you all! I'm grateful for everything and the support that I feel here in the WKM! Have a great week, dont forget to smile, and pray for opportunities to share this Gospel!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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