Monday, November 25, 2013

From Blessing to Breaking in!

Hey everybody!! Another fantastic week in the Tri-cities!! And as funny as it is, today marks 20 days in the actual mission field. And no, I'm NOT counting. I just know that I got here on the 5...and now it's the 25, crazy the math involved in that one...XD
Following the pattern of the past 20 days so far, I have not had a "normal" day for a missionary yet. But I guess that's what happens when you have a crazy District leader as a companion!!

First off, we had to move from our apartment into a members home. We are now living with the Blodgetts. A fantastic couple! The wife is an amazing artist, and has a studio in the room next to us. Really amazing works of art. One of her pieces is actually a 4ft X 3ft Jesus that's on my desk. So he always makes sure I'm doing my morning scripture studies in the morning!! XD
But funny thing with the house so far is that we have had to break into it two times!!! And amazing things happened each time!
The first time was at like 9:30pm, a pretty cold foggy night. When we found out that the bottom lock of the garage door would not accept the key. I don't know if it was cold, or what, but there was no way that it was working. So we said a prayer. Immediately after we closed it, I randomly and instinctively reached into my wallet, pulled out my Smilth's card, and started to pick the door. It really wasn't working, but something happened and the door just swung wide open. WHAAA!!!
The next morning we forgot the key in the room!! I feel bad for our Father in Heaven, he helped us the first time, only for us to lock ourselves out of another door. This time it was the second door in the garage to the house. And this one had a trim in front of the side crack of the door. With the bobby-pins not working, we said another prayer. When I looked up after it, I noticed a crack of light at the top of the door trim. I told my companion to find a thin sheet of metal, and we found behind us, a puddy knife. We moved the crack of light down over the door lock, pulled out my battered Smith's card again, and just slid it in, pushing the door open.
It's amazing stuff like that, that make this work so much fun!! And my companion is like a magnet for crazy stuff!!
This week was the week that we rotated into eating with the English members. I have heard that they were infamous for serving mainly pizza and funeral potatoes. But they were SO wrong!!
Don't get me wrong, I love the Mexican food here!! But I was really craving some American cooked meals. Just a little variety from the beans, rice, and tortillas. We had things from amazing potato soup, ham with the Ham family, and Korean Egg Drop soup. But after the week was over, it was great to go back to Mexican food. But yesterday, we actually had dinner with a Peruvian family. And they have the BEST food!! The father was experimenting with cooking home grown pork on a different type of wood charcoal. Really really really good!!
Our small Hispanic branch had their Thanksgiving activity just two nights ago. There was a great dinner and a really good program. I was able to sing with one of the Hermanas, singing "No Ordinary Man," both in English and Spanish. Then after the program, we pulled out a bunch of games, one of which was pictionary. And I have to say that these people were REALLY fun with pictionary! I have never seen that much competition and excitement for that game! The members here are just really amazing people!!

This mission has been getting quite a bit of attention lately! Just a week before I arrived into the field, the mission was visited by Elder Ballard. Then just this Martes (Tuesday), we had Elder Roberts, from the second quorum of the 70. His devotional and message was really good. And he also gave us challenges such as a baptism a week, different than our Mission President's baptism a month. I really feel that if we really push ourselves to just OYM'ing (open your mouth), the work will really grow. Because there are SO many people who are preparing or are prepared for the message, but they or we don't know if we don't open our mouths.
The work is really growing here in Washington! I love the work! It's crazy and exciting, with turns every day! About 128 of our investigators here are on date mission-wide. And each day, we work and pray to raise that number.
The Spanish is still tugging along. I am getting more and more comfortable speaking in the language, but it's still a very hard struggle. But my companion has gone through the same thing, and is helping me along the way!! I am determined to get this language down! And I'm excited to really start speaking it!!!!
 Thanksgiving is going to be pretty weird without all of you! ...and I thought that Halloween was weird in Mexico! Miss you all! And you all are in my prayers! Eat a piece of turkey for me!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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