Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye Greenie

Buenos dias todos!!
This week has been pretty amazing!!!  From the start to the finish, I have just been having the time of my life!
The work has been hard and tough this week, but I have loved every second of it!

So this Wednesday, I said goodbye...well kinda, to Elder Larsen...(who is now my Zone Leader).
And I welcomed in Elder Irwin. Towering at a tall 5ft 5. Shortest so far! But we just hit it off the first minute! Since the first few minutes, we have just really worked well together. Just someone I really can get along with amazingly! ...I'm going to love this transfer!!

WHA!!! I am really excited for this transfer! We have a fantastic district! And I have a great companion! The work so far has been a little slower and harder, but I have really been loving what I'm doing. Whether it be appointments, fallen appointments, or tracting.
A lot of people I feel are really progressing. They have really shown a love for learning more and have a strong desire to hear the gospel and apply it in their lives. I am excited to help some of them reach their goal and be baptized this Transfer.

I'm not ever really fond of heading and leading an area, but I feel that this one has really brought great improvements in how I work as a missionary. Now with having to lead planning sessions and lessons with Investigators, I feel my ability to take charge as well as Spanish skills have started to really grow. ...Elder Irwin isn't as fluent as he was said to be, but I am going to be working more in the skill books to really start to get things down. As well as starting Spanish days, and just working on the language together. I LOVE SPANISH!!!

Another thing that has really been exciting has been the opportunity to really make the most ofstudying the Scriptures. I get really excited when I'm able to find so many cool and amazing things in the Standard Works. Just amazing scriptures!!! I'm almost don't with going through the Book of Mormon with two highlighters, and ready to go through it again with another purpose and goal to look for. That is still to be continued.

So that has kinda been my week so far. Nothing that hasn't been too out of the ordinary. I am just really grateful for the opportunities that I have been given to serve to Lord. It has been an amazing experience to really love the people that we teach. I have learned so much while I have been out here! I would not trade the world for this amazing experience.

Love you all! I hope the best week to come for you!
The vineyard laborer,

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