Monday, February 24, 2014

Roses are Red, the Book of Mormon is Blue February 17th

Hello everybody!
Sorry that I wasn't able to Email sooner, everything was pretty well closed down for the holiday! BUT nothing stops missionaries from getting to a keyboard sooner or later! It was just amazing to be able to read and hear all the fun and amazing things that are going on with everybody!

Things have been going really well here in the WKM!
The highlight of this week has to have been the Stake Conference that we had this past Saturday and Sunday!!!
Both of the days really stressed the hastening of the work of the Lord. Both meetings were really amazing! Amazing things happened and the Spirit was felt in abundance! The first night was really focusing on members and missionaries working together, and Sunday's was about the importance of attending the Temple. Even just to be on the grounds!
President was sick the second day, but he gave an amazing talk that just got all of us really excited as missionaries! This work is really amazing!!! It's exciting to be a part of each day. Miracles are happening as the work of the Lord hastens. People have been more prepared than ever to hear and bring the message into their lives.

This transfer has really been one that has prepared many of our dear brothers and sisters to bring the Gospel into their lives and enter into the waters of Baptism. Along with the amazing progression of a family of 6 we are helping, we received a personal referral (they referred themselves) of another family of 6! The Ramirez family! I absolutely love teaching each and every one of these amazing brothers and sisters! I have the blessing to be a part, an instrument, a witness to the power of this Gospel and the blessings that it brings, especially to families.

One of our long-time investigators, Gaodencio......the one where on my first day here, gave us the pumpkin slices...has recently started finding a larger interest in everything. He is off of the work season (field work), and he has picked up the Book of Mormon. He sleeps, then wakes up and reads until he's tired, then he sleeps, then when he cant sleep anymore, he reads! There really has been an amazing change in both of them as they themselves have started to pick up the Book of Mormon and read. Now, he's studying through the "gia de los escrituras" (like the index of the Book of Mormon, lookslike the Bible Dictionary). Just a really cool thing to see and help! 

Everything is going well though. I am still as excited as ever to be here and have the joy to work each day to help invite others to come unto Christ. Missionary life is fun and full of so much joy! I love being with Elder Irwin, who has really helped me grow as a missionary. Each day just melts into the next, and time just flies's pretty crazy.
The language feels like it's coming along alright. There are times of deep frustration, but other times when I just feel the words fly out of my mouth. It's a fun and beautiful language to learn and speak! I would highly recommend learning it sometime!!!

Things are just keeping on! It's hard to put two weeks of events into a letter! But I hope that all of you enjoy hearing from me! I wish the best week for each of you! Estoy lleno de gracia por todos de sus bendiciones y oraciones para me. a dios!

Love you all. Pray for you all. Miss you all!!!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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