Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Wright WKM February 10th

Wow! This has been a pretty fantastic and crazy week! A lot has been happening! And the work is just the best thing in the world!!

Everything has basically started with the weather. This far into the season, the weather has just been cold and windy, so we haven't expected anything more...until a few days ago. Out of NOWHERE, a huge snow storm came in. The city really dosen't get this much snow in the first place...let alone, didnt expect it at all. So Kennewick was just hammered with well, the streets are bad. Some streets they aren't prepared on, but others they just dont touch. I'm just glad that I know how to drive in snow...but we're still skiing wherever we go. So it's other people that we have to worry about.
The good thing I guess to look at it is the fact that all the Hispanics are more than likely home...they dont like to drive around in this weather.
But we have had a blast with the weather overall. It was really nice to actually see snow. Even though we are walking in foot high snow, we are having a blast!!! So much fun! And Elder Irwin just makes it that much more fun and better! Ande now I'm also a firm believer in the Missionary Shoe.... While other shoes are seeping water, mine has been dry! Cold but dry!

Elder Irwin has made this transfer really awesome! I have really enjoyed every moment of the work. Figures when you get along with the comp.... He is a blast to work around and is an amazing missionary. Leading the area has really also helped me grow as a missionary as well. Not that I'm a fan of it...but it has really been good for me. Each day, I just love to get up at 6:30 and start the day, especially because I know that I can get lost in the work. I learn it, I live it, I love it!

The sickness is also something that has really been spreading around. Both through the missionaries, members, and all of Washington. Smaller stuff started a little while ago, but it has really picked up since then. But this past week it hit me a little. I wasnt down for the count, but it made things a little harder to do. But after three days, I was back to my happy self!!! Nothing's going to stop me!!! :D

The work has been really amazing though. Although it's a little slow at times, many of our investigators are really bringing in and loving the gospel. We have also just found a family of 6 who are prepared to receive the gospel. We found the father, Luis, while he had both his hands in the front of his car. After meeting the whole family, we just felt that they were just ready. It really is an amazing thing to see! Especially to see a family come together and have that same desire to learn and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing miracle. And there is nothing that I want more in my life now than to help them receive the blessings found learning and living the Gospel. This is what a mission is all about. It is really a special blessing and experience.

All the fun and exciting things of the week didnt stop at Sunday. With a huge storm the day before, we got a call from the Stake that canceled all meetings. And this week just so happened to be the one week that we had 10 people 100% coming to church. WHA!! Then we got a call from President that told us that we can stay in for the day if it's too bad outside.
BUT we got shovels and our bags, and headed out instead. And we were able to see and teach all the people that would have gone to church. Plus, go around and find anybody stuck or needing a good shoveling. That had to be one of my best days here so far! Just an awesome opportunity!

But still one of the best highlight that I have throughout the mission is the amazing opportunity to study in the scriptures! I absolutely love reading in the Bible and the Book of Mormon!!!
But President also sent out a message to all of us with an invitation I'd like to share. Just like we do as missionaries, President Ware invited us to read in the Book of Mormon and once again, pray to know if it is true. And this promise is found in the Book of Mormon, by the Prophet Moroni (Moroni 10: 4-5). Paraphrased: "Read, ponder, pray in the name of Jesus Christ to know if it is true." And as it says, we will know the truth of these things by the power of the Holy Ghost. The still small voice that works through our feelings.The amazing thing about this promise is that it dosent matter how many times we do this...whether it be the first or one of many. It still applies to us. We are actually asked to do it often, of which will further strengthen our testimony of it. 
I can personally give my testimony that in doing so, I know that these things are true. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. I also have a strong testimony of this promise, we can know the truth of all things, if we ask. Like a loving father, God want's us to learn and know. And prayer is the gate to knowing the truth of all things.
That is also my invitation. Whether it be a first time, or one of many.
THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL!!! These are the best two years by far so far in my life!!!

I hope that everything goes well this week for all of you!!! I miss and love each of you! I'll be here in the WKM!!! :D
con amor,
Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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