Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter from Sister blodgett

Dear Br. and Sis. Wright and Gma Pitts,
I am Sister Blodgett in Kennewick, WA and have the privilege of having your Elder Wright in our home.  He is a wonderful missionary and very nice person.  He always has a good attitude and works hard.  He sticks to the rules faithfully.  He is a good influence on his companions.  We like Broadway and music so he is still around it some.  I have not heard him sing much yet.  I am going to have to fix that. 
He is very proud of his family and mentions you frequently.   
He is having fun finding his artistic side and painting with me.  It was fun when we first proposed it that he thought he would do so badly, but was still willing to try.  Then he was so delighted with his results. Now he is ready to tackle any painting project.  He makes me smile.  

Mostly, he is an excellent missionary.  I love his quiet, gentle ways.  Was he always that way?  He offers every day to do something for us.  

Thank you for sharing him with us.  I hope he is not transferred soon.  
Ginger Blodgett

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