Tuesday, June 3, 2014

April 28th first week of new transfer

I keep on saying this, but this week has just FLOWN by. It's just all mushed together and thrown about. Cant remember what happened on the fly....thank goodness for my daily journal!!!

This week has been really amazing! Things just never cease to be amazing!
Weather wise, it's a little weird. Larger rain storms come and go in between constant wind. But the sun is really an inviting sight to see!! Everything is really starting to grow and green. Most of the trees are now done blossoming, but the grape vines are just starting to leaf! It's really smelling good, and I'm told that it gets better when the grapes start growing.

Now that I'm on the topic of really good smelling things...we got to help out at the Food Bank, something that we have been trying to do for ever now.
This was a really cool experience. It was a funny coincidence that they were severely under-staffed that day, so we were a sight for sore eyes.
For the first hour of the 4 hours we were there, we helped out everyone who couldnt carry out the boxes to their cars...which was everyone. This things were big and heavy!! I guess that it makes up for the lack of working out the past day...just kidding there, of coarse I work out every day!!! So I just rocked at the heavy lifting!!
But the production line was really slowing down, so they asked me to work on filling the bottom of the boxes with onions. And to make it really fun...they werent just fresh...they were all molded and rotten. WHOO!! So that really cleaned out and killed any smelling senses that I have! But I really enjoyed being able to help out!! We were able to meet a lot of people that aren't of our faith, but have so many desires to serve and to build their Christ-like attributes. We talked the whole time to an older man who as been doing the bank since it started up in Mattawa...only about 3 years ago, but it's still really cool and awesome!!
They will defiantly see us in two weeks the next time it comes around!!

The language is going really well. I have spent a lot of time reading in El Libro De Mormon, and it really has been helping me understand, read, and speak better. I'm really happy to see that I'm able to read loudmouth in Spanish, and it's actually fast. I really never like the thought of sounding like a complete gringo...so one step at a time I'm trying to get better!! I just love the language a lot!!! It's really amazing to see the Hand of the Lord in the process of doing so. I would be nowhere without that Heavenly help!! I am very excited though for one of the new people that we were able to meet, Guadalupe Garcia. We were riding around and thought that we needed to go down this street, we did and found him. He was very nice, but found no interest in too much. The only reason he let us into his house was to show us his virgin Mary. 
We got talking, about the Bible and his conversion story. Then we got onto the topic of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, one in purpose and truth. And how we are blessed to have the fullness of the Gospel revealed through using both the Bible and the Book of Mormon hand in hand.
Guadalupe has a lot of time read...due to his left arm broken just above the wrist. (He happened to be (is) a second string soccer player for the Chivas, so he has all sorts of bumps and bruises). CHIVAS!! That's super cool though!!
But he has been able to read out of the Book of Mormon, and I feel just an amazing feeling as he talks about it. I'm really excited to meet with him again! We left him a commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

This week has been really amazing to continue my studies in the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Jesus the Christ. I just really feel the Spirit strong, something that helps me each moment through the day. I just love being able to learn more of the role that the Savior has in my personal life, It's just amazing.
One of the biggest things that has hit me is through the Atonement and our personal need to forgive. Christ's Atonement is unparalleled to anything in the history of the universe. Through Him, we are able to be cleansed from our sins, and be comforted through our afflictions, feelings, and problems. We are able to be completely forgiven. But what I have really seen in a new view is the role of Him to others. When we offend, He can forgive us, when we go to others to fix what we have done, they need to forgive us as well. But what if we were offended?
Through the Atonement, they are forgiven of the offense to us. He takes upon Himself that sin, and turns to us, asking for our forgiveness. He completely steps in the middle of the offense, and asks that of us.
This is something that has really been going though my head as I have further studied the amazing life of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. It's really something isn't it?

This week has really been amazing, I love the blessing i have been given to be a part of this amazing work that is spreading to all nations. The greatest of this blessing the the knowledge that it isn't limited to the missions and missionaries, "All Members missionarys." 
Keep moving forward! I love you all and pray for your safety and joy! Dios le quida mucho!!
your fellow vineyard laborer,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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