Monday, February 24, 2014

Crazy Week! February 24th

Buenos dias todos!!
This week has probably come to be one of the craziest so far.... Holy Cow!! I'm just glad that I have this day to kinda get a breather!
Things have been fantastic here, but just a lot has happened in the last few days. This week has been hard, crazy, and fun! I just can't believe that it is now passed, felt pretty long through it all. And now looking back, just a blink!

First thing off...DON'T HATE 8 ON DATE!!!!!!!
This transfer has really been something really amazing! And when I thought that the last other transfers were amazing, this one is amazing! And it's just the beginning!
There are just so many people that are preparing themselves, and are prepared to hear and accept the message of the Gospel. This is not the work of our hands, but I know with a surety of my heart that this is truly the work of the Lord!
The majority of the people on date for baptism is a family of 6. From the beginning, they have been super excited to learn and grow together as a family. And we learned that their relative is an investigator of the Hermanas, who also got baptized this week! And that's the other really exciting news!! Nieves was baptized!!!!
We found here only like 4-5 weeks ago, then we gave her to the Hermanas.
With her conversations with Luis's family, they just cant wait to get baptized as well. They were actually asking if we could baptize them along with Nieves...but we just have to wait a week more or so. We have the whole family on date for the 15..........two days after the transfer..................and all the guesses in the district are saying that I'm out this one. WHA!!!!! But I think that I could very well stay as well.
Either way, I am SO excited to see this family, and so many amazing people preparing themselves and loving this Gospel as much as I do! And to add to this family. We have a family that referred themselves to us, the Ramierez family, another family of 6. Who are, as well, taking a large interest in the Gospel. It really is cool to see how this Gospel is able to change people. And to be here to help others take in this change is worth everything in the world! I would never trade anything for an opportunity like this!! It's just really cool!

But the baptism of Nieves was really exciting! That was the first baptism for the branch since I have come to the Kennewick area! We got to take 7 of our investigators to go and see it, which I feel really helped invite the Spirit. It's really exciting to see someone that we found and taught a little being baptized! She had come to love everything the moment that we knocked on her door. And I still can remember that!!

On a fun note to the week...and on top of all the crazy, we got to redo a floor of a trailer......not something that I would greatly recommend for the weak stomach.... This is a family in the ward who have been having a huge problem with cockroaches. When they go to fumigate it, they come right back.
So we got in there and the floorboard were literally all caved in. The ones that weren't walkable, had a board screwed over the carpet to cover the gaping hole. We barely moved the fridge, and dead mice were falling out...let's just say that it was a blast!!!
But I do have to admit that it was a blast to be working around Hispanics...with the purpose of destroying a floor, just ripping it out. Now I can mark off "smash in floor with ax, hammer, foot, punches...etc.!" But a lot of cockroaches.... But it was a blast!

With all the awesome crazy stuff that happened...there were not so awesome that added to the crazy.
We had to say goodbye to one of the Hermanas yesterday, who was going home early due to medical. At this moment, she's on a plane to Mesa, Arizona.
And to add to that, we are completely loosing Hermanas in the Kennewick City. I just hope that it's not for good! We have to have sisters...there are so many single mothers and women. This whole week has just been hard working with that.But then I just got word two days ago, the Elder Widmer, my MTC companion, is home due to health problems as well. .....That will now make three people that have gone home in that district...and now only two left here in Washington out of the four original.'s just hard to hear something like that.... My prayers are out to them, and I look forward to their return to the mission field!!! 

Everything else is going really well. This work is really exciting, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!! I've now go a lunch with President Ware in a couple, so I'll let you all go for the week!
Have a fantastic week my friends!! I love you all and wish you the best!
best wishes,

Elder Glen Wright Washing Kennewick Mission 

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