Monday, February 24, 2014

Mission Miracles January 21

Hey everybody! I hope that everything's going well for all of you. I loved to hear all the fun things going on in Heber!!
Sorry that this letter is a day late. Things were closed down for Martin Luther King Day.

This week has defiantly been a fun one! Well...every week here has been fun and amazing! So this one is up on the list included with "The Best Two Years."
Apart from the amazing opportunity to share the gospel, a highlight of the beginning of the week has been the Specialized Trainings with President Ware on Wednesday. We went over to the Gage building (one right next to the Temple), and we got to learn kinda what's happening around to mission as well as focuses of President Ware and his assistants. Then throughout the meeting, each of us were able to have an interview and talk with President Ware.
I love my mission president! He is really amazing!! ...ya, that really just sums it up!
But we were able to catch up on some things that are happening in my area, as well as just discuss how the mission is fairing so far. He also commented on how the way I help myself up, like a missionary out 4X's as long as me. Then we discussed the situation with myself and my companion. Pfew...that was fun....XD But I feel that really helped things.

The Comp and I are doing well. There are still times that are hard, but they are less and less. I really do respect Elder Larson as a missionary. He really can go far with that.

I also had another exchange with an Elder who's going home this upcoming week, Elder Kelly. Really fun and a great missionary. And I have to say that there are miracles that happen during exchanges!!!! So much fun!! I just have to say that it is really amazing to be a missionary!
The work is going well, we are just keeping on keeping on with our investigators. Ray and Anthony are still really progressing. Both have a deep desire to continue to learn. Ray is being introduced to Family History work. And Anthony is preparing himself and his wife to enter the waters of Baptism for the 8th of February. It's just an exciting time to be part of the Lord's work.

The language is going well. I still dont know too much, but I see the hand of the Lord each day as I speak and use the language! It's really something! The gift of tongues is there each day. I'm not only able to say what I feel needs to be said, but the investigator knows what I'm saying!!! wow! That has really been a strong testimony builder right there!

Miracles happen every day! And not only for missionaries! I have already seen some fun and crazy stuff, especially when I think and meditate of what the Lord has done for me! We live in a very exciting time, where the gospel is once again on the Earth. We have that opportunity to discover it, and learn about it. "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you." Not only are the people we share this with able to feel of God's love and truth, but each time, my testimony grows as well!

I love you all and hope the best for you!!!
Dont forget to stop and take time to admire the sunset once and a while!!!
con amor,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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