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January 13th

Hello Everybody!!! What a fantastic week it has been!!!!
You might ask, "Why is it fantastic Elder Wright?" WELL.......well...I havent really thought that far as to answer that question.... BUT it still has been a fantastic week here at the WKM!! This week has been pretty packed full with just about every kind of fun missionary story! And it's just been another great day to be alive!

Highlight of the week:
So we have been teaching this referral, Anthony, and his girlfriend, Celica; for the past like two or three weeks. And they have just soaked everything in! And one of the subjects that we thought was going to be hard was getting them married and living the Law of Chastity. But the night that we brought it up...they had the wedding day 5 days later, that excited to be married and then to progress to baptism!!
As the end of the week drew closer, some complications came into the picture...that was SUPER hard to help them with. And that problem was still there the DAY of the planned wedding. So two days before, we called it off to the Branch activities director, and waited for them to talk to President. They were in there for a full hour during church, but they came out everything good and ready for the two hours! So we planned, prepared, and ran a FANTASTIC wedding in less than 2 hours!!! ...I say an applaud for that!
It was such an amazing experience! Both are really amazing people! And both really want the gospel in their lives, and what a blessing and honor that it is that I am able to be with them along the way. But we will be starting all the lessons over, starting from lesson 1, and have them on date for baptism on the 25...but I know that he will want it earlier than that, so we'll have to discuss that tonight when we teach him! WHA!!! ...I love missionary work!!

And this whole week has been full of really fun things! Everyday has been long and packed, but by the end of that day, I barely can remember what I ate for breakfast! And the end of the week justcomes out of nowhere! I mean, transfers are in two weeks!
But one of the other highlights has been the further progression of Ray. One of the nights, something happened during the lesson. He felt that we left everything behind and didnt teach truth, but then we found that he hasnt had that full understanding for the Book of Mormon, which is what we were discussing in further detail. We found that he really hadent had lesson 1...hard situation for a infinigator. But this last week, one of the other Elders had a baptism, which we took Ray to. We showed him the font and discussed all of that. But just perfectly, he moved into the Book of Mormon. So we were able to clear that and help him start to build that testimony of it. I really can see each day, the rapid progression of Ray. He has really come far! Both of us are really excited to see him see this change, he loves it!

Especially being the companion of a District Leader...I have the opportunity to go on exchanges with all the missionaries in the district, as well as the Zone Leaders. I went on two of those this week. Both were fantastic! It's kinda funny that with both of those and switching companions, I did most of the OYM's, and led more of the lessons. Each of the different exchanges has really helped me learn more and progress, use what I do know, and has kinda recharged me with me relationship with Elder Larson.

I'm still having a really hard time with Elder Larson. Really the one thing that we have in common is the fact that we are here to help other people, and we are devoted to that objective. I love the people I teach, and I know that he has that same feeling for them. But I feel that he's a little terms of emotions...with me. But through this and him, I have learned a lot! And I know that's what companions are able to help us with. And he has really helped me with making me better, just in a different way of doing it.

The language is also coming along. As always, I really love speaking Spanish! I love being around Hispanics! And I dont love the empty look in my eyes most of the time...ha. I am defiantly understanding more and more, and speaking is getting easier. I am also like Ch 10 in 2Nephi...reading aloud. After a spanish lesson tag teamed with the Hermanas, one of them who came from Mexico complimented on how good it sounded, so that sounds like it's doing pretty well.The food is always great! We just barely ran into pure gold!! Solomente, taco trucks are sent from heaven!!! Wow.... We have a taco truck off of 10th and Olympia that has the BEST burrito that I have had...that I can remember! Really hard to top it. My companion had their langua...said it was the bost...but I'm not in the mood to try that at the moment.

I hope that everything is going well for all of you. I'm excited to hear all the fun things that are happening!!
Everything is going really well here. Missionary work is really amazing! I know that some moments are hard and taxing, but each second is worth it. If I am not able to do ONE thing baptism...nothing, I KNOW that I will achieve that promise that Elder Holland gave to us. We are PROMISED that if we do our best, we are guaranteed at least ONE convert...ME. And I can testify that is true! I see myself change each day, and if one day is bad, we have the next to try again to make ourselves better. That is the power, reality, and blessing of the Atonment. We can progress and learn, and reap the benefits that our Father in Heaven has in store for us.
May God bless all of you in your efforts each day. I love you all!!!

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission

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