Monday, February 24, 2014

Transfer week Jan 27th

Hello everybody!!
Kinda feels like I was here yesterday Emailing you!!
This week has been fun as always! I really love it here in the WKM!
As for crazy stuff happening...not too many! XD It has been a pretty smooth sailing week as of not having anything explode in your face kind of way...XD

We have had the opportunity to teach so many of our amazing investigators this whole week! That, and we are always looking for many more opportunities to find people on the streets, and just take a second to get to know them a little. It's really amazing to meet so many different and new people!

I also got to go on exchanges with my MTC companion!! XD Elder Widmer and I were together for Wednesday in my area, so that was pretty fun putting two greenies together...again! But we hit it off really well. With the lack of miles, we walked all of the day...except for dinner...:p I planned out so we didnt use almost any, but after dinner, the odometer played a prank and changed from 4 to 25mi for the day!

Spanish is still coming along. We had a language study with the Zone Leaders before an hour long exchange. And that was probably the most that I really have learned on in-depth Spanish than what anyone has been able to teach me in the field!! PFEW!
But within that exchange, I was with the ZL that only spoke English, so I was alone on the lessons that we had for that time. Holly cow...that was a fun lesson! I didnt think that it would go as well as it did! I always surprise myself when I go out and really start speaking. When I know that I cant fall back on anyone, that's when I really start trying to use the Spanish I know! Really cool to see that work!

TRANSFER WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we got our transfer calls last Sunday........................and
I'm Staying!!
And the ironic part is the fact that Elder Larson IS leaving...but not...:p
He has been called as our Zone Leader for this zone.........the odds of that huh??
I am getting an Elder Erwin, said to be the best!! Others said he's a white Mexican in terms of his Spanish, so I am super excited to use that to help me in my language!! But I'm just really positive with this upcoming transfer!! I'm not the biggest fan of change and changes, but I am really looking forward to Wednesday...really!

This week has really been a highlight in my personal studies of the Book of Mormon! There are some really amazing things found in there! I have decided to go through it with two highlighters, both for different doctrine subjects. And each time I read through them, I'm able to learn so many things!!
And after the Book of Mormon, I plan to do the same with the Bible! I'm really excited to get in depth with the Bible again!!!

Ya...not too much happening this week. But I am really excited for the week to come! So at the moment, I'm just keeping on keeping on!
Thank you for all the love and support given and felt here! I love you all!!!

laborer in the vineyard,


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