Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey everyone!! How is everything going back in Utah?! Getting cold I will bet!

About the most exciting thing that has happened this past week has been the upcoming transfer call information. Apart from that, it has been a really good week her in the WKM!
As far as transfers.................. My companion, Elder Abbott...has been called as a Zone Leader for the Walla Walla Zone, in Walla Walla. And I am staying here to receive another trainer and to head my area. Oo This was absolutely crazy news. As my companion said, it has been the craziest transfer as of yet.
The funny thing is that his father (trainer) stopped at District Leader. Now abbot said that he will stop at Zone Leader, an I will continue on as a Area President. We'll see how accurate that will go!
So I will be loosing my Companion this Wednesday.... Then I will get to take control over my area, and work with another companion who will be the new District Leader!! WHOOO!.......I'm going to go crazy!!! XD
I am defiantly nervous to get started. A lot of the investigators I have felt are moving into such a perfect position to get to where they need to be. I feel it just might take more time with a new companion taking the lead. But I know that Elder Larson (my new companion), will and is the person that I need to be with for this upcoming transfer!
More to come later on this matter. But defiantly some fun stuff that will be happening in the next little bit!!

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I am so happy for this time of the year! Last night, We all got together and went caroling through our old Highlander apartments. I think that we made the life of one of the doors that we knocked! Song is defiantly an amazing thing that really can bring the spirit! That is one of the reasons that I love to share it with the world. And I just hope that I don't make other people's ears bleed.  
In this past week was also our Christmas Zone Conference. Where we got to hear some AWESOME speakers and songs and stories. As well as have an amazing lunch with our whole area. It was a lot of fun! And one of the highlights of the Christmas Zone Conferences is being able to watch a move. Like a real movie! Before they announced it, we thought that it was going to be Ephriam's rescue...but it wasn't! It happened to be Monsters University. Which was fun!

The language is still a pretty good-sized object in my way. Everyday, I am trying to read a bit in the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Some days it's hard, but the moment that I break my barrier, everything gets easier and faster.

I hope that everyone has the best Christmas!!! With Elder Abbott gone, it will be a little weird, but I am looking towards Elder Larson with excitement! And we have a lot of fun people to see on that day!! So defiantly going to be pretty fun!

I love you all! I pray for you all! I wish the best this holiday!
Con Amor,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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