Monday, February 24, 2014

January 7th

Hey everybody!!
Everything is going really well here in the WKM! This new year so far has been treating us very well.

New Years eve was pretty awesome! With the Tuesday, we had to change that to our P-Day, due to us having a curfew of 6:00pm. That day was pretty normal, and the evening was pretty fun for at home with the companion. We had a member bring us dinner...Oo She didnt know what we would like, so she literally got like two of EVERYTHING from KFC. From the bucket to burgers...XD That was a little crazy, especially for any resolution to loose weight...XD But that was pretty awesome!

The work here is doing pretty awesome as well. Although I'm not a fan of knocking doors or tracking (at all...XD), we have many opportunities to do that as well. There are defiantly amazing things that can happen as we tract. As well as everything in between XD, defiantly the thing to do if you desire all the fun missionary stories!! :D
We have had some amazing opportunities to teach many different and amazing people! I love the people here, Hispanics are fantastic! When you know what they're saying, they are really funny!! :D

The investigator that I talked about last time, Ray, is doing very well. We are moving him forward to be baptized in the month of March. And until then, we always look forward to meeting with him. We have plans to introduce him to the Family History Library this week, as well as talking about the amazing blessings of the Priesthood. But he is always excited now to learn more, and is rapidly growing and exercising his faith. Really excited for him!!
One of the things that we do, especially while having the District Leader as your companion, is Exchanges. :P Not the most exciting thing when it's in your own area, but I love them!! There are ALWAYS crazy miracles that happen during exchanges!
We had a planned lesson with a referral from another member, his name was Anthony. I was with Elder Wadsworth, an awesome missionary out for about three months more than me, and just as knowledgeable in Spanish. We sat down, and the first thing he said was: "What do I have to do to be Baptized?" WHAA!!! ...that was cool! So we are really starting to teach him. And all withing this next two months, we plan to get him and his Novia (girlfriend) married and then baptized. So that will be SOO cool!!!!! Missions are where it's at! XD
The Spanish language is just as amazing as ever. It's also still as big as a pain as ever! But I am still looking forward with faith and prayer to be able to really function in this language. The hour each morning devoted to language study is always really helpful and made use to every second!
I'm still working with the companion. XD There are just some that you just click with, and others that are...harder. But its finding the strengths in each that make the best companionships.

Today was defiantly a highlighted day for me. I was able to go to the Temple this morning. And the Washington Temple is very beautiful inside and outside! It really was a wonderful spiritual experience to really be in tune to the Spirit...especially now that everything was once again in English...XD
I can defiantly say that questions and concerns can be answered as we take the time to go to the Temple, whether it be to go inside, or to walk around the grounds. There is such an amazing Spirit that is felt!

I hope that everything is going really well wherever all of you are! I am so grateful for your support and love to hear all the fun and exciting things that are happening!!!

I wish the best to your week! Love you all!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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